PC Update Thursday 5/1/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

At the party, Victor calls for a toast to Joshua. Hearing that he is the Recovery Room's new owner, Jamal and Casey exchange a worried look. Elizabeth also looks worried. Chris is surprised, but he has no reason to suspect that anything is wrong. Ian and Lucy are angry, while Jack and Reese stand back and take it all in. Victor describes Joshua as a man of drive and vision. As most of the crowd cheers and applauds, Jamal brings out a cake. Joshua rotates the top of his ring. This activates a symbol on the hand of every one of his recruits. There are many. As Joshua announces his plans for the bar, Lucy asks Ian about the marks on people's hands. Ian explains that it's the mark of the vampire; Joshua has branded his recruits. Lucy can't believe there are so many of them. She has to get Victor away from them. Ian informs her that it's too late. Lucy is devastated to see the mark on Victor's hand. Victor wants to talk to Joshua about his plans to restore the downtown area. Lucy asks to speak to Victor alone. Victor is willing, but Joshua states that anything she has to say to Victor can be said in front of him. Ian tells him to back off. Frank comes up and asks Ian to talk outside. Ian reminds Frank about what happened the last time, when Frank didn't exactly come out on top. Ian is ready to fight them all if necessary. Joshua points out that he's only one noble vampire against Joshua's many recruits. Lucy doesn't see it that way. There are many good people in Port Charles. Joshua informs her that things have shifted. She's outnumbered. She's the one who doesn't belong here anymore. Ian states again that Lucy would like to speak to Victor. Joshua advises him not to push it. Victor apologetically goes along with Joshua. Lucy wants to know why he turned Victor. Joshua claims that it was Victor's choice to be immortal. Trying again, Lucy asks Victor to talk to her outside, and Victor tells Joshua that he would like that very much. Joshua consents. Lucy takes Victor's hand and leads him out of the pub. Mary briefly joins Ian, Frank, and Joshua.

Jamal can't figure out why Joshua wants to run a bar. Casey is convinced that he has much more in mind. When Ricky scoffs at their concern, Casey points out that he's sinking in a sea of vampires. Jack doesn't think that's any of their business. They have to let the good guys fight the bad guys. Reese comments that sides must be chosen. She can't believe Joshua pulled it off. She regrets not being nicer to Joshua when he was a nobody. Jack asks whether she's dying to become a vampire again. Reese doesn't think he understands, but he does. "I need to school you on how to work this without growing fangs," Jack informs her. Reese doesn't see why she should take Jack's advice, since he hated being a vampire. Jack tells her to wise up and play both sides of the fence. That's what he's going to do. She wants him to prove it. Meanwhile, Ricky asks whether they'll really have to choose sides. Jamal has no doubt that Ricky will pick the side that bites. Ricky informs him that he'll be on the winning side, whichever one that turns out to be. Disgusted with everything, Jamal wants to take Casey out of there, but she's not ready. In her opinion, this is like a puzzle with one very important piece missing.

Alison is horrified by the painting. It's like a vision of hell. Caleb tells her that it's Port Charles the way Joshua intends it to be. Rafe is determined to stop it, but Caleb points out that the destruction seems to have already begun. Rafe wants to know Joshua's weaknesses. He figures that Caleb should know, since Joshua worked for him. Caleb thinks that Rafe might want to sit this one out. "Or move," Olivia adds. Caleb is confident that with Olivia's help, he won't be mortal for long, and then he'll crush that little worm. Olivia tells him that it might not be that easy. Caleb isn't worried as long as they have the ring. He looks down and notices that it no longer hangs from the chain around Olivia's neck. She tells him that it's gone. Their protection against Joshua is gone. Livvie explains how Joshua used her father to steal the ring. Alison assumes that Kevin has been turned, but Livvie thinks that "drugged" is a more accurate description. Caleb is confident that they can get the ring back. Rafe would like to know how he intends to get close enough to Joshua to do that. "Why would I tell you? Hmm? You spend so much time chasing me with torches and stakes. You know what? In a lot of ways, this town got exactly what it deserves," Caleb says. Alison confronts for implying that destroying the town is a good thing. Caleb says that when he becomes a vampire again, he will clean up this "little Joshua mess." Rafe disagrees. Staying human is the only way to destroy Joshua now. Caleb thinks Rafe must be out of his mind. Rafe points out that if Caleb is turned back into a vampire, he'll be under Joshua's control. He has to stay human. Caleb won't even consider it. He wants to be alone with Olivia now. After telling Livvie to remember what he told her, Rafe takes Alison home. Now alone, Caleb and Olivia share a sweet kiss. Caleb asks her to turn him, but Olivia says that Rafe may be right. Maybe keeping Caleb human is the only way to keep him safe.

