PC Update Monday 5/5/03

Port Charles Update Monday 5/5/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Caleb takes Olivia home to his loft. He tries to assure her that everything will be all right, but she doesn't see how. She just killed a man, her fangs have been poisoned, she can't turn Caleb back into a vampire, and she can't make love to him the way she wants. She also lost his ring. Caleb assures her that things aren't quite as bad as she thinks. Besides, she didn't lose the ring. Joshua took it from her. Caleb nuzzles her neck. Olivia worries about what her bite will do to him. Despite this, Caleb still wants her. Olivia tells him that she can't. She's afraid. Caleb wants her to take the risk.

At Elixir, Kevin watches while Joshua gives orders to some of his new employees. Joshua then gives Kevin a box containing two vials of the drug he uses to control Kevin. Kevin is to give himself 10cc just before bedtime--or anytime he likes. Kevin states that it's nice to relinquish his worries for a change and just let Joshua make all the decisions. Elizabeth comes in, angry about being summoned in the middle of the night. Joshua informs her that he wants to turn Alison. Elizabeth doesn't believe him. She doesn't understand why he would let her know about this. Joshua says that being a vampire doesn't mean he's not a gentleman. He anticipates that Alison will probably resist the new life he plans for her. That's why he wants Elizabeth to help her daughter. Elizabeth refuses to do any such thing. She wants to go get Rafe right now. Joshua tells her that it's too late. He expects her to ease Alison into her new lifestyle as his wife. As they talk, Kevin observes Elizabeth and decides to get out his sketchpad. Elizabeth vows to stop Joshua from ruining her daughter's life. She'll kill him! When Joshua asks how she plans to accomplish that, she tells him never to underestimate a mother's determination. Joshua applies the same logic to a vampire. He's trying to be nice to her. After all, his eyes aren't red. He's simply giving her the opportunity to help her daughter. It won't be a simple transition for Alison. However, he can see that Elizabeth isn't prepared to be a supportive mother of the bride. Elizabeth reminds him that Alison loves Rafe. She demands to know why he chose Alison, because it doesn't make any sense. "Because I can," Joshua replies.

At the airport, Alison and Rafe check in for Flight 1512. Alison frets about leaving their friends and relatives, but Rafe points out that they really don't have a choice. Although she thinks this is a little extreme, Rafe just wants to keep her safe. Rafe puts a protective arm around Alison. He dreams or envisions Alison as a vampire bride, and he can't get to her. "No," he vows. Alison opens her eyes and asks what's wrong. Rafe tells her that it's all right. He's going to keep her safe.

Caleb carries Olivia to bed, assuring her that it will be okay. He tells her to just let go. He'll teach her how to stop herself from biting him. Olivia is afraid, but Caleb urges her to trust him. While making love, Caleb talks her through her desire to feed on him. Her fangs come out, but with his help, she fights the urge. Afterward, Olivia marvels at how she managed to fight the feeling this time. Caleb says that she just needs to trust herself. In his opinion, it was definitely worth the risk. Olivia wishes she could get past this whole nightmare of having to worry every time they make love. Caleb will never stop wanting to feel her teeth tear into his flesh and make him his true self again. He promises that they will have it all again. Joshua would never create a poison without an antidote, and Caleb has a plan.

Frank can feel that he is getting close to the slayer. Rafe won't be able to protect Alison much longer. Sensing something, Rafe tells Alison to get her things so they can go. "What? Why?" she asks before acting. They get in line to board their flight. Rafe doesn't think that Frank sees them yet, but he wants to keep moving.

Elizabeth tells Joshua that he'll have to do better than that. Joshua doesn't see anything wrong with his reason. Alison will make the perfect bride. She's beautiful, determined, and strong. She'll find a way to love him. She has a certain innocence that he looks forward to nurturing and molding. It doesn't hurt that she's the slayer's intended, as well as a respectable Barrington. Elizabeth offers herself as a Barrington, but Joshua scoffs. It certainly wouldn't be a fair trade. "Respectable" isn't what comes to mind when people think of her. Instead, she is a selfish, thoughtless, gold-digging hypocrite. Alison will have all the money and power she could ever want. If Elizabeth helps her daughter as he asked, she can share in this. Otherwise, she'll be left to fend for herself.

Frank sees his prey in line. He grabs Alison's arm, but when she turns around, she isn't Alison after all. Lucy is disguised as her friend, and Ian is dressed like Rafe. They advise Frank to tell his boss that this mission didn't work. Swearing that they'll both pay, Frank rushes out. Lucy hugs Ian, pleased that it worked.

Kevin finishes his sketch of Elizabeth. In his estimation, it's not his best, but it's not bad. It's almost perfect. Joshua insists on an answer, eventually guessing it from Elizabeth's silence. He tells her that she made the right decision, but he orders her to say it. "Damn you," she says. "Well, that's the good news," Joshua replies. She's always so kind. She always meets his lowest expectation. When she doesn't care to celebrate, Joshua points out that he'll toast himself. Everything is falling into place. Soon he'll have his blushing bride, with her mother at her side on their wedding day.

Alison and Rafe arrive at Caleb's old hideout in the catacombs. Alison thinks it's creepy, but Rafe is confident that nobody will find them there. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

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