PC Update Tuesday 5/6/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/6/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Caleb wraps up a productive phone call. Everything should work out for him.

Arriving home after the caper at the airport, Lucy is excited about having pulled it off. Ian wants her to go to the hospital now, but she wants to wait until morning, believing that one day won't make a difference. She wants to sit down and strategize so that Joshua won't be able to turn Port Charles into some kind of amusement park for vampires. Picking up the blonde wig she wore to disguise herself as Alison, she finds a clump of her hair inside. She blames the wig and talks about suing the company that made it, but Ian informs her that the wig didn't cause this. He admits that it happened before. Lucy demands to know whether he really thinks that something is seriously wrong with her. When he tries to talk to her, she doesn't listen. She is in denial, which causes Ian a great deal of worry and frustration. He thinks she's avoiding having the tests run, but she swears that she isn't. She knows her body, and she knows what she needs. Lucy needs and craves Ian. After making love, Lucy brushes her hair and finds that too much of it has come out in the brush. She can't deny the problem anymore, and she's scared.

At Elixir, Joshua passes his hand over some type of orb. It lights up, delighting him. Jack reports to the boss for inspection. Joshua likes what he sees but warns his new manager not to disappoint him. He walks over to Kevin, who is happy with the drugs that Joshua keeps him on. Kevin informs him that his new masterpiece is at the villa. Joshua is surprised that his artist has finished with it already. He approaches Elizabeth and tells her to powder her nose before Alison arrives. He doesn't want her to look ashen in the wedding album. Hearing Frank's voice behind him, he assumes that Alison is with him. Frank gives him the news that Alison got away. Joshua is furious, while Elizabeth is understandably ecstatic to hear this. Joshua tells her to be quiet, but she refuses. She doesn't answer to him anymore. She sits down near Kevin, who immediately begins flirting with her. Joshua calls Frank an "incompetent fool." Frank's excuse is that he was scammed, but Joshua is tired of his inefficiency. He angrily throws a bottle at his inept, stupid, and brainless recruit. Frank dodges the bottle, which ends up in Caleb's hand. "Looks like someone's not having a good night," Caleb remarks. He sets the bottle down. "What's the matter? Bat got your tongue?" Caleb asks, pointing out that Joshua looks surprised. Frank wants to take care of the Caleb problem, but Joshua orders him to shut up and get out. He then confronts Caleb, who agrees to step outside.

After being kicked out of Joshua's club, Frank runs into Karen. He was hoping to catch her getting off work. Karen is wary of Frank, who claims not to want to scare her. He screwed up again, and he needs to talk to someone he trusts. Frank sits down on the park bench. He's not sure what he got himself into this time. Misunderstanding, Karen is happy to hear this. Frank corrects her. He's not sorry about being a vampire. He's just having trouble adjusting. He keeps making mistakes. Karen tells him off for thinking that he can cry on her shoulder about this. He's even sicker than she ever dreamed he could be. Frank tells Karen that she has a nasty habit of putting him down every time they talk. He grabs her arm, and she demands that he let her go. She doesn't like him or his vampire friends. She thinks he should find one of his own, pour his heart out to her, and then take a bite, since that's what he really wants. She storms off, leaving Frank yelling at her. A young woman appears and apologizes for intruding. She's looking for Elixir, but she's not sure she's in the right part of town. Frank tells her that she's right where she should be.

Elizabeth asks to look at Kevin's sketch, but he doesn't feel that he knows her well enough yet. He suggests buying her a drink to speed up the process. The flirtation between them continues. Elizabeth thinks Kevin is charming. Kevin thinks that she's a beautiful, captivating woman. In fact, she's just about the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Elizabeth again asks to see his work. She is stunned when Kevin holds up the sketch of her. She thinks it's beautiful. Kevin tells her that it isn't half as beautiful as the model. He invites her to a private showing in his studio, which is an invitation she finds hard to resist.

Reese finds Jack and hangs all over him. She wants to know when she'll get some of the profits from his new venture. Jack promises that before long, they'll get all they need from the new club. Jamal comes in and demands to know what Jack is doing. Bored with Jamal, Reese walks away. Jack defends his decision to work for Joshua, adding that it will help business at the bike shop. Jamal says that the last thing he needs in the shop is vampires for customers. He warns Jack to think about what he's getting into--and what will happen when he gets turned again. Jack says that won't happen. This is the new Port Charles, and he's found a place on the winning side. He advises Jamal to grab a piece while he still can. As far as Jamal is concerned, they have a stalemate. He warns Jack to watch his own back from now on, because he won't be doing it anymore. Reese returns when Jamal leaves. She thinks that he really got to Jack. She also thinks that he has a bad case of morals. Jack tells her not to worry, because it isn't contagious.

Caleb congratulates Joshua for pulling it off. In addition to making a go of the club, poisoning Olivia's fangs was very clever. He tells Joshua that he wants to strike a deal. He wants the antidote. He knows that Joshua would never create a poison without one, just in case Olivia managed to sink her fangs into him. He also knows what Joshua wants most in the world: Alison. Caleb still has his contacts, and he will hand over Alison in exchange for the antidote. Joshua doesn't know how Caleb could possibly deliver Alison to him, but Caleb tells him not to worry about that. Joshua thinks about it and agrees to give Caleb the antidote if he brings Alison to him. She must be willing and able to be his bride. They shake on it.

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