PC Update Tuesday 5/13/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/13/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Casey finds Jamal lying unconscious in the alley behind Elixir. She rouses him and asks what happened. Jamal thinks that he must have been knocked out from behind when he was going after Livvie. Casey thinks he's crazy to go after a vampire alone, but Jamal is determined to stop them. Casey informs him that it's not that easy. Jamal wonders how she would know, because she doesn't try. If she did, she might actually help someone for a change.

Alison paces, worried because Rafe hasn't returned. Caleb doesn't see any reason for concern just because it's taking longer than they expected. Joshua is a vampire, and vamps tend to be up when the moon is out. Rafe probably hasn't had the chance to enter Joshua's dreams yet. When Caleb accuses Alison of not having confidence in Rafe's ability to handle this, Alison informs him that Rafe can handle anything. While she continues to pace, Caleb works on his new song. He points out that worrying and pacing won't help. At Alison's "request," he gives her some false reassurances that everything will be all right. Alison thinks he likes picking on her, and he does. She knows that he's stressed about Olivia. Caleb points out that he doesn't deny that. Alison asks how he relieves stress. "Normally? Sex is good," Caleb replies.

Ian stops by Lucy's hospital room as she searches for her clothes. Ian is amused by her attempt to lie about what she's doing. Lucy finally admits that she wants to get out of the hospital and get back to saving the town. Just outside the door, Casey is listening. When Ian tells Lucy that she has to rest, she insists that she's feeling fine. She needs her clothes. Ian has a confession. He hid her clothes. He tries to get her back into bed, but Lucy calls him a bully. Ian wishes things were different. He wishes that he could put both of them on the first plane to Morocco. Lucy can't believe that he pulled that locale out of the blue. Ian admits that she once mentioned a desire to visit Morocco. He remembers everything she ever says to him. Lucy still wants out. She asks him to take her to the cafeteria. Ian has a better idea. He accompanies her out of the room.

In the nightmare, Joshua drinks the antidote and immediately begins to fade. This confuses Rafe. Joshua wakes up from the nightmare with a pounding headache. Rafe realizes that it's time to get out, but when he tries, he fails. Reasoning it out, he assumes that since it was hard to get in, it could also be hard to get out. Hearing loud, strange noises, he wonders what's going on. He tells himself to ignore the sounds, which are dark forces inside Joshua's head. He has to find a way out. Joshua complains about his headache. It feels as if someone is pounding inside his brain with a sledgehammer. He tells himself to relax. Inside his head, Rafe is screaming to get out. Suddenly, he gets an idea, but there's a problem. It will either work or kill him.

Ian takes Lucy out to the roof, where a Moroccan paradise awaits them. Lucy is amazed that he had time to get this together. She can't believe she's actually standing in sand! Ian tells her that he didn't do this. Casey peeks out the door, pleased with her surprise. Puzzled, Ian tells Lucy that they might as well enjoy this. They go inside the tent. Lucy believes they both deserve this. They make it a date. Lucy points out that they never actually had a first date. Ian nervously expects someone to walk in on them. They decide to take the opportunity to get to know each other better. Lucy talks about her former idea of the perfect day, and Ian tells a story about survival and a leap of faith. Lucy worries that they are too different from each other. Because of this, she questions whether what they have is real. Ian kisses her, and they agree that it's definitely real.

Jamal douses the outside of the club with gasoline. As he flicks the lighter, Frank grabs his hand to stop him. He doesn't want to fight with Jamal, because they've always been pals. Jamal informs him that their friendship is in the past. Frank tells him to go home, but Jamal won't leave. Frank grabs him by the neck. Casey appears out of nowhere and intervenes. She won't leave without Jamal. Frank advises him to go with her. Jamal swears that this isn't over. He'll eventually show the vampires that they haven't won. He storms off.

A doctor looks in Joshua's ears and tells him that nothing is wrong. Joshua doesn't understand it, because he feels awful. The doctor, who is also a vampire, tells Joshua that he'll feel better in no time if he feeds. He knows, because he's treated vampires for years. He leaves the room to fill Joshua's prescription, returning with two young women. "Take two of these and call me in the morning," he laughs. Joshua sits down with the two women. Inside his head, Rafe tries to beat him at his own game. Joshua jumps and screams. He orders the women to leave, then stumbles across the room. He wonders what is happening. As he looks in the mirror, he sees Caleb behind him, wielding an axe. Joshua screams, but Caleb is no longer there. Rafe laughs about what he's doing to his sworn enemy. Joshua tells himself to get a grip. He looks in the mirror again. This time, he sees blood pouring down his head. Joshua screams and falls to the floor. Outside the villa, Rafe lies unconscious.

Alison informs Caleb that he didn't shock her, adding that she wouldn't sleep with him on a bet. In her opinion, she has a right to be concerned. She tries to leave, but Caleb stops her. Alison is determined to find Rafe. Caleb won't let her go anywhere. He reminds her that this is all about saving her from Joshua. Alison says that things have changed. They argue, but her mind is made up. Caleb picks her up and carries her back, eventually putting her down, unwilling to let her ruin this for all of them. He makes her promise not to leave. "Okay. My bad. I'm sorry. I will stay," Alison says to placate him. As soon as he lets his guard down, she adds, "Now I'll go." She rushes past him. Exasperated, Caleb decides to let her go. Then he changes his mind and runs after her.

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