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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/15/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin walks from the window to the mantel, where he looks at a photo of himself with Livvie and reminisces about pivotal moments in their relationship. "What have I done?" he asks himself. He takes out a vial of the drug provided by Joshua, but before he can do anything with it, Elizabeth arrives at the door and demands to be let inside. Kevin greets her and notices that she's drunk. Elizabeth admits to having gone through an entire bottle. She's been thinking about Alison and all the wonderful times they had together, but there weren't enough of them. There would have been, if Kevin's monster of a daughter hadn't killed her. She demands to know what he's going to do. Kevin apologizes, but a mere "sorry" doesn't cut it with Elizabeth. She wants to kill Livvie for killing Alison. She wants to know where Livvie is, and Kevin claims not to know. Although he's quite insistent, Elizabeth accuses him of lying. Kevin tells her to calm down; he knows that she's in pain. Elizabeth is offended. Slapping him hard, she tells him that what he's feeling now is pain. On the other hand, what she's feeling is agony.

Livvie wants to know, one way or the other, whether Rafe got hold of the antidote. Rafe claims that there is no antidote. Livvie is devastated by the news. Crying on Rafe's shoulder, she begs him to help her fix this. Rafe comforts Livvie, who doesn't know what she's going to do if she can't be with Caleb again. Rafe tells her to refrain from feeding, but Livvie informs him that feeding is instinctual. It would be like telling him not to breathe. Rafe doesn't want to deal with this now. He wants to find Alison and Caleb. Livvie thinks that they must be at the catacombs, but Rafe tells her that he was just there. Livvie pleads with him to help her find a way to break the news to Caleb. It isn't exactly the kind of thing Rafe wants to talk about. He tells her to go ahead and bite Caleb, because it will save him a lot of time.

While Alison and Caleb hide around the corner from Joshua, Frank escorts Amanda into the villa. Alison is stunned to realize that her grandmother is out there. She keeps talking, prompting Caleb to put his hand over her mouth. When that doesn't work, he kisses her. Alison breaks free of the kiss and demands to know why he did that. Caleb says that it was the only way to shut her up, short of breaking her neck. Alison is determined to find a way to get Amanda out of the villa. Caleb grabs her hand to lead her out. Joshua gives Frank the go-ahead for his next assignment, and then Amanda states that she needs someone who understands what she's going through. She's lost both her son and her sweet little Alison. Joshua offers his shoulder anytime she needs it, then tells her that she must sign this document. Amanda looks it over and sees that it's all about a trust fund, an asset transfer, and power of attorney. Hearing this, Alison refuses to leave her grandmother. Caleb tries to talk some sense into her, but she refuses to leave her there to be turned into a vampire. Caleb quietly informs her that it's too late. He saw Joshua's mark on Amanda. Alison doesn't understand what Joshua could possibly want with her grandmother, but Caleb realizes that he wants her money. Amanda comments that everything she owns would have been Alison's, and she knows that her granddaughter would have done good things with the money. Joshua intends to do the same; he's going to change Port Charles forever. Amanda is pleased. She signs the papers, Joshua's mark glowing on the back of her hand. Alison insists on seeing this for herself. Caleb follows her. They peek through the curtains as Amanda admires the portrait. Joshua mentions plans for a memorial service for Alison. Amanda wipes away a tear, and Joshua kisses her hand. Alison sees the mark. Stunned, she lets Caleb walk her out.

Kevin points out that hurting his daughter won't bring back Alison. Elizabeth finally believes that he really hasn't seen her. She doesn't know what to do or where to go anymore. The emptiness is unbearable. She just can't believe that Alison is gone. Kevin tells her that Livvie is also gone--the Livvie she never knew. Elizabeth asks what happened, and Kevin replies that Caleb happened. Elizabeth is sorry, but the fact is that Livvie killed Alison. Someone starts pounding on the door. Kevin tells her to pour herself a drink while he gets rid of the caller. It's Frank, coming to ensure that he took care of Livvie per Joshua's orders. Kevin informs him that there are some things that a father should never be asked to do. He'll do anything but that. Frank demands to know where she is; he knows that she was there. Kevin says that he doesn't know. Frank states that Joshua won't be happy. Kevin doesn't care; Livvie is his daughter. Frank doesn't care about that. Kevin expected as much, considering the fact that Frank has sired several children but has never been a father to any of them. He challenges Frank to turn him, but instead, Frank storms out. Kevin returns to Elizabeth, who promptly throws her drink on him for lying to her about Livvie. She can't believe that he let Livvie go. Kevin tells her that a parent does whatever is necessary to protect his child. He gets out his syringe and tells her to leave, but she refuses to leave without answers. She wants to know what kind of father he is. "And to what? Some vile, cold, husband-stealing, conscienceless, bloodsucking little vampire whore who killed my daughter?" she screams. Kevin again orders her to get out of his house. "You think you had a daughter to defend? I have a daughter to avenge!" Elizabeth shouts, stabbing Kevin with a letter opener.

Joshua orders Frank to escort Amanda to her car, but she would prefer a moment to herself. When she leaves, Frank reports that Kevin let Livvie go. Joshua realizes that Kevin isn't taking his medication, and Frank confirms that he certainly isn't acting the way they anticipated. Joshua reminds Frank that part of his job is to ensure that Kevin takes his daily dose. In spite of this, he's in fairly good spirits, for he now has control of the Barrington fortune. All the pieces are falling deliciously into place. As for Livvie, Joshua doesn't want Frank to bring her back to the villa. Instead, he orders Frank to get the word out to find Caleb and kill him on sight. That will be his revenge against Livvie.

When Rafe and Livvie return to the catacombs, the others still haven't come back. Livvie wants to sit down and wait for them, but Rafe is anxious about this. He's angry with himself for leaving Alison alone with Caleb. Livvie sticks up for her lover, who has always lived by the rules of his people. Unlike Joshua, he has boundaries and nobility. He knows how to love and be loved, and he has just as much right to exist as anyone else does. Rafe argues that Caleb has turned people against their will, but Livvie makes her point. She doesn't see any nobility in someone who spends his life hunting down others and who prides himself on being a slayer. In her opinion, she isn't nearly as safe with Rafe as Alison is with Caleb. While Rafe paces, the others return. Caleb immediately inquires about the antidote. Alison starts telling Rafe about what happened to her grandmother. When Caleb again asks Rafe about the antidote, Livvie sadly informs him that there isn't one. Caleb wants to hear that from Rafe. With a "sorry," the slayer confirms what Livvie said. Caleb doesn't think that he's sorry at all. He thinks that Rafe is lying.

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