PC Update Friday 5/16/03


Port Charles Update Friday 5/16/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jamal is at the park, taking out his anger on a tree until his knuckles bleed. The tree isn't his only target; Jamal kicks one trash can and dumps out the contents of another while vowing to kill all the vampires. He notices that Casey is watching him sadly. Casey thinks he's a crazy man on his way to a broken hand. Jamal says angrily that she should have let him torch the club. He doesn't care what the personal consequences would have been. It just doesn't matter, because nothing will bring Alison back. "I can't find her grandmother. I can't find her mother. I can't find anybody. God, am I the only one who cares?" Jamal laments, tears streaming down his face. Casey makes a slip of the tongue, but she corrects herself and tells Jamal that Alison had--not "has"--a lot of friends. Jamal wants to know why none of them protected her. He blames himself for not doing something about Livvie. Casey tells him that everything happens for a reason. Jamal is tired of hearing that. He can't accept this. Nothing is right anymore. Alison is dead, Jack's a complete stranger, Ricky is an idiot, and the Recovery Room looks like some bogeyman's nightmare. The only person he can talk to isn't even real! Casey doesn't agree with that; she is real. Jamal is just really lost, and he can't tell his best friend because she's dead. "Alison's not dead. She's still here," Casey blurts out. Jamal demands to know what she means by that. She wants to tell him, but the sound of thunder warns her not to. Instead, she tells Jamal that no one ever really dies because everyone lives on in the hearts of loved ones. Jamal is tired of clichés. He wants her to go away, but she refuses. She comforts Jamal with kisses.

Caleb is convinced that Rafe is lying. He trained Joshua, and he knows that he would never create a poison without having a way to reverse it. Alison doesn't understand why Joshua would take a chance like that, but Rafe suggests that Caleb's ring makes him feel safe. He tells Caleb and Livvie that they'll have to find a way to live happily ever after without feeding. To Livvie's surprise, Caleb states that they can't do that. Livvie thinks Caleb is saying that they can never be happy. Caleb tells her that he didn't mean that. The problem is that things weren't easy for them when their situations were reversed. Now, Rafe is making things more complicated by holding back on them. Alison defends Rafe, asserting that he has done everything Caleb has asked. She doesn't know why he would lie now. Livvie says that he would lie out of hatred for them. Alison protests. She wants Rafe to tell them that he wouldn't lie about this. Rafe looks into her eyes and claims that there's no antidote. Livvie believes him, only because she doesn't think he would lie to Alison. Caleb says that they'll take this one day at a time, and they'll make it. He tells Rafe to get her some blood. Rafe wants to go back out and play the grieving fiancé for Joshua's benefit. He'll bring back some blood in a few hours. In the meantime, he wants Caleb to keep Alison safe. "Now's not the best time for lectures," Caleb points out. Alison tells Rafe to be very careful and not take so long this time. Caleb takes the slayer aside to warn him of the consequences of lying. If he finds out that there really is an antidote and that Rafe knew about it, it will be payback time.

Kevin orders Elizabeth out of his house, but she has no intention of leaving. "You think you had a daughter to defend? Well, I have a daughter to avenge!" she screams as she stabs him with a letter opener. Kevin looks at his wound in disbelief. "I think I'm going to need some help," he says, falling to his knees. Stunned by her act of violence, Elizabeth looks around and then picks up the phone.

At the hospital, Lucy is annoyed by the policy that requires her to leave in a wheelchair instead of on foot. She doesn't like what she considers a patronizing attitude from Colleen. Ian is happy to see that she seems to feel better, thanks to the transfusion. He tells her to stop yelling at Colleen, who wants her to fill out some forms before leaving. Ian's phone rings, and it's Elizabeth calling to tell him about Kevin's injury. Ian promises to be right there. He tells Lucy that he has to go check on something and that he'll be right back.

Kevin is worried about his wound; he knows that they have to stop the bleeding. "Elizabeth? Why did you stab me?" he asks, puzzled. Elizabeth apologizes as Kevin loses consciousness. As she tries to rouse him, Ian arrives. Kevin opens his eyes and sees his sworn enemy. "Oh, good. My favorite vampire doctor. Down, boy. Gave at the office," he states. Ian tells him that he's going to live. Elizabeth rambles on about how upset she was over what Livvie did to Alison. When Ian announces that he's taking Kevin to the hospital, Kevin insists that someone take his jacket to the hospital. Elizabeth thinks she can leave, but Ian wants her to go with him when the ambulance takes Kevin.

Karen is talking to Lucy when Ian comes in with Kevin. Lucy is upset to see Kevin in that state. Karen asks what happened. Ian thinks it's a stab wound from a knife. He looks to Elizabeth for confirmation. "Letter opener," she says, somewhat sheepishly. Lucy can't believe it. As Kevin is taken to a room, Lucy asks what's going on. "I'm not sure, but I'm looking at all the players, and I think anything could happen," Ian replies.

"That's not right, what Joshua did to your grandmother," Livvie tells Alison, breaking an uneasy silence. Alison thanks her and says she's sorry that Livvie can't be with Caleb the way she wants. She thinks it's weird for them to feel sorry for each other. Livvie regrets not being able to give Caleb back his power. Alison says something insensitive and tries to change the subject. She gives Caleb his paper and pen and suggests that he wrote some more lyrics. Livvie immediately exhibits jealousy over Caleb writing a song for Alison. Caleb denies doing any such thing. Alison tells Livvie that she challenged Caleb to prove his talent. Livvie is all over Caleb, trying to make Alison jealous. She wants him to make love to her now.

Karen examines Kevin. An orderly comes in with his coat, which Kevin wants on the chair closest to the bed.

Lucy tells Ian that she would have appreciated getting a call about Kevin. She lays into Elizabeth for attacking Kevin. Elizabeth's excuse is that she's emotionally destroyed due to Alison's death. This is the first Lucy and Ian have heard of this. Elizabeth explains that Livvie killed Alison, but Lucy and Ian don't believe her. Elizabeth shows them the photo and rushes away. They look it over but feel that something isn't right. They're certain that they would know if Alison were dead. Rafe would have found them. "You looking for me?" Rafe asks. He tries to convince them of Alison's death, but they don't believe it. Reluctantly, Rafe tells them that Alison isn't dead and that they're all in trouble.

Elizabeth peeks at Kevin through the door, then leaves when she hears Karen's voice. Karen checks on her patient, then tries to hang up his jacket. Kevin protests, but Karen insists. They struggle over it, and the syringe pops out of the pocket.

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