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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/8/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Dressed in an outfit that allows her black bra to show through, Elizabeth poses for an appreciative Kevin. She is quite impressed with his work, which she finds reminiscent of Edward Munch. She thinks of it as darkly interesting, which is ironic considering that Kevin is rather balanced. Kevin is surprised to hear himself described that way. Elizabeth doesn't understand that. She points out that he possesses several qualities that she appreciates in a man. She describes him as intelligent, sensitive, and artistic. Fishing, she says that the breakup with Lucy must have been difficult for him. Kevin states that his relationship with Lucy is history and that Lucy is longer relevant. They've both moved on. Glad to hear this, Elizabeth begins to unbutton her blouse.

Victor scrambles to pick up the torn plans while Ian and Lucy demand to know what he's doing. Victor defends his actions. Joshua is taking this decaying, decrepit town into the twenty-first century, and Victor is lucky to have been asked to help. Ian tells him to look around; this is the place where Lucy came for comfort, and where people have worshipped for centuries. Victor says that people will still be able to do that--sort of. Besides, they can't possibly think that tearing up a set of building plans will stop Joshua. When Ian tells him to leave, Victor says that he was sent to secure the building and make sure that there are no trespassers. Councilman Hayden arrives with an officer, having received a report of a disturbance. Victor assures them that he's taken care of the problem, but Lucy starts mouthing off to the new arrivals. Victor takes her aside to ask her not to make trouble. The officer takes it upon himself to cuff her. Before he can finish, Ian stops him, refusing to let the man arrest Lucy. With the cuffs dangling from one wrist, Lucy attaches the other handcuff to some railing at the altar. If they want her, they'll have to take the whole church. Ian throws up his hands in complete exasperation.

"You insane, crazy little bitch," Joshua says angrily, demanding to know what Olivia has done. Olivia tells him that she killed Alison, and it was quite satisfying. Joshua thinks it has to be a trick, but Olivia denies it. She and Alison were sworn enemies, and this was inevitable. Thanks to Joshua, it was easy. He's the one who poisoned her fangs. She tells him that he can sic as many of his toadies on her as he wants. She'll take them all out, one by one, until he's the king of nothing. Joshua reminds her that she can't get to him because of the ring. Olivia remarks that Caleb didn't need to use the ring for protection. Obviously, Joshua does. Joshua says that he will enjoy killing her. Olivia doesn't think he has what it takes. Taking another look at the wedding portrait, Olivia states that Joshua destroyed her future happiness, so she returned the favor. Knowing that he wants to kill her, she challenges him to give it his best shot. She mocks him, saying that she's shaking in her boots. She vanishes and then reappears behind him. Joshua calls her a stupid child for disregarding his deal with Caleb. She's just sealed her own fate. Olivia thinks it would have been stupid to trust Joshua to keep his end of the bargain. As far as she's concerned, Alison's death is the sweetest revenge. Joshua hisses and bares his fangs. Olivia bares her fangs, then makes her move. The ring protects Joshua, who knocks her down. He believes that he has the upper hand, but Olivia sets off a smoke bomb and flees the villa.

Rafe cleans off Alison's neck, but she decides to take over. Caleb returns, reporting that there's no sign of Olivia. In his opinion, this is taking too long. Rafe tells him to relax; it won't be easy to convince Joshua that Alison is dead. Caleb wants to know that Rafe is ready to do his part when she returns. Alison comments on how weird this all is. Rafe won't pretend to like the fact that Caleb will have his fangs back when this is over. "Yeah, well, you don't have much choice. I'm doing this to save her from Joshua," Caleb says, pointing at Alison. He wants to be sure that Rafe is going to fix things with Olivia. Rafe agrees, knowing that Caleb will again be "King of the Mountain." Caleb points out that this will give Rafe another chance at taking him out. Amused, he assumes that the slayer plans to continue their little war. Alison reminds them that they're fighting Joshua now. Touching his healing neck, Caleb assures her that he won't forget that. "Mission accomplished," Olivia announces when she returns. "Thank God," Caleb says, embracing her. Rafe thinks that's a funny thing for him to say. Olivia says that Joshua bought it, and he's really ticked off. It went better than she hoped. She thanks Rafe for the smoke bomb, then states that Joshua is a mess. "He really had it out for you," she tells Alison. Caleb points out that it's Rafe's turn now. Rafe is planning to crawl inside Joshua's head and drive him crazy.

