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Port Charles Update Friday 5/23/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is extremely grateful to Ian and Lucy for telling her the truth about Alison. She promises to keep quiet about this. Lucy hopes that she won't actually have to keep quiet for much longer. When Elizabeth asks them to tell Alison that she loves her, Lucy assures her that she already knows. Ian walks their guest outside, where she asks how both he and Lucy are doing. After saying that he's fine, Ian has a vivid flashback of when he and Elizabeth almost fed on each other. This bothers him enough to make her question whether he's really all right. He assures her that he is, and she accepts that. After she leaves, Ian asks himself what's going on.

Joshua wants to be certain that Ricky is ready for the big interview with VH1. Ricky is confident that he can make the producer forget that there ever was a man named Stephen Clay. As for Joshua's request regarding Casey, he just can't do it. Joshua tells him that it's a pity; he had such potential. Now he has no choice but to find another lead singer. Ricky can't believe what he's hearing. He's good, and he knows it. He tells Joshua not to let this ruin everything. Joshua points out that although Ricky is a good-looking, talented young man, so are a lot of other people, many of whom are willing to do whatever it takes to make it in this business. Caz strolls in and asks to speak to Joshua about some ideas he has. Joshua expresses an interest and says that they'll talk shortly. Psyched, Caz walks away. Joshua muses that Caz is a good man who has something special. Drummers are a dime a dozen, but a bass player with a unique look is a rare find. Ricky unhappily agrees to do whatever it takes. Joshua asks whether he wants it badly enough to make an angel fall. Ricky is angry with Joshua for putting him in this position. He promises to try, but Joshua wants him to do better than that. Ricky reluctantly says that he'll do it, but he warns Joshua that it won't be easy. Joshua has every confidence in him.

Jamal was so sure that this wouldn't happen to him. He turns to leave, but Casey wants to help him. He doesn't see how. She can't turn back time or make him human again. He asks what she can do for him. With a wave of her hand, Casey freezes time so that she can consult with her superiors, but they're not talking. Casey decides to make this easier for Jamal. She unfreezes time and picks the argument back up where they left off. Citing Ian's resolve not to feed, she tells Jamal not to lose hope. Jamal isn't exactly impressed with the life Ian has now. Casey suggests that he use his new powers to take Joshua and his whole crew down; he can be a good vampire. Overcome with pain, Jamal doubles over and says that it's starting; he's turning into a monster. He's tired of hearing Casey say that everything happens for a reason. He wants to know what the reason is. Casey doesn't know. The way Jamal sees it, maybe she wasn't meant to stop this. He starts to take off, not really knowing where he's going. Frustrated, Casey looks heavenward to ask what she's doing there. She was sent down to protect people, but it's not working. She's tired of playing by the stupid rules. From now on, she's going to do this her way.

As Kevin finishes giving himself an injection, the doorbell rings. He opens the door to Elizabeth, who pushes her way past him. She apologizes for deplorable behavior at the memorial service, admitting that she completely lost control. "Oh, you mean when you pointed your finger at my daughter, screamed 'murderer,' and sent her fleeing into the woods?" Kevin asks sarcastically. Elizabeth is sorry about that; she lost her head. She doesn't blame Kevin; she realizes that he had no control over what his daughter did. Kevin thinks that's very charitable of her. Elizabeth explains that Alison was always selfless and good-hearted; she wouldn't have wanted what happened to come between them. She asks Kevin why he's looking at her the way he is. Kevin tells her that she's really something. He's been thinking about her. She was disinherited by her dead, billionaire husband, she married a rock star who turned out to be a vampire, and her daughter was murdered by his daughter. After all that, she stabbed him. Now she's coming onto him. In his professional opinion, she's the singular most screwed-up woman he's ever met. Elizabeth thinks he likes her, and she's right. Suddenly, they're all over each other. They move to the couch, where Elizabeth's blouse is removed. She pulls away. She can't make the mistake of hopping into bed too soon; it always leads to trouble. "Suit yourself," Kevin says, accepting her decision. Changing her mind, she jumps back into his willing arms and is soon lying on her back.

Olivia stirs in her sleep, dreaming that Caleb no longer wants to be a vampire and that the thought of feeding repulses him. In the nightmare, he tells her to find someone of her own kind, because he needs to be with mortals. Olivia begs him not to leave her. She wakes up calling out to him, but he's not there. Panicking, she shouts for Caleb, who comes in from outside. She falls into his arms and asks where he was. He tells her that he went out for some air. Scared, Olivia asks whether he still wants to be a vampire. Caleb says he wants that more than anything in the world. He doesn't understand why she would even ask him that question. When Olivia tells him about her dream, he assures her that it could never happen. This isn't just about the nightmare. She's convinced that someday she'll lose control and kill him. Caleb tells her that he'll die a happy man. He can't think of a better way to go than with her in his arms. She throws her arms around him and says not to even joke about dying. He assures her that she won't lose control. He knows that she's strong enough to do hold on until he can fix this. In the meantime, he doesn't want her to be ashamed; she's a vampire, and she will eventually need to feed.

Back inside, Ian sits with Lucy on the couch. She's feeling better, and she'll get another transfusion in the morning. She asks for a glass of wine, and Ian doesn't see any reason not to let her have one. He pours a glass for himself, but when he looks at the white wine, he sees red liquid. Startled, he drops the glass. Lucy asks what happened, and Ian puts it down to being clumsy. Lucy isn't worried about the rug. Taking his hand, she leads him back to the couch, where she just wants to relax. She feels very safe with her head on his shoulder. Ian drifts off, dreaming that he's about to sink his fangs into her neck. With a jolt, he opens his eyes and jumps up. Concerned, Lucy asks what's wrong. Ian tells her that it was a bad dream. He wants her to go to sleep. She goes off to bed, and he promises to join her soon. Before joining her, Ian gets out a bag of blood and prepares to feed.

Jamal stands outside the Elixir and looks in the window, but it's not for him. He walks away.

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