PC Update Tuesday 4/29/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/29/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Just outside Lucy's front door, Ian is on the phone with Chris. He realizes that Chris already ran the tests twice and came up with nothing, but he's asking him to run them again. He wants to know what the toxins are. In the house, Lucy sits sadly on the floor by the trash can, where she found an empty bag of blood. Hearing Ian at the door, she gets up and wipes her face with her hands. Ian comes inside and admits that he forgot to bring the chocolate he promised. He asks Lucy whether she got any rest, but she had too much on her mind for that. Ian doesn't want her to think about anything now. He just wants her to take it easy. Lucy tells him that it doesn't work that way. They're supposed to take care of each other. She kisses him and asks him to make love to her.

As Rafe waits for Joshua's list of potential vampires to be decoded, the computer screen suddenly issues a personal message: BYE-BYE, SLAYER! Realizing he's in trouble, he rushes to get out of the secret room. The blast throws him into the next room and knocks him unconscious.

Caleb continues his efforts to persuade Alison to release him. Alison wants to wait until Rafe gets back, but Caleb tells her that Joshua is starving Livvie. Alison says that Rafe is working on a plan to get her out of the dungeon. Caleb knows that Rafe is going after Joshua first in order to save the woman he loves. He asks Alison to let him do the same. Alison says apologetically that she can't do that. "We both know you could, if you thought Olivia was worth saving," Caleb points out. Alison denies that this has anything to do with her feelings for Livvie. Caleb blames himself for the things Livvie did to her. He took away the person Alison knew, but he's trying to bring her back now. Alison doesn't want Livvie to turn him back into a vampire. Caleb tells her that she'll have to live with what happens to Livvie if she doesn't let him go. She does have the ring, but it can't protect her fully from what Joshua could do to her. Alison struggles to make a decision as Caleb looks at her soulfully. She reaches under the bed, pulls out a tool, and prepares to cut the handcuffs. A knock at the door stops her. It's her mother. Elizabeth continues knocking and calling out to Alison. She knows that her daughter is home. Alison is torn between letting her in and listening to Caleb, who quietly asks her to ignore her mother. To Caleb's disgust, Alison replaces the tool and promises to get rid of her. She steps out into the hall to greet her mother. Elizabeth tells her how worried she was until Lucy let her know that Alison was safe. She thought that she would never see her again. Trying to get rid of her, Alison claims to have made a pact with herself. She says that she promised to take better care of herself, get more rest, and take more time for herself. Elizabeth is ready to start now by making some chicken soup for her. She barges into the apartment and sees Caleb glaring at her.

One of Joshua's goons drags Livvie out to the patio, where Joshua is relaxing. Livvie sits down, the pain almost unbearable. She vows to never give him the ring. She would rather die than give him what he wants. Besides, if she gives it to him, he'll kill her anyway. Joshua gives his word as a gentleman that he wouldn't kill her. Livvie scoffs at the idea of Joshua as a gentleman. Joshua maintains that he is one under most circumstances, but she's been uncooperative. She could make all her pain go away by giving him the ring. Livvie has no intention of giving up the ring. Caleb told her to keep it, and that's what she's going to do. Livvie knows that Caleb will come back for her, and when he does, he'll kill Joshua for what he's done to her. Joshua tells her that Caleb can't do that if he's dead. He's only a man, after all. When Livvie insists that Caleb isn't dead, Joshua suggests that a mortally wounded Caleb is calling out repeatedly for his Olivia. She can go find him if she'll just hand over the ring. Livvie doesn't believe him. Joshua asks what he has to do to gain her trust. Perhaps another goodwill gesture will work. Livvie isn't interested in what he has to offer until Kevin joins them. Livvie rushes into her father's arms.

While making out on the couch, Ian informs Lucy that he has to tell her something. "It's true, isn't it?" Lucy asks, knowing the answer. She's not able to help him anymore. With tears in her eyes, she tells him not to lie to her. Showing him what she found in the trash, she asks why he pretended that she was still able to help him. Ian admits that he didn't know how to tell her. Lucy wants him to be honest, because they can't get through this unless they're honest with each other. Ian knows that, and he's sorry. He doesn't want her to worry about him, but Lucy says that's like asking her not to breathe. Ian wants to hold her. Lucy pulls away, telling him that she will fight this and get her slayer powers back. Seeing the grave look on Ian's face, she asks why he's looking at her that way. Ian informs her that this isn't just about losing her slayer powers. There's something wrong with her. Lucy denies being sick. After all, the tests didn't show anything too terrible. Ian states that there is some kind of toxin in her system, and it's depleting her red blood cells. He explains that when the first tests were run, it hadn't absorbed into her bloodstream yet. Ian suspects that the hot spring might be the source of the toxin. Lucy puts on a brave front. She knows that he can fix this. Wanting desperately to believe that, Ian assures her that it's just a matter of time. It's not a problem. Lucy settles back into his arms, the fear evident on both their faces.

Taking advantage of Caleb's predicament, Elizabeth tells him off for deceiving and abandoning her at the hospital. Tired of her egocentric attitude, Caleb lets her have it. "It's always about you, isn't it?" he berates her. He tells her that Alison barely got out of that cell with her life, and all her mother can talk about is her own feelings--and all this after Joshua dressed Alison up and forced her to spend time with him. Shocked, Elizabeth asks Alison what happened. "Oh, like you give a damn," Caleb asserts. Indignant, Elizabeth doesn't appreciate his insinuation that she doesn't love her daughter. She offered to sacrifice herself for Alison after they found the wedding rings. Caleb is more worried than ever. He wants to know how Elizabeth knows that the rings are for Alison. Elizabeth claims that a mother just knows. Caleb isn't convinced. He wants her out of there now. Alison agrees. She pushes her mother out the door. Elizabeth is insulted by this treatment, considering the personal sacrifice she was willing to make. Alison promises to tell her everything later. She closes the door and tries to figure out what to do. Caleb tells her to get him out of there so that he can help Olivia. They have no idea what Joshua is doing to her. Alison gets the tool back out from under the bed and cuts him loose. Caleb gets up and stumbles out the door. Alison worries about what she just did. She wonders what's keeping Rafe.

At Joshua's hideout, Rafe is no longer lying in the floor. Instead, a trail of blood leads out the door.

Livvie begs Kevin to help her, but he's oblivious to her fear, commenting that she looks very well under the circumstances. He promises that everything will be just fine. Livvie tries to make him understand that Joshua is starving her, but it's no use. She demands to know what Joshua did to her father. Joshua says that he gave him something to make him more cooperative. Kevin starts telling her about the amazing piece of art he's working on. This is the first break he's taken in hours. Livvie wants to kill Joshua for what he's done to her father. Ostensibly trying to comfort her, Kevin tricks her and breaks the chain holding the ring. He gives the ring to Joshua, who places it on his own finger. "No," Livvie says softly. In Joshua's opinion, the ring is finally where it was always meant to be. "Daddy, what have you done?" Livvie cries. Kevin tells her that it will be fine now. Joshua tells him to get back to him painting, and the cooperative Kevin thinks that's a good idea. Livvie begs him to stay, because Joshua is going to kill her, but it's no use. Kevin does what Joshua told him to do. Joshua tells Livvie that since he now has the ring, he is willing to let her feed. He has a glass for her. She doesn't have to starve. Livvie looks at him pitifully.

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