PC Update Thursday 5/22/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 5/22/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

The gang is still looking for Jamal at the park. He couldn't have just vanished. Casey calls him again and leaves another message. Ricky thinks the guy just doesn't want to talk; Jamal always disappears when he wants to blow off steam. They certainly can't stay out all night looking for him. Jack doesn't want to leave him out there all alone. Ricky understands that, but they can't find someone who doesn't want to be found. Jack insists on staying; so does Reese. Casey feels the same way. Ricky reluctantly agrees to stick around, but he thinks that Jamal is probably laughing at them right now.

Jamal climbs out of the bag and gets down. He runs his hands over his head, then along his neck. To his horror, he discovers the bite marks on his neck. He heads toward the door and then stops to look at his surroundings, seeing dead bodies in the room.

Rafe admits that nothing has changed; he still wants to kill Caleb. Alison tells them to knock it off and remember that Joshua is the enemy; they need each other. Caleb likes it better this way. So does Rafe; he regrets not letting Caleb die when he had the chance. As usual, Olivia blames Alison for this. Alison says that Caleb was just trying to save her life. Olivia reminds them that she and Rafe started out on opposite sides and ended up in bed together. In her opinion, there's a strange, sexy line between love and hate. While she's been following Caleb around all this time, he's been following his instincts, which are now human. She asks Caleb whether being mortal suddenly turns him on. She demands to know whether he and Alison are sleeping together. Caleb asserts that they are not. Olivia tells him that this isn't one-sided; Alison is capable of manipulating a man into bed. Alison accuses her of talking about herself. She and Caleb try to explain that the kiss was a spur-of-the-moment way to keep her quiet. Rafe wants to know why he didn't just put his hand over her mouth or drag her out of there. Neither Caleb nor Alison says that he tried both of those things. Caleb asks whether they would rather have Alison dead. Olivia would. Caleb wants to know what Rafe thinks. Alison takes Rafe outside to speak privately.

The hood of his sweat jacket covering his head, Jamal wanders through the park in disbelief. This must be a trick or a bad dream. Casey sees him and calls out to the others, who rush to see for themselves. When asked where he's been, Jamal says that they don't want to know. Reese asks where he went, and he states that he just went for a stroll. He can't believe Jack is really concerned about his safety, considering the fact that he's working for Joshua now. He rants on about the new Port Charles, thinking that the town's new motto should be, "Come for a visit and stay for an eternity." Reese and Jack are both suspicious of his behavior. Casey tells Jamal to lighten up; they just want to help. Jamal informs her bitterly that no one can help him anymore. Reese intervenes when Jack and Jamal almost come to blows. Casey tells everyone else to leave while she stays with Jamal. They leave, and Jamal tells her to go as well and get as far away from him as she can. She won't do that. She wants to know what really happened. She wants to know whether he's been turned into a vampire. Jamal takes off the hood to confirm what she suspects. Seeing the bite marks, Casey asks how it happened. Jamal doesn't know. He was walking in the park, and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in the morgue. Casey blames herself; she was too busy keeping an eye on Ricky to really look out for Jamal. He thinks it's pretty ironic that all this time, he's been telling Jack and Ricky to watch out for the sneaky vampires. He never thought it could happen to him. Casey understands that; when she was alive, she thought she was invincible. Jamal thinks the guys upstairs must be laughing their heads off about this. He really thought someone had his back, since he was supposed to be one of the good guys. The joke's on him. Casey holds him close and tries to comfort him.

Outside the catacombs, Alison asks Rafe to calm down. He hates the thought of Caleb touching her. She tells him that it wasn't a real kiss, but Rafe doesn't think Caleb sees it that way. He thinks Alison is too trusting; Caleb was definitely trying to pull her in, and judging from the way she's defending him, it's working. Alison resents his attitude. Rafe doesn't care. This isn't the first time Caleb has gotten to her. He reminds her of how she became friends with Stephen Clay. Alison tries to tell him that Caleb saved her life, but she's getting nowhere. Rafe tells her that Caleb isn't her friend or her buddy. Alison can't believe that Rafe thinks she's so stupid. He claims he isn't saying that at all, but Alison points out that he is definitely implying it. She think he's been at war with Caleb for so long that he's forgotten who the real enemy is. Rafe claims that Caleb is still the same ruthless bloodsucker who stopped their wedding and turned her mother into a vampire. Alison hasn't forgotten that. Rafe is glad to hear that, because the second she lets her guard down or believes that Caleb is reformed or capable of caring about anyone but himself, it will be the last mistake she ever makes.

