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Port Charles Update Friday 5/9/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian carries Lucy to the hospital, where Chris is waiting to give her a blood transfusion. Chris reminds Ian that this won't cure her, but Ian points out that it will give her the strength to fight this. They both wish they knew exactly what's wrong with her.

Jack proudly shows off Elixir to Casey and Jamal. In Casey's opinion, it looks nice, but the vibe is all wrong. Jack likes the way it throws people off, since no one likes a predictable club. Jamal points out that there's no way to know what will happen next with a vampire running the place. Jack says that they all have to find a way to make it work for them instead of trying to fight it. Jamal just wonders what Joshua is up to and why he bought the place. Jack doesn't care; Joshua's money is the same color as theirs is. Elizabeth enters the club in total despair. She's been looking all over the place for Alison. She even called her cell phone but just got her little voice instead of a real person. She doesn't know where else to go. Casey goes to get her some water while the guys try to make sense of this. Elizabeth rambles about being all alone now. Jack offers to go get Alison just as Casey returns with the water. Elizabeth says that he can't get Alison. "My little Alison is dead," she cries. From the look on Casey's face, it's clear that she knows the truth.

Alison hates making everyone believe that she's dead. Olivia says that it will all be worth it. She talks about how she and Caleb want to be together forever. She realizes that Alison doesn't understand what she and Caleb have. Alison admits that she's right, but she does know what it's like not to want to lose the man she loves. Alison wonders what the men are talking about. Olivia assumes that they are strategizing. Alison never thought they would all work together, or that she and Livvie would be together like this again. It's ironic that the two of them are fighting for just about the same thing. Olivia just wants to be with Caleb. Alison points out that they want to be together for eternity, while she and Rafe just want to be normal. She regrets that they will never be friends again the way they used to be. Olivia admits that she did a lot of terrible things to Alison. Alison realizes that Caleb changed Livvie, but she was still the same person. Livvie admits that she was very angry and bitter. She was also jealous of Alison for knowing exactly what she wanted. Alison always knew that Rafe was the one for her, but Livvie couldn't trust what she had with Caleb. That's why she destroyed it--and him. Alison argues that she destroyed Caleb because he was a vampire and because he was doing bad things. Olivia disagrees. Caleb was just getting back at everyone. He had faith and never gave up on her. After she killed him, she thought Alison wanted to take everything away from her, so she did everything she could to fill the emptiness. When Caleb returned, she finally realized what she should have known all along. Caleb is her destiny. So is being a vampire. Alison tries to remember what it was like before they knew that vampires were real. "Or angels," Olivia adds. She doesn't think either of them can ever be considered normal again.

Rafe informs Caleb that the last thing he needs is a pep talk. Caleb has no intention of giving one. He wants Rafe to understand exactly what it will take to get to Joshua. Rafe will have to give Joshua a true vision from hell. He has to feel every bit as passionately about this as he did about Alison's nightmare, but in Joshua's case, it will be about hatred, not love. Although Rafe insists that it's not a problem, Caleb isn't so sure. He challenges Rafe to think about what Joshua will do to Alison if he makes her his bride. Unless Rafe hates him with every inch of his being, Joshua will beat him. If that happens, all four of them lose. Caleb emphasizes that Joshua enjoys cruelty, and it won't be any different with Alison. He wants to conquer her. Breaking her will be his greatest achievement, and he'll take his time doing it. He will strip away every ounce of dignity, and when there's no fight left in her, that's when he will feed on her. That's when he will feel Rafe's defeat running through her veins. Enraged, Rafe grabs Caleb. "I'm not the enemy, man. He is," Caleb says calmly. Rafe releases him, having gotten the point. Caleb tells him to use that hatred to take Joshua down.

After the transfusion, Lucy wakes up with Ian at her side. Suddenly remembering the church, she becomes desperate to go back to it and stop Joshua. Ian won't allow it. He can't focus on the whole town right now. He's just as afraid as she is, but right now he wants her to spend her time protecting herself. He asks her to do it for him, for the kids, and for herself. Lucy admits that she needs to get back some of her strength. Ian tells her that she needs to rest now. Lucy closes her eyes for what she hopes will be two seconds. She's out. Ian holds the sleeping Lucy and promises to take care of her.

Jamal tells Elizabeth to get hold of herself. Showing them the photo, she informs them that Livvie bit Alison. Jamal takes it and sits down. Joshua is watching through the window. Elizabeth regrets that they found out this way. Overcome with grief, she runs off to cry. Jack can't believe that Alison is dead. Jamal lays into him for running with the vampires. He's surprised Jack isn't hanging out with Livvie as well. It looks to him as if Jack would sell his soul to the highest bidder. Casey tries to get Jamal to leave with her, but he pushes her away and orders her not to touch him. He accuses Jack of selling Alison out. Vampires are ruthless, heartless animals, and working with them makes Jack just the same. Jack wants to give Jamal time to calm down, but that won't do any good, because Alison will still be dead. She always had Jack's back, but he might as well have stuck a knife in hers. Jamal storms out of Elixir. Jack gets behind the bar. Elizabeth returns and sits at the bar. Jack pours two shots of vodka and drinks one of them. Instead of taking the other shot, Elizabeth drinks from the bottle. Outside, Jamal sits on the bench, crying about Alison. Casey looks heavenward, hating the fact that she can't tell him the truth. Jamal starts talking about how wonderful Alison was. She was the first person to really care about him, and she always stood by him. When Casey mentions a higher plan, Jamal goes ballistic. He doesn't know why she's there anyway, because she's certainly not doing anything to stop this. He sees no reason to believe in anything. When he leaves, Casey informs her boss that not being able to tell them the truth really sucks.

Ian leaves the room to thank Chris for his help. It's not exactly a standard case, and they're not exactly friends. Chris points out that Ian needed a good doctor, and he's the best. He admits that Ian is a close second. In his opinion, Lucy should stabilize for now, but it won't last forever. Ian hopes they'll have enough time to identify the toxin. He goes back inside and finds that Lucy is awake. She feels much better now, which is all that matters to him.

Alison finds Rafe outside, and he hugs her. Noticing that he's shaking, she asks about it, but Rafe doesn't want to talk about it. She's the only thing that matters now. He takes a good look at her beautiful face and says that he can do this for her. He kisses her and then vanishes. Meanwhile, Caleb tells Olivia that he told Rafe how to get to Joshua. He doesn't like trusting slayers, especially that particular slayer, but he does believe that Rafe can do this. Alison returns and tells them that Rafe went to the villa. She wants to know what Caleb said to him. Caleb says simply that he just gave him some insight into Joshua's mind. He assures her that they'll all be fine. He kisses Olivia's head, then holds his hand out to Alison. After some thought, Alison takes it.

Joshua pours himself and drink and downs it. Looking at the wedding portrait, he laments not being able to carry out his plans for Alison. In his anger, he grips the glass too tightly, and it breaks. He licks the blood from his hand as Rafe watches from nearby.

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