PC Update Monday 5/19/03

Port Charles Update Monday 5/19/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Casey pulls away from the kiss. Jamal wants a reason to care, but Casey tells him that this isn't the way. Lashing out, Jamal tells her that he doesn't care about her at all. He starts to leave, but stops when Casey calls out to him. She has her own idea about how he should spend his time. Instead of getting drunk or getting into a fight, he should hang out with some friends. Jamal points out that the list of friends is getting shorter and shorter. "Not that short," Casey says, holding her hand out toward him. "Don't make me beg," she requests. Jamal reaches out to her, and they leave the park hand in hand.

While Reese and Jack discuss band business, Jack arrives for work. Happy to see him, Reese greets him with a hug and kiss. She wasn't sure that he would show up, considering the news about Alison. Jack admits that he took a long ride on his motorcycle and almost didn't come back. Reese is glad he did. Joshua approaches them and dismisses Reese. He's annoyed with Jack for not showing up for work on time. He warns against letting it happen again and says not to take the warning lightly. As Jack walks away, Frank arrives with news for Joshua. He informs his boss that Caleb and Livvie are nowhere to be found. Joshua thinks it's strange, and even more so upon learning that Rafe is also missing. He is convinced that something is going on; he can feel it in his bones. He wants Frank to get back out there and not return until he finds something. Amanda's arrival prompts Joshua to dismiss Frank. He tells Amanda that he's glad she's here with her family. Not paying any attention to what where she's going, Reese bumps into Amanda, telling her to watch where she's going. "That girl is so rude," Amanda remarks.

At the hospital, Rafe admits to faking Alison's death to get Joshua away from her. Now they need to figure out a way to get rid of the new head vampire. Rafe stuns Ian and Lucy with the news that he, Alison, Livvie, and Caleb are all staying together in the catacombs, but he's afraid that things could fly apart any second. Lucy thinks there must be something in it for Caleb. Explaining Livvie's inability to turn Caleb because of her poisoned fangs, Rafe states that Caleb wants the antidote. Lucy is appalled, thinking that Rafe actually gave it to him, but Rafe shows it to her.

Disguised with a scarf and dark glasses, Elizabeth approaches Kevin's room just as Karen goes inside. Karen finds her patient getting ready to leave. She thinks he's an idiot to risk reopening his wound, but he's willing to take his chances. As he searches his coat, Karen shows him the syringe she removed from one of the pockets. Kevin tells her that this is none of her business. Karen doesn't agree. She knows that he's leaving the hospital to get more of that drug. Kevin orders her to give it to him, but she refuses. She had it tested, and it's obvious that no doctor prescribed it for him. It's a mind-altering drug, plus a few other ingredients she can't identify. She wants to know where he got it. Kevin isn't about to answer her; he is ready to leave. He sees Elizabeth walk by the door. He tells Karen that he doesn't need her help. Elizabeth goes by again as Kevin steps outside. "For Pete's sake, why don't you just come inside?" Kevin says in exasperation. Elizabeth doubles back and goes into his room. She was worried about him after his accident. Kevin reminds her that it wasn't an accident; she stabbed him.

Casey drags Jamal in, pushes him toward Jack, and insists that they talk. Jack tells Jamal to think whatever he wants, but he really cared about Alison. Nevertheless, he won't apologize for working at Elixir even though she wouldn't have approved. Nearby, Reese cackles loudly. "Exactly who is that brash blonde bimbo?" Amanda asks. Joshua explains that she's with the band and that he really has to speak to her about her attitude. He informs Amanda that he has made all the arrangements for Alison's memorial service. Grateful, Amanda kisses his cheek, then states that she wants to let the others know. She approaches Jack and Jamal to invite them to the memorial service. Jamal tells her that Alison wouldn't have wanted Joshua anywhere near her memorial service, but she won't listen. In her opinion, Joshua has been very kind; he has become like family. Jamal thinks they need to discuss exactly what kind of family she's talking about. While he and Jack take Amanda aside, Casey blocks Joshua from interfering. Casey tells the head vampire off for turning Alison's grandmother. When Joshua asks derisively whether she's planning another tornado, Casey says that she has something better; she asks whether he's ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah. Joshua says that she doesn't have that kind of power. Casey reminds him that she does work for a group of people who don't give up easily. Joshua threatens to crush her, but she laughs, unafraid. He can't touch her, and they both know that. She gets up in his face until Ricky pulls her away and warns her not to mess with "Mr. Dawn of the Dead." Meanwhile, Amanda tells the guys that she's lucky to have Joshua looking after her. She trusts him with everything, and she knows that Alison would agree with her. When she walks away, Jack tells Jamal that Alison would never forgive them for allowing things to go this way. Jamal is determined to give her the memorial service she would have wanted. "Count me in," Jack says, willing to go against his boss for the sake of his "dead" best friend.

