PC Update Wednesday 5/21/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/21/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

At the Elixir, Joshua broods over the way Caleb has always treated him. When two of his goons join him, he demands to know why they let a mortal disrespect him in his own place. Apparently, he shouldn't bother having any guards. He's going to teach everyone in town a lesson.

Lucy stumbles on the way to the memorial service, but Ian catches her. He wishes that she had stayed home, since she was just released from the hospital. Lucy insists that she's fine; she's just worried about Alison. They have to keep up the pretense of mourning her death. She asks Ian whether he could possibly cry buckets to make it seem more real. Ian would prefer to take her home and tell everyone that she was overcome with grief. They talk and banter some more, and then they kiss. "So sorry to interrupt your mourning," Kevin says sarcastically. He and Elizabeth are looking for the service. Lucy is displeased to see them together, especially after Elizabeth stabbed Kevin. Elizabeth insists that it was an accident. Besides, they've both decided not to dwell on the past; it's better to think about the future. Elizabeth would like to know what was happening--and where Lucy was--while her daughter was getting the life sucked out of her. At that, Kevin leads her toward the service. Lucy tells Ian that Elizabeth was right; she should have protected Alison. Ian reminds her that she isn't dead. They argue briefly, but in the end they're glad to have each other. Ian thinks it's time to go pay their respects.

Alison thinks it's very weird to be watching and listening to her own memorial service. Olivia tries to keep her quiet. Jamal talks about how special Alison was; she taught him how to be a really good friend. He fondly remembers calling her "Spunky" whenever she was being stubborn, which was most of the time. Alison can't do this. It's too cruel. Olivia tries to keep her from blowing her cover. Alison tries to get to her friends, but Caleb appears and grabs her. "Sorry, Alison. Sometimes you gotta hurt the ones you love," he tells her. Caleb reminds them that they're supposed to be in the catacombs; he's taking them both back. Alison announces her refusal to hide anymore. Olivia makes a snide remark, and Caleb tells them both to shut up. Alison insists that she can't watch her friends grieve over her. Caleb tells her that it's better than watching her wedding ceremony to Joshua.

Lucy hugs Rafe, who says that he hates the living arrangements but that he has to make sure Joshua believes that Alison is dead. Lucy gives her cousin a tissue so that he will look "weepy." Frank is watching with interest from the brush. Jack talks about how Alison invited him over for dinner all the time when he first hit town. Even though she claimed it was to try out new recipes, he thinks that she just wanted to make sure he got a hot meal. He's really going to miss her. From his hiding place, Frank notices that the mark on the back of his hand is glowing, so he takes off.

Caleb insists, but Alison won't listen. She's sick of being ordered around. She asks whether he's going to kiss her again to make her shut up. "What?!?" Olivia says too loudly. The mourners look around for an explanation of the sound. Caleb tells Olivia to be quiet, but she won't do that until he explains what Alison was talking about. There's a struggle, and as Caleb grabs Alison's arm, Olivia falls out into the open. "Murderer!" Elizabeth screams as Kevin holds her back. Elizabeth can't believe she had the nerve to show her face. Kevin grabs his daughter to help her, but Jamal grabs her from the other side. Rafe has to intervene and say that he'll take care of her. Jamal protests, but Casey tells him to let the slayer handle this. Thinking they need a diversion, Lucy pretends to faint. Reese wonders whether they should throw water on her. Rafe helps Olivia get away, and then he tells everyone that she murdered the love of his life; this is his kill. He goes after her as Kevin yells to leave her alone. Elizabeth tells Kevin that his daughter is a horrible monster. Kevin thought she understood that both their daughters were victims. Elizabeth falls into Ian's arms. "This is so not what Alison was about," Casey laments. Jamal wanders off alone to grieve. Sitting on a rock, he reminisces about good times with Alison.

Caleb carries Alison back to the catacombs. When she pinches him, he tosses her down and wonders why he bothers with her. He's so close to turning her over to Joshua. Alison accuses him of being barely human and therefore incapable of understanding her frustration. Caleb understands frustration; he used to be somebody, but now he's her babysitter. He also has no idea where Olivia is. Alison says that he shouldn't have left them alone to go to Joshua's, since Rafe told him that there is no antidote. Caleb is tired of Rafe; he liked things better when he was trying to kill the slayer. Alison thinks she knows the real reason he went to see Joshua, and it wasn't for the antidote. She accuses him of wanting to show Joshua who's boss. It doesn't matter whether they're human or vampires; in her opinion, all guys are just a bunch of macho idiots.

Outside the club, Frank thinks about everything that's happened since he was turned, as well as the gambling problem he had shortly beforehand. He goes inside and reports that those closest to Alison were crying and very emotional; it's real, all right. Joshua considers it a pity; he and Alison would have been very happy together. He informs Frank that all the key people have been turned and placed strategically all over town. Now they need a few extra bodies on their side, so Frank can do some recruiting. Joshua declares tonight to be open season on humans. Afterward, Joshua sits between two women. After taking a sip of champagne, he decides it's time to feed on them.

An orderly informs Karen that there are several DOA's in the morgue; it's like an epidemic. When Frank tells Karen that he needs to speak to her, she informs him coldly that she's busy with patients who all seem to be missing their blood. She doesn't know how she ever could have loved him. Kevin interrupts to say that he may have torn some stitches. Frank informs him that they're talking, but Karen tells him that they're done; she can help Kevin.

Ian helps Elizabeth to the bench. She says that it's her job to take revenge. She needs silver bullets or a stake. Ian thinks it's time to put her out of her misery. He and Lucy tell her that Alison isn't really dead.

Caleb denies that this is an ego trip. Alison doesn't believe that. She thinks he was throwing his weight around, and that he's upset because Rafe and Joshua have powers but he doesn't. It's stupid, because he has the number one power everyone wants. Everyone wants to be a rock star. Caleb takes a drink of water and gargles. Alison looks at him in disbelief and asks what kind of a response that is. "I don't know. I'm losing it," Caleb replies, grinning. So is Alison. They start laughing, and he spits water all over her, which really cracks her up. Caleb composes himself and points behind her, where Rafe is watching them. Olivia is right behind him, saying that she somehow managed not to be lynched by half the town. When Rafe makes a remark she doesn't like, she tells him to talk to Alison, because she's the one who kissed Caleb. Alison corrects her by saying that it was actually Caleb who kissed her; she's tired of hearing about it. Rafe warns Caleb to stay away from her. He's just waiting for an excuse to kill him.

Not wanting to be alone, Jack and the others plans to go to Jamal's, but they look around and he's not there.

The orderly wheels John Doe #5 into the morgue. After he leaves, the body begins to thrash around inside the body bag. Fighting with the bag, the person inside finally makes his way out. It's a very confused Jamal, who has two bite marks on his neck.

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