Olivia gives them credit for getting their story straight. Caleb can't believe this. He's been fighting for them with everything he has, but it doesn't seem to be enough. She can't really believe that he wants Alison! Olivia admits that she doesn't. Crying, she says that it's killing her not to be able to give him what he needs. Caleb assures her that she's all he's ever needed. She doesn't believe that's true anymore--not the way she is now. "Just the way you are, sweetheart," Caleb assures her. Olivia wails about not being able to make love to him out of fear of killing him. Caleb is confident that he will find an antidote. Even if Rafe is telling the truth--which is unlikely--he'll find a cure somehow. Olivia isn't at all convinced. She and Caleb can't be together, but he and Alison can be together forever while she has to sit back and watch for all eternity. Holding her close, Caleb tells her to think about this for a minute and tell him why he would want to be with Alison when he has his Olivia. She thinks that laughing it up, telling jokes, and kissing is a pretty good start. "What if I told you I liked her?" Caleb asks. He doesn't like her in a sexual way, but she has something. He likes her honesty and loyalty. Olivia asks bitterly whether she should make a statue of Alison for him. Every man she knows sees Alison as a pure and noble little slice of heaven. "Heaven's never been my thing," Caleb points out. Olivia says that Alison is everything she's not and never will be, especially now. Caleb tells her to look at him and tell him what she sees. She doesn't know anymore. He tells her that she sees herself in his eyes, the way he sees her; she's beautiful, desirable, and his. Olivia can't believe he still wants her the way he always has. He assures her that he was born to love her. Still too insecure, she tells him that something happens when he looks at a woman. She knows he can't help himself; it's as natural to him as breathing. He needs to seduce and capture. It's all about the hunt for him; it's in his blood. Angry, Caleb wants to know what's the point if she doesn't trust in their love. Grabbing her head, he forces her mouth to his neck and orders her to go ahead and kill him.

At the Elixir, Jack tells Reese that Jamal seemed weird, like a vampire. He knows that she also sensed it. Reese admits that she did, but it doesn't make sense for Joshua to turn him. The woman from VH1 comes in to look for Stephen Clay. Jack reintroduces himself and tells her that there's no need to talk to Stephen, who was just a publicity act. The woman still wants to speak to him. Jack tells her that he isn't available. "God bless his heart, but he's kind of a shy guy," he tells her. He informs her that the band is now known as The Experience and that the vampire goth thing is over. According to the woman, that's kind of the reason she's still interested. Jack assures her that if anyone can find Stephen Clay, he can. They promise to keep in touch. After the woman leaves, Ricky gives Jack a hard time about his cockiness. Jack doesn't think he had a choice. When Reese says it's obvious that the woman still thinks Caleb is the star of the band, Jack says that they have to prove otherwise. The way he sees it, he just bought the band enough time to make the entire world forget about Stephen Clay. When asked whether he still hates Caleb, Jack replies that he's just following the wind where it blows, and he thinks it's about to blow Caleb out of Port Charles.

Alison asks Rafe to talk to her, but he tells her that he doesn't want to fight. That's good, because neither does she. Taking her hand and kissing it, Rafe talks about having to speak at her memorial service. He never wants to be in that position again. He won't apologize for protecting her or for hating Caleb. It all started with him, and Rafe has a feeling it will also end with him.

Screaming and crying, Olivia begs Caleb to stop it. She can't do it! She loves him! Caleb orders her to show him. She doesn't want to hurt him. Caleb says that she can't hurt him; they can make love. Olivia knows that he taught her how to control herself when they're together, but the problem is that she doesn't want to control herself when she's with him. Caleb promises that they'll soon be back to the way they were. He doesn't want her to ever stop believing in the power of what they have. They kiss passionately, and Caleb picks her up and lays her down on a sleeping bag, where they begin to make love.

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