PC Update Monday 4/28/03

Port Charles Update Monday 4/28/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

From the desk in his secret room, Joshua talks on the phone with Frank, who is watching Victor through the Recovery Room window. Frank assures his boss that Victor doesn't suspect anything. He knows this because he and his stepfather are very close. Joshua warns Frank not to disappoint him; he's never taken disappointment well. Hanging up, Joshua feels confident that everything is working out perfectly. The camera pans to the photos of Alison and Livvie.

Mary assures a nervous Victor that he and his tie are both wonderful. She knows that everything will go very well for her husband, who has been approved as the city's new building commissioner. Mary is very excited for her "big hotshot." Frank comes in to congratulate Victor, whom he offers a ride to work on his first day. Victor appreciates the offer, but he turns it down. To his surprise, Frank insists. Frank immediately admits that it was a poor choice of words. He just wants to say that he's sorry for being such a flake. He hopes that Victor will take this as an apology. Mary assures her son that Victor will do that. Besides, Frank is the one who found the buyer for the Recovery Room. Victor admits that Frank really came through for them when it counted. Taking Frank up on his offer for a ride, he heads out for his first day at his new job.

Alison and Rafe step outside the apartment to speak privately. Despite their problems with Livvie, Alison still doesn't think it's right to leave her with that monster. Distracted, Rafe tells her that he's working on a way to get Livvie out of the dungeon. Until then, the ring will protect her from Joshua. Alison asks Rafe what he's looking at. He tells her that it's a list that Ian found on Joshua's computer. He explains that although most of it is still in code, Frank's name is at the top of the list. As soon as Frank's name was decoded, Frank was turned into a vampire, which leads Rafe to believe that this is a list of Joshua's potential recruits. Rafe and Alison agree that he should try to decode the rest of the list and find out what's going on. The sooner he finds out, the closer they'll be to stopping Joshua. Alison tells him that she'll keep an eye on Caleb while he's gone. Rafe doesn't think that will take much, since Ian gave Caleb some strong painkillers. He wants Alison to call him if Caleb so much as blinks, and she agrees.

Livvie lies on the mattress in her cell, crying and perspiring from the pain. She longs for Caleb to come back and help her. She knows that he won't abandon her. Telling herself to relax and take a deep breath, she can feel his cool hands as she begins to hallucinate his presence and his touch. When the hallucination ends, Livvie lies down again. She doesn't think she can hold out much longer.

As Rafe gets ready to leave, Caleb spits out his pill. When Alison walks back into the room, Caleb looks at her pitifully. Alison tells him that he's supposed to be sleeping. Concerned, she asks whether he's in any pain and whether there's anything she can do for him. Caleb admits that he's in pain, and he wants her to let him go. Alison tells him apologetically that she can't do that. Caleb points out that he's powerless. Alison says that while he looks powerless, that doesn't mean that he really is. Caleb asks whether she really thinks he would hurt her. Alison doesn't answer. Caleb understands now; Rafe told her not to talk to him. That's too bad, because she probably has a lot of questions for him. Alison admits that she's always wanted to ask whether he killed her father. "No," Caleb tells her. He heard that her father disappeared on his yacht, and he took advantage of that. Alison accuses him of playing with their lives simply because he could. He ruined her wedding because it was convenient. Caleb reminds Alison that she and everyone else did everything they could to destroy him. Maybe he just wanted them to feel a little bit of the same pain that he felt. Alison points out that it was Livvie who destroyed him. Caleb blames himself for that. He took her heart because he didn't trust her to be who she was, and he'll never forgive himself. Alison realizes that he really does love Livvie. She's amazed at how someone can be so cruel sometimes yet love so deeply. Caleb doesn't understand how someone like Alison, who believes that she loves deeply, can be so intent on keeping him away from the one he loves.

Mary tells Karen that she'd like to have a party to celebrate. Karen likes that idea. Joshua comes in and introduces himself as the pub's new owner. He manages to charm both of them. When he expresses a desire to toast his acquisition, Mary suggests that since she's already planning a party, they can combine the two occasions and celebrate together with a toast. Joshua thinks it's an excellent idea. Mary gets out two glasses, as well as a bottle of water for Karen. Joshua asks what they're celebrating. "As we speak, my husband is closing a deal that will utterly change his life," Mary states proudly.

Victor is still worried about his attire, but Frank assures him that he was made for this job. Frank knocks on an office door, and Councilman Hayden greets them. The politician states that he's been looking forward to this meeting with a passion. "We've all been looking forward to this meeting with a passion," Frank points out. He hisses at a shocked Victor.

Caleb says that Alison and Rafe have this great love but refuse to see that he and Olivia have the same thing. If Alison did admit it to herself, she would never be able to hold him here against his will. Alison says that she can't let him go. Caleb points out that it's hard for her to look at him when she knows that he's telling the truth. He begs her not to do this to him. He yells and thrashes around. Alison tells him to relax, because he's going to hurt himself. He doesn't care. He would kill himself to be with Olivia. He'll kill himself if he can't be with her. Doesn't Alison understand that? "Olivia!" he cries out. Alison warns that he's losing a lot of blood. Caleb tells her to leave him to die. Alison wants him to relax. "Look at me!" Caleb orders. He and Olivia need each other. Alison asks him not to put her in this position. Caleb says that he and Olivia aren't whole if they aren't together. They hunger for each other. He knows that Alison knows how that feels. He begs her not to keep them apart. Caleb struggles against the cuffs as Alison changes the dressing on his wound. Olivia needs him. He feels it. Alison tells him to save his strength. As long as Livvie has the ring, Joshua can't hurt her. Caleb points out that Joshua can starve her to death. In his opinion, Alison is helping Joshua destroy both of them. He reminds Alison that he opened up to her and answered her questions. He thinks it was just a test to see whether the "monster" had any feelings. Alison denies this. She knows that Caleb has feelings. She just wants to wait for Rafe. Caleb says this can't wait. He asks Alison what her heart is telling her. If she'll trust herself, she'll know what she has to do.

Joshua steps away to answer his cell phone. When Frank informs him that the job is done, Joshua says that he will be in touch. He returns to the bar, where he, Mary, and Karen make a toast to good fortune.

Frank looks at his stepfather, who now has bite marks on his neck. He believes that Victor will thank him for this when he wakes up.

Rafe lets himself into Joshua's secret room and sits down at the computer. He manages to bring up Joshua's list, which he believes he can decode. Inserting a disk, he is confident that in just a few minutes, he'll know every name on the list. He'll be able to get to them before Joshua does. Rafe works on the code, thinking that he'll have it in a few more seconds. Suddenly, a message just for him appears onscreen: BYE-BYE, SLAYER! Startled, Rafe flees the secret room just before it blows up.

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