Joshua stares at the photo, then looks at the wedding portrait, growling in grief. He walks outside and vanishes.

The officer insists that Lucy is under arrest, and the councilman wants someone to find the key to the handcuffs. Ian points out that Lucy is unarmed and harmless, therefore incapable of doing any real damage. The politician wants to give her a minute to calm down. Lucy protests. She tells Victor to look at what he's doing, pointing out that Joshua is evil and must be stopped. Victor doesn't think this church is worth fighting for. Lucy disagrees, and she thinks that Victor should be fighting right along with her. Ian tells her to take it easy. She doesn't know how. Victor and Frank are both good men, and they should all be fighting Joshua together. Lucy refuses to let everyone down. Suddenly, she collapses. Ian rushes to her and tries to help, while Victor informs the others that Ian is a doctor. Ian demands the keys, but the officer is reluctant to hand them over. Ian hisses and bares his fangs at the man. He then breaks Lucy loose and carries her out of the church.

Over Chinese food, Alison says that she's living proof that Rafe can do this. Rafe says that the person whose mind he enters has to be kind of vulnerable. Thanks to Olivia's performance, Joshua is vulnerable right now. Caleb wants to know what Rafe did to Alison, and she tells him that he gave her a dream about her father, unwilling to mention the nightmare he gave her. Rafe does mention it. Caleb seems amused that Rafe actually gave Alison a nightmare. Alison admits that he didn't mean to, but she was being stubborn, and he wanted to show her something very frightening. "Exactly what kind of nightmare does a man impose on the woman he loves?" Caleb wants to know. Alison doesn't think it matters, since he did it to protect her. Rafe states that he showed her Caleb--her worst nightmare. Caleb remembers when that happened. He was standing there when she woke up, and she totally lost it. "May I ask what happened?" he asks. Alison explains that in her dream, he killed her. "Wow," Olivia says softly. "I guess I'm sorry," Caleb says. Alison tells him it doesn't matter now. "I'm still sorry," Caleb apologizes again. He wants Joshua to have that same kind of meltdown. Rafe plans to make him think that Olivia bit him with her poisoned fangs. That will send him running for the antidote. Rafe will then sneak in and steal it. Promising not to pull anything, he gives his word that Olivia will be cured and Caleb will get his fangs back. "Who would have thought?" Caleb muses. Rafe echoes the sentiment.

Elizabeth quizzes Kevin about his personal preferences, then takes a little break to look at the portrait. She likes it. Kevin points out that it hasn't really begun to take form yet, but it will--given her magnificent bone structure. She really does have a face that cries out to be put on canvas. Coming from him, that means a lot to Elizabeth. She admits to having a penchant for getting involved with men who never had her best interests in mind. Kevin thinks that's their loss and their shame. Elizabeth says it doesn't matter. She's been inspired to turn her life around, because she deserves better. She continues to flirt with Kevin, with whom she claims to have felt a strong connection ever since the first time they met. Kevin couldn't agree more. Elizabeth tells him that he can paint her, clothed or unclothed. It's his call. Kevin looks up and sees Joshua, who thought they should be the first to know that Olivia killed Alison. He shows them the photo. They are both shocked. Kevin thinks it must be a mistake. Elizabeth accuses Joshua of lying to punish her. She runs out to find her daughter. Kevin returns to his painting. "This could be bad, couldn't it?" he asks. Joshua replies that it is indeed bad. He wants to be sure that Kevin is taking his medication. "Oh, I will," Kevin says. Joshua points out that it will make him feel better and take away the sadness. "Okay," Kevin agrees. Joshua wants Kevin to deal with his daughter. "Deal with her?" Kevin asks, looking up from his work. Joshua tells him to deal with her harshly. She must pay for what she's done.

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