PC Update Wednesday 4/30/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/30/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

All dressed up for the party at the Recovery Room, Lucy primps for Ian. She knows that he wants her to go to the hospital for more tests. She also knows that he can fix her, which is why she wants him to stop worrying. She promises to go to the hospital after the party.

Ricky arrives at the Recovery Room, where a crowd is gathering for the party. Reese thanks Jack for inviting her but points out that it isn't really her kind of scene. Jack wants her to give it a chance, because he suspects that things will get interesting. Casey and Jamal arrive. Mary and Karen talk about all the changes. Mary is very excited about everything that's happening. Outside, Frank makes sure that Victor is all right. Victor thinks so, but he's not sure what happened. Frank tells him that he's been given an amazing gift. He now has eternal life and power. Everyone will look up to Victor. He is the man who will finally get things done around Port Charles. Victor admits that he does have some ideas. He marvels at how good he feels now--even better than when he was Frank's age. He has some questions, but Frank puts them off until later. This is party time, and Victor needs to greet his public. They go inside. The crowd cheers and applauds the guest of honor, who goes to his wife, dips her, and asks her to dance. He's full of energy. A guest orders a scotch from Jack, who is tending bar. Reese comes onto the man, who is clearly not interested. When Jack asks Reese what she was doing, she tells him that it was nothing. Meanwhile, Ricky tells Casey and Jamal that VH1 called him about the music special, and it's still on. Casey warns him to be careful about going against Joshua. Ricky grabs her hand and leads her to the dance floor. Elizabeth comes in and runs into Chris, whose attention is on his cell phone. Chris puts the phone away to talk to Elizabeth, who has never seen so many people at the pub before. Chris explains that it's a private party but that all beautiful women are always welcome. He gets two glasses of champagne and hands one to Elizabeth, who frowns when she sees Frank across the room. Karen notices and asks Frank why Alison's mother is staring at him. Frank assures her that there's no reason to be jealous, because she's the only one for him. Karen is glad to hear that, because she would like the two of them to buy a cute little house she saw for sale. Frank is agreeable until he learns that it's on the riverside. He refuses, telling her that they can buy a house anywhere but there.

After being freed, Caleb makes his way outside the warehouse where Rafe's apartment and future gym are located. Alison follows him, unwilling to let him go back to the villa by himself. Caleb argues, but Alison persists. She doesn't know where Rafe is, and Caleb is obviously in no shape to play hero alone. Caleb finally gives in, but Alison isn't ready to go yet. She wants to know about his plan. Caleb says that he won't underestimate Joshua this time. Alison doesn't think that's much of a plan. Caleb adds that if something happens and it comes down to saving her or Olivia, he's saving Olivia first. In spite of this, Alison still insists on going with him.

Joshua gives Livvie the glass and tells her to drink up. He doesn't know why she still doesn't trust him. She's a brave and beautiful woman, and he has nothing but respect for her as a fellow vampire. He urges her to drink her fill of the red liquid. After she drinks it all, Joshua informs her that there is one small catch. Livvie asks him what the catch is. After saying that he really shouldn't tell her, he whispers the catch in her ear. Livvie drops the glass and accuses him of lying. Joshua tells her that she'll have to try it out for herself. Her vampire nature showing, Livvie threatens to kill him. She lunges, but the ring works in his favor. Joshua leaves, telling her that he has a function to attend. In shock, Livvie sits down on the steps and cries out for Caleb.

Caleb and Alison arrive at the villa. Alison is surprised that Caleb is so familiar with it, but he informs her that it was his, and it will be his again. He knows a secret entrance around back. Rafe suddenly startles them both by touching Caleb's shoulder and wielding a stake at him. "You!" Rafe exclaims in surprise. "What is with the stake?" Caleb wants to know. Rafe, who looks terrible, points out that they're not supposed to be there. When Alison says that she never heard from him, Rafe explains that he had to lay low and let Joshua think that his trap worked. He knows he looks bad, but it's not as bad as Joshua wanted it to be. Caleb tells Rafe to take his little girlfriend home and let him take it from here. When Rafe reminds him that he's the slayer, Caleb tells him to look in the mirror. He knows his way around the villa better than anyone. He and Rafe argue, and Alison tells them to stop it. This isn't the time or place. Rafe tells Caleb to lead the way and try not to get them killed.

Frank covers by saying that he has a feeling that property values along the river will be going down. He excuses himself to get something for her to eat. Chris dances with Elizabeth and asked why they haven't been properly introduced. Elizabeth fills him in on her life since returning to town, and Chris comments that she sounds like his kind of woman. Behind the bar, Victor is juggling three oranges. Ricky puts the moves on Casey, who isn't interested right now. When Ricky asks whether it has to do with Jamal, Casey walks away in disgust. Jamal asks her what's wrong, and she's having a hard time making sense of everything. Jamal advises her to go with her instincts. Lucy and Ian arrive, and Lucy gives Victor a big hug. When she asks who bought the bar, he claims not to know, then walks away. Lucy and Ian both think that was even stranger than Victor's usual behavior. Ian points Frank out to Lucy, who can't believe he's actually there. They decide to leave, but before they can get out the door, Joshua comes in. He greets them, but they don't think there's any way that Victor invited him. Mary's chumminess with Joshua proves them wrong. She introduces him as the new owner of the Recovery Room, then takes him around for more introductions. Victor toasts Joshua, a man of drive and vision. Casey thinks she's seen everything, but Jamal warns her not to say that--especially in Port Charles. Elizabeth wonders what Joshua is up to now. Victor asks him to make a speech.

Caleb and the others find Livvie staring at the painting. Olivia and Caleb embrace, and she says that her father painted this for Joshua. Everyone is stunned by the painting, which Alison describes as the most twisted thing she has ever seen. Rafe says that it's not just a painting; it's a prophecy. Alison says that this is definitely a painting of Port Charles. She recognizes the church. Rafe points out that there's a strange symbol on the church. Alison realizes that the hospital is also in the painting but instead of taking people inside, corpses are being carted out. The police department is now the Office of Enforcement. Rafe thinks that the man in the church could be Joshua, which really frightens Alison, because the woman in the wedding gown could be her. Caleb states that every king needs a queen to help him reign. Joshua intends to turn Port Charles into his own personal vampire nation.

After Joshua's speech, Jamal brings out a cake. Joshua turns the ring, which activates a symbol on the back of each vampire's hand. It's the same symbol that is on the church in the painting.

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