PC Update Tuesday 5/20/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/20/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth claims that stabbing Kevin was an accident. She's glad to hear that he's doing better now, because she really was worried. Karen observes this in disbelief. She thinks this is sick, because Elizabeth could have killed him. Elizabeth says that she was just upset about what happened to her daughter. Karen points out that everyone is upset, but no one else is stabbing people. Kevin defends Elizabeth; he understands what she's going through. He's glad she came by, because he was just about to call her. Elizabeth asks him to accompany her to the memorial service in the park. She doesn't want to go alone. Karen reiterates her opinion that this is sick. Kevin tells her that she's wrong. "It's just Port Charles," he says on his way out the door.

Jack and Jamal want to have a memorial service tonight. It will just be a small gathering in the park, and they made some calls on the way over. Jack is friendly, but Jamal is antagonistic toward Rafe, whom he blames for Alison's death. Jack tells Rafe that it's all right if he isn't ready. Rafe appreciates that, because he isn't ready. Jack assures him that he understands. Emerging from his hiding place in the brush, Frank announces that he doesn't understand. Rafe doesn't care what Frank thinks, because this is none of his business. Frank doesn't see Rafe as being the typical grieving "widower." Rafe threatens him. Jamal tells him to get out; he's ready to tear Frank's head off. Frank points out that unlike Rafe, Jamal is acting like someone who has lost a loved one. Rafe warns him to go away before he shoves a stake through his heart. Heeding the warning, Frank walks away. Jack asks Rafe to let them know when he's ready for a memorial service. Rafe decides to go ahead and do it now. He realizes that this is what everyone needs. When told that the service will be by the fountain, Rafe promises to be right there. He thanks them for planning the service. They leave, and Rafe sits down, rummages through his backpack, and looks at the blood he got for Olivia, hoping that she can hang in there.

Restating that biting Alison would kill her, Olivia threatens to do it. Alison slaps her and vows that this is the last time Olivia will ever use that threat. Olivia can't believe Alison slapped her. Alison tells her to get over it; she's sick of being threatened every time Olivia starts feeling insecure. Olivia doesn't back down, becoming even angrier when Alison points out that not even Caleb would want her to do this. Olivia tries to twist her words around, but Alison tells her to stop it; bringing down Joshua is the only interest she has in common with Caleb. Olivia snidely describes Joshua as another one of Alison's admirers. Alison has had enough. All she wants is to be with Rafe, while all Olivia wants is to be with Caleb. They need to forget how they feel about each other and remember that Joshua is the enemy. They have to find a way to work together and trust each other. Olivia doubles over in pain, the blood hunger suddenly intensifying. She can't wait for Rafe any longer; she's going to the blood bank. Unable to talk her out of it, Alison decides to go with her.

Caleb's hands close tightly around Joshua's neck. Two of Joshua's goons show up, and Joshua orders them to get his attacker. Caleb butts one in the head and takes care of the other one as well. He tells Joshua that he wanted to save him the trouble of looking for him. He's there to get the antidote. Joshua tells him that Olivia ruined their deal. Caleb admits that Alison's death was most unfortunate. He chuckles, adding that Olivia always was an impulsive one. He demands that Joshua hand over the antidote. As Joshua becomes angry enough to attack, Caleb throws acid on his face. Joshua screams in agony. Caleb laughs. Acid in the face isn't lethal, but it certainly feels that way. It's an old slayer trick to distract the vampire and provide a good opportunity to use a stake. On Joshua's orders, two of his goons grab Caleb. Joshua orders them to take him out and kill him painfully. Caleb tells Joshua to do it himself. He manages to get loose, and during the scuffle, the woman from VH1 returns with a cameraman. She knew that "Stephen Clay" was there! Caleb kisses her hand. When the woman asks whether she's interrupting something, Caleb encourages her to ask Joshua. Seeing the red patches on his face, she asks Joshua what happened. He claims to have had an acid peel. Caleb says that Joshua isn't always prepared to be on camera. He offers to help. The woman asks why he left the band, and Caleb puts it down to creative differences, adding that there are no hard feelings. When asked where he's been all this time, Caleb says that he's really not prepared to give an interview; he has somewhere to be. He promises to have someone call her. Going to Joshua, he whispers a warning. Joshua may think of himself as untouchable, but he's not. He should enjoy his time on top, because it won't last. Caleb walks out of the club, peeks in through the window, and walks away.

Casey tells Reese that Jamal called her about the memorial service. She's going to wait near the fountain for a flower delivery. Reese decides to help, but only to score some points with Jack. As she walks away, Ricky arrives, having received Casey's message. He offers to wait for the flowers with her. Casey asks what he had to talk to Joshua about earlier, and when he hedges, she tells him that he doesn't have to say. When Reese calls out that the flowers have arrived, Casey goes to get them, and Ricky sits down. He thinks about Joshua's expectation that he sleep with Casey to get her sent back to heaven. The girls come back with the flowers. Soon, people start gathering around the fountain, where a photo of Alison is prominently displayed. Casey feels a little sad; when she herself died, no one noticed or cared. Ricky gently tells her that if he had known her then, he definitely would have cared. Casey is bummed about how she wasted her life, but now she's a guardian angel, and that feels good--at least it used to. Ricky asks whether she ever thinks about what it would be like not to be a guardian anymore. Casey would hate that. It would mean that she let everyone down. Ricky asks what it would take to cause that to happen. Casey doesn't think it will happen as long as she doesn't lose focus. That's why she can't be with him. When Rafe shows up, Ricky walks away. Rafe is surprised that Casey knows the truth, but then he remembers that she has higher knowledge. He really hates doing this, but he doesn't know of any other way. The service begins before everyone arrives. Rafe tries to say a few words about Alison, but it's hard, and Jamal steps in to give him a break. Alison and Olivia are passing by, and they hear Jamal's voice. They stop and peek through the brush as Jamal describes Alison as the truest friend anyone could have.

Kevin and Elizabeth stop by the lighthouse before heading for the park. Elizabeth is curious as to why he let Livvie go. Kevin explains that he wasn't going to at first, but when the time came, he couldn't go through with it. She's still his daughter, no matter what she's become. He sends Elizabeth to the bathroom to bring him some aspirin. While she's gone, he rushes to the box containing his wonder drug. Unable to find the aspirin, Elizabeth comes back and catches him with the drug. Kevin admits that she wasn't supposed to see that. He puts it back, claiming that it's a painkiller for his stab wound; he just didn't want to make her feel worse about it. Elizabeth thinks he's remarkable to consider her feelings. Kevin tells her that he's simply a survivor. He asks her to wait in the car while he takes care of this. When she's gone, he gets the syringe back out of the box, but then he replaces it, determined to do without it. Changing his mind again, he goes back. Thinking that he'll do this just one more time, he gives himself the injection.

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