PC Update Wednesday 5/7/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy gets ready to go to the hospital for tests. Ian wants to go with her, but Lucy wants to do this on her own. She tells him that she's going shopping afterward and will call him later.

Hiding out in the catacombs with Rafe, Alison paces. She can't help it. It's cold and smelly in there, and pacing might help her forget that she's in Caleb's old home. Rafe maintains that this is exactly why it's the perfect hideout. No one will think to look for them there. They'll eventually get out, but not until they defeat Joshua and ensure that Alison is out of danger. Feeling somewhat claustrophobic, Alison would rather leave now. She tries to overlook the darkness, rodents, insects, and stench, but it's hard. Telling her to look on the bright side, Rafe waves his hand, and a light magically appears. Alison is impressed. They pretend to be looking at a picture window, through which Alison can see the ocean and feel fresh air on her face. They prepare to feast on an imaginary picnic, and with the non-existent champagne, they make a toast to walking together in the sunshine. Alison decides that she no longer remembers why she was so upset earlier. She and Rafe make love.

Joshua prepares the villa for Alison's arrival, taking care to ensure that things are perfect for her. He has an easel placed beside the painting of Port Charles. Joshua uncovers the new painting, remarking that Kevin has really outdone himself this time. The painting is of Joshua and Alison on their wedding day. Joshua thinks that Alison has never looked more beautiful. Since she's this happy on her wedding day, she'll be even more so on her wedding night. Joshua tenderly touches the red bite marks painted on her neck.

Caleb and Olivia sit on a park bench together, and Caleb has filled her in on his deal with Joshua. He wants her to speak up if she has any doubts, but she doesn't. It's just a little scary to her. Caleb wishes there were another way. Olivia believes that this is worth the risk if it buys the antidote for her poisoned fangs.

A very happy and energetic Victor brings Mary's lunch to her. Mary is used to having the Recovery Roomy across the street, so she never had to think about bringing her lunch before. Victor informs her that they're welcome at Elixir anytime. In fact, Joshua is giving them a lifetime pass. Mary admits that she's not too thrilled with the changes Joshua has made over there. She's going to stick with the hospital cafeteria. Victor advises her to keep her eye on the prize. Joshua has big plans, and the Recovery Room is just one small step. Mary is concerned about her husband, thinking that he looks more stressed than ever. Victor assures her that he loves his exciting new job. Mary is disappointed in the latest events. She thought that they would take a cruise or go to Europe after selling the pub. Victor isn't interested in that. He's been to Europe, and he has wonderful memories of the place, but that's all in the past. Europe isn't alive and vital the way they are now. A nurse stops to give Victor a message from Frank. Victor tells Mary that it's about his first presentation. He assures her that he's never been happier. He finally has the job he's always wanted. He doesn't want her to worry about him or anything else ever again. As he rushes toward the elevator, Mary tells him to be sure to take his vitamins. Looking inside his briefcase, Victor sees the bag of blood and assures her that he has everything he needs.

Lucy goes to the church downtown to pray. She's used to talking to God on her own terms, such as at the waterfront or at the park under the stars, but that hasn't been working well for her lately. That's why she's at the church; she wanted to try something a little more formal. Tearing up, she admits to being at a loss. She has no idea what she's supposed to do, and she could really use some help. Lucy lights a candle for her beloved town. She doesn't even recognize Port Charles anymore. It's as if the town is rotting from the inside. She cries about what Victor and Frank have become. For once, her prayer isn't about her. It's about other people. If this is really her time to die, there's not much she can do about it, although she won't go down without a fight. She's worried about her daughters and the man she loves. She prays that what's broken in her home will be fixed. She needs to know that the people she loves can live out their lives in peace. From nearby, Ian says her name. Lucy stands up to face him. Ian vows not to let her die. He holds her, and she cries in his arms. Lucy apologizes. She didn't want Ian to have to go through this with her. She just couldn't tell him before how scared she really is. She doesn't want to leave him. She doesn't want to die. Ian assures her that she won't. They're going to work day and night to make her better. Victor comes in, and he's surprised to see them. Looking around at the architecture, he proclaims it to be perfect. It will be so easy to do! Lucy and Ian are apprehensive about whatever he's talking about. Lucy reminds him that this is the original church where the town's founders worshipped. Victor thinks it will be easy to move from the past to the future. This will be his first official act as building commissioner. This wonderful property is in Joshua's hands. He unrolls the building plans. To Victor's bewilderment, Ian takes one look and calls it blasphemy. Lucy grabs the plans and tears them up, refusing to let this happen.

After making love, Rafe watches over the sleeping Alison. Hearing or sensing something, he gets up and goes outside, where he comes face to face with Caleb. Alison opens her eyes and is startled to see Olivia looking at her. "Rise and shine, Alison. It's time to say 'goodbye,'" Olivia says.

Satisfied with everything, Joshua sits down to relax and admire the new painting. He plans to reward Kevin for all his hard work by giving him an extra dose this week. "Nice painting. What dream world are you living in?" Olivia asks, surprising him. She came back in case she was missing something worthwhile. Olivia says that he's as delusional as ever. She tells him about how Caleb wanted her to bite him but that she wasn't willing to take the risk. "Always the sensitive one," Joshua comments. "Not that sensitive," Olivia replies. She shows him a photo of Alison, lying still, with bite marks on her neck. "No," Joshua gasps in disbelief. Olivia informs him that this is her own personalized wedding gift to him: a dead bride.

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