In the park, Rafe tries to give Lucy the antidote so that he doesn't have it in his possession. Lucy would prefer that he get rid of it altogether, but Rafe can't do that. He may need it as a bargaining chip if Alison is ever alone with Caleb. Rafe inquires about their health. Lucy feels better, thanks to Ian's care. Ian is hanging in there. He asks whether there's anything he can do, and Rafe says that there is. He needs a steady supply of blood for Livvie. Ian agrees to provide it. Rafe hands him the antidote for safekeeping. Lucy hugs her cousin before she and Ian take off. Jack and Jamal find Rafe. Jamal accuses the slayer of not protecting Alison, while Rafe tries to play the grieving fiancÚ. Jack tells Rafe about Joshua's plans for a memorial service. That's why they're also planning one, so that it will be done their way. They want to know that it's cool with him. Rafe is fine with it. He says that he needs to get somewhere, but Jamal informs him that they want the service to be tonight. As they discuss this, Frank watches from the brush.

When Olivia begs Caleb to make love to her right now, Alison reminds them that she's standing right there. She asks them to take it outside, and they do. Impatient, Olivia begs him to just do it, but Caleb makes a big mistake. "In front of Alison and the Queen of England, if that's what you want," he tells her. "Wait a minute. What did you just say?" Olivia asks angrily, pushing him away. Caleb believes that she wants to prove something, and that's all right with him. Olivia is angry with him for thinking this way. Caleb tells her that this "thing" with Alison is ridiculous, which Olivia interprets as Caleb saying that she is ridiculous. Caleb can't believe they're actually arguing about this. Olivia can't believe he actually wrote a song with Alison. Alison announces her presence to say that she's had enough of this. "Don't blame me because he won't sleep with you," she orders. Olivia tells Alison to get out of her face. Caleb tells them both to knock it off, but it's no use. Olivia accuses Alison of twisting every man around her little finger. Caleb tries to say something, but she tells him to stay out of it. This infuriates him; it's driving him crazy to have to stay in the cave with them and do nothing. He leaves, vowing to take back a little control. Olivia blames Alison for his departure. Alison accuses her of acting like a jealous girlfriend. Olivia knows what she saw; Alison is manipulative and scheming. Alison thinks this is about Olivia's inability to give Caleb what he needs. She thinks that Olivia's just upset and taking it out on her, as usual. Olivia tries to reply, but Alison warns her to back off. Olivia points out that Rafe isn't back yet with her blood, and she's very hungry. Everyone already thinks that she killed Alison; maybe she should make it true.

Casey thanks Ricky, who says that he's never stopped caring about her. Before Casey can say too much about her feelings, Reese asks whether she's seen the guys. She and Casey decide to go find them. Ricky stays behind to talk to Joshua, who really likes Ricky's ambitious nature. He wants the drummer to think of a way to make an angel fall. Ricky thinks he's asking him to sleep with Casey so that she'll be recalled. Without confirming this, Joshua states that he has a great deal of confidence in him. Ricky heads out. Joshua is pleased; Ricky is taking care of Casey, and Frank is taking care of Caleb. That's two fewer weights hanging around his neck. Suddenly, Caleb grabs his neck from behind and tries to strangle him. "You looking for me?" he asks.

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