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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/14/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

After exiting Joshua's dream, Rafe regains consciousness. He sits up, albeit with difficulty, and prepares mentally for his next move. It's time to go inside and get Livvie's antidote. Rafe sneaks past Joshua, who is preoccupied with his excruciating headache and the huge amount of paperwork in front of him. Talking to himself, he mentions needing help with the paperwork. Rafe crosses the room and takes the vase or urn from the mantel. Joshua hears him but looks in the wrong direction. He complains about his head again. Someone comes to the door, and Joshua calls out not to knock so loudly. Frank identifies himself and states that the door is locked. When Joshua goes to let him in, Rafe crouches down to hide. He quickly removes the antidote and replaces the container while Joshua is out of the room, leaving just before the head vampire returns. Frank informs Joshua that he found Jamal trying to burn down the club. He regrets that Casey prevented him from hurting Jamal. Frank also wants to make sure that he isn't blamed for Alison's death; he didn't kill her, and he can't be everywhere. Joshua is annoyed. He doesn't want to deal with Frank's insecurities about his usefulness. Pleased to learn that his guest is on the way, he tells Frank to open the gates. The guest is someone whom Frank knows quite well, but Joshua doesn't want to spoil the surprise by revealing the person's identity.

Alison calls a cab as she walks along the road. After identifying herself, she gives the directions and emphasizes that she's on foot. Believing that she's being followed, she nervously looks around more than once. She challenges her pursuer to show himself, but when nothing happens, she continues ahead--running straight into Caleb. "Going somewhere?" he asks. Alison tells him to go back to the cave. He can't, because he's chasing someone who's supposed to be dead--which she will be if she doesn't go back. They argue, and Alison tries to get past him. He stops her, pointing out that they went to a lot of trouble to set this up, and now she wants to blow it. He should just let Joshua kill her. Alison is confident that Joshua won't kill her. Caleb is tired of this. He tells her to stop causing trouble. Taken aback, Alison blames Caleb for everything. Caleb looks hurt as she goes on and on about why he's the source of all the trouble. He grabs her back as she tries to leave. Caleb realizes that she's going to do this no matter what he says. Alison tells him to either stay there or go with her, but either way, she's going to find Rafe.

Rafe returns to the catacombs, calling out that it worked and that he has the antidote, but no one is there. Rafe looks around and sees no sign of a struggle. In spite of this, he assumes that Caleb took Alison. This makes him angry. He trusted Caleb and got stabbed in the back.

Kevin gives himself an injection while Livvie feeds on the blood that he acquired for her. Livvie thanks him for understanding her need for the blood. She wishes that she could be a better daughter, because he's always there for her. Kevin states that there's nothing in the world that he wouldn't sacrifice for her. They hug, and Livvie feels safe in his arms. She wishes that she could stay there forever. Kevin tells her that she can. Livvie insists that she has to go to Caleb. After a blank look comes over his face, Kevin remembers Jamal's angry words about Livvie. He tells her that she can't go right now. After he went to the trouble to get her the blood, she should stay and give him some quality time. Livvie protests. "You cannot leave here," Kevin orders. He tells Livvie that he loves her very much. She doesn't like this; she thinks he looks spacy. Kevin turns away. He can't help remembering all the memories that they don't have. Their relationship is still pretty new, but it is strong and close. They've been through a lot together. Livvie agrees with that. One of Kevin's biggest regrets is not having held her when she was a baby. He missed the most important years of her life--the formative years. Even so, he feels very close to her, and no one is more important to him than she is. That's what makes this so hard. Livvie has been a bad girl. She misbehaved by killing Alison, and now she must be punished. It's his job as her father. He has no choice. Parents must show children the difference between right and wrong. Alarmed, Livvie tells him to stay away from her. Kevin has no intention of doing that. He can't let her get away with what she did. Livvie thinks he must be under some kind of spell. She wants him to lie down and get some rest; she'll come back later. Kevin screams that she's not leaving. There's nothing wrong with him. He has to be the one to help her. He wants her to trust him; he's doing this for her own good. Cornered, she bares her fangs. Kevin reminds her that she can't bite relatives. All she's done is caused him to be hurt, sad, and angry. She pushes him across the room and runs for the door. In a moment of clarity, Kevin tells her to run. "Run! Run, Livvie, run! Go!" Livvie runs out the door.

Kevin remembers Joshua's orders to deal harshly with Livvie. Enraged, he clears the mantel with a sweep of his arm. Afterward, he gets out the syringe and fills it with the drug.

Livvie walks along the road, rambling about what just happened with her father. She runs into Rafe and tells him that she's afraid of her own father. Rafe points out that it shouldn't have been hard to defend herself, but Livvie reminds him that this is all new to her. Besides, she didn't expect her own father to act like that. Rafe reminds her that Kevin stole the ring from her. In his opinion, she will never be able to trust him again. Livvie tells Rafe that he doesn't understand; her father stopped. It was as if a light clicked on in his head. He told her to run, and she did. Rafe asks whether she thinks that Kevin is a vampire. Livvie doesn't suspect that at all. Rafe believes that he's probably under the influence of an exotic drug provided by Joshua. He thinks that Kevin is already enough of a loose cannon without adding this to it. Livvie tells him that everyone thinks she killed Alison; Jamal even came after her. She wants to know where Caleb and Alison are. Rafe thinks that's a good question. Livvie thinks that they're either looking for the two of them or they had to leave to keep from being found. When she learns that Rafe succeeded into entering Joshua's dream, she asks about the antidote. Rafe lies and says that he didn't get it.

When Alison bursts into the villa, Caleb thinks she must be crazy. Alison is convinced that Joshua caught Rafe, but Caleb doesn't believe that. If he could never get Rafe, there's no way that Joshua could. He tries to get her to return to the catacombs. Alison resists, but when she hears something, she suddenly agrees and takes off running. Caleb is right behind her. He grabs her, and they hide around the corner. Joshua enters the room with Frank, whom he then sends to wait for the new arrival. Joshua knows that someone or something is there; he can smell it. Caleb and Alison are pressed against the wall. Caleb quietly warns Alison not to speak or even breathe. Joshua challenges the unknown intruder to come out, but he changes his mind when the car horn sounds. His new recruit is just a heartbeat away. He calls Frank, who confirms that the car just came through the gate. Joshua orders Frank to close the gate. He states that there is an unwanted guest on the premises, and Frank understands. Joshua sings a tune about victims who won't be missed. Outside, Frank greets the limo as Joshua's guest steps out. It is Amanda Barrington.

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