PC Update Monday 5/12/03

Port Charles Update Monday 5/12/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

In the catacombs, Olivia is restless with hunger. Caleb blames Rafe for not setting her up with an adequate blood supply. Alison defends Rafe, who is busy trying to get the antidote to the poison Joshua used on Olivia's fangs. Olivia is ready to go out and get some blood to feed on. Caleb objects, but Olivia assures him that she can take care of herself. They kiss, which annoys Alison. When Olivia leaves, Caleb loses his temper, annoying Alison even more. Caleb tells her that he hates having to watch Olivia leave while he's stuck there. He can't even get the antidote for her; he has to rely on Rafe for that. Alison reminds him that he'll get to do his part soon. Caleb knows that, and he's anxious to give Joshua a nightmare, only it won't be in his head. Caleb complains of feeling trapped, and Alison understands. She hates to think about what Rafe has to do. She also regrets having to let her family and friends believe that she's dead, but it's necessary. Caleb wants to know who put Rafe in charge. It infuriates him to think that people see him as powerless now that he's mortal. Alison mocks him, sick of his whining and crying. She tells him to try counting his blessings for a change. Caleb laughs at the idea. Alison doesn't see what's so funny. He's still alive, and he'll be getting his fangs back. That should be enough. Caleb tells her it isn't enough at the moment, because Joshua is still out there. When Alison blames Caleb's "kind" for that, Caleb says sarcastically that it's nice to have a sympathetic ear. Alison accuses him of being needy. In her opinion, Caleb is lucky that she even talks to him. She orders him not to speak to her anymore. She's sick of it. She decides to turn on the radio. To her chagrin, "Naked Eyes" is playing. "Looks like you just can't get away from me," Caleb tells her, smiling.

While Rafe secretly watches, Joshua looks regretfully at the wedding portrait and tells himself that he would have made Alison very happy. They would have shown everyone, but now they won't get the chance. Hearing something, Joshua goes outside to investigate, but no one is there. He goes back inside and settles down on the chaise with business and a drink.

Kevin goes to Elixir to look for Livvie. Seating himself at the bar, he looks at a photo of his daughter, orders a whiskey, and tells the bartender that he likes what Joshua has done with the place. He then shows the bartender the photo and asks whether he has seen her. The bartender wishes that he had, because she looks pretty hot. Kevin agrees that she's beautiful and informs him that she's his daughter. The bartender wishes him luck finding her. Kevin states that she'll eventually turn up, and when she does, he'll be waiting. Jamal storms in, grabs Kevin's arm, and demands to know where his psychopath daughter is. Kevin says that he has no idea; he's also looking for her. He knows what she did to Alison, and he tells Jamal matter-of-factly that he's sorry. Jamal doesn't like his attitude. He swears not to let Livvie get away with what she did. She will pay. Kevin couldn't agree more. Jamal refuses to leave payback to Kevin, who would just to send her off to the funny farm. He wants to find Livvie. Kevin would like to know what he intends to do with her once he finds her. Jamal admits that he plans to put her out of her misery so that she can't hurt anyone else. Kevin wants him to stay out of this and let him deal with Livvie. He points out that Jamal will just be putting himself in danger. Jamal doesn't care about that. He just knows what he has to do, and that's all that matters. Kevin dismisses him and walks out. "That nut job is just as crazy as his daughter," Jamal remarks. The bartender returns looking for Kevin. He tells Jamal that he believes he saw Livvie in the alley. Jamal runs out and confronts her. He demands to know how it feels to be a cold-blooded killer. Olivia tries to avoid this conversation, but won't let her go anywhere. Olivia tells him that he doesn't have all the facts. Filled with grief, Jamal refuses to listen. He has all the facts he needs. She's a cold, heartless animal, and it's time for him to end her miserable excuse for a life. Olivia warns that she doesn't want to hurt him, but he refuses to back off. She bares her fangs. Jamal grabs her by the neck and won't let go. Suddenly, he is knocked out from behind--by Kevin. Olivia doesn't know what her father is up to. The last time she saw him, he stole her ring. Kevin tells her that it was just a ring, but she informs him that it was everything. "Oh. Well, I'm sorry," he says agreeably. He tells her that he heard about Alison. Olivia wants to explain, but Kevin wants to take her to the lighthouse first. Olivia hesitates but then goes with him.

Rafe approaches the sleeping Joshua. He remembers Caleb's words of advice about the need to hate Joshua. Rafe doesn't think that will be hard. Soon, he wonders why it isn't working. He finally manages to enter Joshua's mind.

When Alison turns off the music, Caleb protests that he was listening. Alison informs him that she's sick of that song. Caleb points out that she used to like it. Alison says that was when she thought that he was a real musician. She highly doubts that he could write any song. "Could I ask why you're saying that?" Caleb asks, puzzled. Alison argues that his music wasn't real; it was just vampire mojo. Scratching his head, Caleb insists that he's still a real musician. Alison doesn't believe him. Caleb tells her to give him three words, and he'll turn them into a song. Alison does as he asked and tells him that he has thirty minutes. Caleb doesn't need thirty minutes. He recites the verse that he just wrote in his head. Alison is impressed.

In the nightmare, Joshua pours himself a drink. Olivia pays him a visit to say that she regrets siding with Caleb. She wants to be with Joshua, who has all the power. Joshua is wary, but Olivia gets close enough to bite his neck. Joshua screams. Olivia taunts him and then leaves. Joshua takes the antidote while Rafe smugly stands by, unseen and unheard.

As Caleb sits with a pad and pen, Alison asks how the song is coming. "It's getting there. Thanks for asking," Caleb replies. Alison apologizes for hurting his feelings. She believes him now, so he doesn't have to prove anything. Caleb wants to keep working on it anyway. It keeps him from thinking too much about being stuck there--not that he's complaining. He thinks it feels good to be working again.

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