"What's the matter with you? A sweet man like Victor, and you have to turn him? What's next? Children?" Ian demands to know. "Now there's an idea," Joshua states, baiting him. Ian is ready to attack, but Joshua holds up the ring, pointing out that no vampire can hurt him as long as he wears it. Ian vows to find a way. Joshua doesn't think so. He knows that Ian is tough and resilient. Ian has also bent the rules in his time. He's Joshua's idea of a vampire. Joshua wants Ian to join him, because Ian certainly can't beat him. Ian has no intention of joining Joshua's little circle. Joshua points out that Ian doesn't exactly belong with the mortals. Ian doesn't care. He rejects Joshua and everything he stands for. Joshua thinks that his resolve will last only until the hunger catches up with him. At that point, he'll have no choice. Ian vows never to be like Joshua. In fact, he will put a stake through Joshua's heart. Joshua asks whether it's ever occurred to Ian that the most heroic thing he can ever do, and the best way to keep his loved ones safe, is to accept his offer.

Karen confronts Frank about his recent behavior and suddenly realizes that he's a vampire. She berates herself for not seeing this coming. Frank insists that he's still himself, only better. There's a benefit to being this way. Karen doesn't want to hear it. She orders him to stay away from her.

Lucy tries to talk some sense into Victor. She can't lose him. Victor assures her that it will be all right. He needn't become a monster just because he's a vampire. Lucy tells him to fight this the way Ian does. Victor points out that he needs this power so that he can do all sorts of good things. He has a lot to contribute, but now that he's older, people have stopped listening. Maybe this is his chance to get people to listen to him again. Lucy tells him that she believes in him, but that's not good enough for Victor. Thanks to Joshua, he has an important position in town. Lucy tells him that Joshua is evil. Joshua comes out and takes Victor back inside. Ian joins Lucy, who is crying. She wants him to tell her that they're not losing this fight.

At the apartment, Alison thinks about Joshua's plan for her. After cleaning up a bit, Rafe joins her and promises not to let anything happen to her. He tells her that they don't even know for certain that she is Joshua's intended queen, but Alison does know.

Back inside, Joshua reminds Victor that Lucy is a vampire slayer. Therefore, she's his enemy now. Joshua is the only friend Victor needs. Jamal tells Casey that he really has a bad vibe now. He wants to take her and get out of there immediately. Casey still thinks there's an important reason why everything is going down this way. She doesn't like Ricky's attitude. He could be somebody, but he's throwing it all away. She can't just stop being his guardian angel, because it's not her call. She still has to watch his back. Jamal points out that he doesn't have to do that anymore. Jack presents Reese with Joshua's wallet. Reese can't believe he snagged it. Jack believes that things are going to get interesting now.

Lucy admits that she promised to go to the hospital, but she needs to stick around for Victor. Ian tells her that there's nothing they can do tonight. Before they can leave, Joshua comes back outside to unveil the name of the new club. He wants them to be part of it. The sign reveals that the new name is Elixir. The "x" is the vampire symbol in the painting and on the recruits' hands.

Caleb chases Olivia outside. He can't believe that she would actually listen to Rafe. Olivia just wants to protect the man she loves. Caleb says that it's killing him to be separated from her. They're together now, and nothing can stop them. He rips the dressing off his neck and asks her to turn him. Olivia tearfully tells him that she can't do that.

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