PC Update Friday 5/2/03


Port Charles Update Friday 5/2/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Frank tries to talk to Karen, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. He wants her to understand. All she understands is that he sold his soul for a real estate deal. Frank informs her that Joshua has vision and big plans for Port Charles, and things are going to improve. Karen tells him that if he really believes that, then she doesn't know him at all. Frank insists that he's still the man who loves her. "Only now when you say that you love me forever, there's a whole new spin on it," Karen says bitterly. When Frank says that they can still have a life together--a better life--Karen is horrified, thinking that he plans to turn her into a vampire. Frank tells Karen not to look at him as if he's some kind of animal. He would never turn her unless she asked him to. Karen can't believe he could think she would want that. She tries to leave, but he stops her, angry that she's walking out on him again. Karen doesn't see that she has a choice, because Frank seems to be a magnet for the dark side. Frank tells her that he didn't have a choice; this just happened. Karen tells him that he has a choice now. He can either join his zombie friends or he can fight this. If he fights, she'll stay by his side and fight with him. Frank says that he doesn't need her to fight for him. All he wants is for her to be with him; she has his heart. Karen points out that he's about to lose his soul, and she doesn't understand how that can be okay with him. He's the man who went back in time for their love. He was her hero. She doesn't understand why he needs shrouds or fangs. Frank says that they make him feel stronger and better, as if he really is somebody. Karen says that he was always somebody to her. She's sorry she wasn't enough for him. She walks away sadly.

When Victor tells Joshua about the work he's already done, Joshua praises him for his good work. Victor is quite pleased. Jack approaches Joshua to ask for a job. Joshua considers this, since he could always use someone to sweep the floor and take out the garbage. That isn't what Jack has in mind. Joshua tells him to send his resume. "Here's my resume," Jack says, tossing Joshua's wallet onto the table. Joshua isn't amused. Jack is pleased with himself for managing to take Joshua's wallet right out from under his nose in spite of his heightened vampire senses. Joshua wants to know why he went to so much trouble. Does young Jack want his fangs back? Jack doesn't want that. He's been down that road before. He likes to live fast and die young. The problem is that he's been butting heads with vamps for quite some time, and it's gotten him nowhere. Since Joshua is the one who calls the shots now, Jack wants to be close to that power. Joshua isn't impressed with Jack, whom he now thinks of as a common criminal that he could easily dispose of. Jack is confident that he won't do that. He could be useful, and Joshua wouldn't throw away anything that he could use. Joshua isn't sure that he can trust Jack. Jack points out that he could have flaunted his little trick in front of Joshua's boys, but he didn't. He believes that Joshua will hire him to help made Elixir a success. Joshua is going to need a mortal to help run the club. Joshua agrees to give him a chance, but he warns him not to make even one false move. He points out that his wallet is empty. Jack tells him to consider it a signing bonus. He'll start work in the morning. Jack goes outside and shows Reese the keys, which she grabs. She tells him to come get them. Jack proudly informs her that he's the new manager of the Elixir. Frank comes tells Joshua what happened with Karen, but Joshua isn't interested in Frank's personal problems. He has a very important job for Frank.

Alison is still thinking about Joshua's plans for her, but Rafe tells her again that they don't know for certain that she's the one Joshua plans to make his bride. Alison points out that once Joshua got hold of the ring, Livvie was defenseless. If he had wanted to make her his bride, there was nothing to stop him. Rafe realizes that she's right. He announces they're going to leave Port Charles tonight so that Joshua won't be able to find her. Rafe grabs some suitcases from the closet, ready to go. Alison feels obligated to stay and help the town, but Rafe insists that they get out of there. He won't take any chances that Joshua will get his hands on her. When Alison asks about Lucy, Rafe says that his cousin is a survivor, besides the fact that she has Ian to help her. Alison mentions her mother and grandmother. She tells Rafe that he's the only chance anyone has. Right now, Rafe is only worried about her. When she refuses to leave, Rafe threatens to pick her up and carry her out. He asks her to trust him and to trust that he has a plan. Alison does trust him, but she wants to know what the plan is, and she wants to know before they leave. Knowing it's pointless to argue, Rafe tells her about his plan.

Caleb asks Olivia for an explanation as to why she can't bite him. She thinks she's ruined everything. If she bites him, it will kill him. Caleb doesn't know what she's talking about. Olivia explains tearfully that Joshua gave her some blood, but after she drank it, he laughed and told her that there was something in the blood to poison her fangs. Anyone she bites will die. She doesn't know for certain that he was telling the truth, but it seems like something he would do. Caleb thinks that Joshua was just trying to scare her. They won't let this keep them from being together. Joshua is counting on her fear. Caleb asks her to give him what he needs. She bares her fangs, ready to grant his wish.

Casey sits on a park bench talking to the boss, who isn't answering. She's stumped. Things are getting very complicated, and she's not sure whom she's supposed to be guarding. She can't figure out whether it's Lucy or Ricky. She knows that there's a reason for her being in Port Charles, but she really would like some answers. "Who am I supposed to save?" she asks. "Maybe you're supposed to save the whole damn town," Jamal says, startling her. Casey tells him not to sneak up on her like that. Jamal thought it was safe since she was talking to God. Casey informs him that angels at her rank don't get to talk to God. She hasn't received any answers, but she can't save the whole town. Guardians work on a one-on-one basis. She's still trying to figure out who her "one" is. She's afraid that she's going to mess everything up and then get hauled back upstairs. Jamal doesn't think she understands how special she really is. Casey takes this as a come-on, but Jamal insists that he wasn't. What he meant was that she is here, which means that the good guys haven't given up yet. There's still hope. Casey admits that she never thought of it that way. She gives him a little kiss for being so special himself.

Alison agrees to go along with Rafe's plan if it's the only way. Rafe admits that he's been trying to think of another way but hasn't had any luck. He'll understand if she wants to back out of this. Alison says that they're in this together, but there's one thing that freaks her out about it. "Do we have to go there, of all places?" she asks. Rafe tells her that it's the last place any of Joshua's evil crew would look.

To Caleb's chagrin, Olivia pulls away, convinced that biting Caleb would kill him. She hopes that Joshua is lying, but Caleb's life is too precious to gamble with. Caleb thinks he might as well he dead. He can't stand being ordinary and feeling helpless. He can't go on this way for much longer. They have to settle this. Hearing a noise, Caleb looks and sees just what they need--a "volunteer." Olivia warns that it's too dangerous. Caleb calls out to his former employee, who states that he doesn't take orders from Caleb anymore. Caleb grabs him and holds his head still for Olivia to test out what Joshua told her. Seeing no other way, Olivia sinks her fangs into the man's neck. Her victim seems all right at first, but then he dies. Olivia is devastated by the knowledge that she's poison to the man she loves.

Joshua is pleased with what he's accomplished today. Victor is ready to go home, but he hates to leave Joshua there all alone. Joshua informs him that he won't be alone for long. He sits down with a glass of champagne. "Well. I've got my kingdom. All I need now is my queen. Here's to you, Alison, my future, lovely bride."

Rafe tries to hurry Alison out the door. They're both wearing hats to try to disguise their identities. Alison wants to leave a note, because Amanda and Jamal will probably worry. In Rafe's opinion, her safety is all that matters. They leave. Lurking in the hall, Frank calls Joshua to report that they're on the move.

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