PC Update Friday 4/25/03


Port Charles Update Friday 4/25/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack and Reese arrive at the rehearsal hall for the meeting about the VH1 special. Although Reese's outfit is extremely toned down from her usual style, Ricky still doesn't see it as particularly boring. He reminds everyone to play up the vampire angle to keep VH1 interested. To Caz's delight, Casey comes in with coffee and donuts. Jamal asks Casey to forget about the kiss they shared. He doesn't want her to think it was more than it was, because he's not trying to put the moves on her. Casey says that it never even crossed her mind. Jealous, Ricky watches them joke around and flirt with each other. Casey suddenly sees the headline from today's paper: LUCY COE KILLED. She grabs the paper, trying to make Jamal see the headline, but it actually doesn't mention Lucy at all. She rushes out, taking the paper with her. Ricky asks Jamal what's going on between him and Casey. Jamal claims that they're just hanging out together. He reminds the drummer that he chose music over Casey. Jamal thinks that maybe now she just wants to hang out with someone who isn't caught up in being a wannabe rock star, wannabe vampire, or wannabe anything. Ricky thinks that Jamal sounds jealous. Jamal thinks the same thing about Ricky.

While Lucy sleeps, Ian pricks her finger to get a blood sample. Lucy wakes up, startled. She assumes that she was having a nightmare. Ian tells her that he's going to the hospital to check on an old patient who's been readmitted. He asks how Lucy is feeling, and she claims to be all right. She thinks that Rafe may be right about the hot spring taking away her slayer powers. She lived most of her life without knowing about them, so she'll be all right if she does lose them--as long as she doesn't lose the magic that helps Ian. As they kiss, there's a knock at the door. It's a very worried Casey. Ian lets her in, and she's immediately impressed by Lucy's house. Ian leaves for the hospital, promising to bring back lots of chocolate. Lucy asks what she can do for Casey, who pretends to have been looking for an apartment. As weird as it sounds, she thought Lucy might be able to help. Lucy admits that it does sound weird, but that's okay. She tells Casey that she knows about angels. Casey is confused. Lucy explains that she knows that they exist and that they're in town. She's so glad Casey is here. Casey is welcome in her home anytime. Casey thanks Lucy, who asks whether she's really looking for an apartment. Casey says that she can't afford much, and Lucy understands. Casey asks whether Lucy is really feeling all right. Lucy is suspicious, but Casey says that Ian sounded concerned. Lucy insists that she's fine. "That's a big fat lie. You are so dead," Casey says, instantly regretting her words.

Joshua takes a look at Kevin's latest painting, but Kevin puts the cover back over his work in progress. Joshua knew that Kevin was talented, but he honestly had no idea he was this good. Kevin wants to know what's on his visitor's mind. Joshua thinks that Kevin is a unique man to have invited him into his home with the full knowledge of what he is. "When you've been where I have, you make fear your friend," Kevin tells him. He goes on to tell Joshua that he knows what he did to Frank. He also knows that Joshua made the offer on the Recovery Room. Kevin warns Joshua not to turn him, because he doesn't take orders very well. He considers their business finished. When his back is turned, Joshua jabs him in the neck with a needle. "You will take orders from me, Dr. Collins," he asserts. Kevin thinks that Joshua bit him. Joshua points out that Kevin would feel much better if he had. He informs Kevin that he didn't do anything at all to him. As if under a spell, Kevin says that he understands. Joshua assures Kevin that he would never turn him, mostly because Kevin is too pig-headed to be part of the fraternity. However, he does have a purpose for Kevin. For quite some time, he's had visions in his mind, but until now, he didn't quite understand that they could be realized. He uncovers the painting again to take another look. He wants Kevin to paint his visions so that he can constantly remind himself of his goals. He knows a great deal about art, and it's rare to find someone who can recognize and portray how beautiful the darkness of life is. "When all you see is darkness, it takes on a beauty of its own," Kevin comments. Joshua thinks that Kevin's painting is a very fine start, but what he wants will be much grander.

Ian catches Chris at the hospital and asks him to run a panel on the blood sample. Chris asks whether this one has DNA, but Ian is in no mood. The patient is experiencing faintness, dizziness, and low blood pressure, but the blood work only came back as lightly anemic. Now the symptoms are worse. The patient also has some hair loss. Chris looks very serious. He asks whether Lucy knows that Ian is running the tests. Ian never said they were for Lucy, but it was obvious to Chris.

The woman from VH1 arrives, and Ricky asks whether the band should play something for her. She would like to hear something when Stephen Clay arrives. When Ricky tells her that he won't be coming, she states that she'll come back tomorrow. Ricky tries to persuade her to stay and listen to the three of them, but she's there for the Stephen Clay Experience. Handing Ricky her card, she says to have Stephen call her. Jack informs her that she'll have a long wait, because Stephen won't be back. The woman isn't amused by this news. While Jamal heads out, Ricky takes Jack aside to find out what he's doing. Jack tells Ricky to step aside and let him handle this. Ricky looks to the others, who don't know what to say. Ricky tells Jack not to blow this. Jack introduces himself to the woman and begins talking about the rumors surrounding the band. The way he sees it, they have a group of exotic musicians who have some odd habits, such as the need to taste red liquid, sleeping during the say, and the whole garlic thing. They need to protect their frontman, almost to the point where their lives depend on it. For the longest time, no one ever saw Stephen Clay. "Got that right. Dude's a mystery," Caz chimes in. Jack figures the woman is probably wondering where Stephen Clay is. He's probably underground, in a coffin by day and hunting by night--unless somebody drove a stake through his heart. He doesn't know; he hasn't seen him. Ricky and Reese say they haven't seen him either. The woman asks where he is. In Jack's opinion, that is her story. She thinks about this for a moment. She loves it. She wants to know--off the record--what's really going on, because they all know there's no much thing as vampires. She agrees to give it a shot. She'll call to set up interviews. Joshua comes in and asks whether he's missing something. Ricky introduces him as the manager, and the woman explains that she's going with Jack's idea to use the vampire hook. Joshua states it's not Jack's place to discuss such things. Ricky tells the woman not to worry about this. Joshua informs Jack that he's back now. Jack's services are no longer required. Jack advises him to check with the band. Joshua states that he is in charge now. He wants the others to stop pushing. Jack asks whether that's a threat. "I wouldn't waste my time threatening you. I'm getting all my ducks in a row, ready for the big show," Joshua replies.

While Mozart's Requiem plays, Kevin paints.

Lucy says to wait a minute. She's not dead! She pinches her arm to prove that she's very much alive. She wants to know what Casey is talking about. She asks the angel whether she feels something. Casey tries to blow it off as a figure of speech to mean that she's lying, but Lucy doesn't believe her. She thinks that Casey is hiding something from her. Casey assures her that angels don't have access to inside information. She apologizes for scaring her friend. She just thinks that Lucy hasn't been on top of her game lately. Lucy talks about her suspicion that she's losing her powers. Casey tells her not to give up. She wants her to rest and take a lot of vitamins. Lucy says she needs to charge herself back up again somehow, which gives Casey an idea. She has spare energy. She takes Lucy's hand and transfers some of it to her. Lucy feels it immediately, and it's amazing. Casey hopes it will help Lucy find the power to fight this. Lucy asks her to stay in the guesthouse. She would love to have an angel living in her back yard. Casey promises to check and see whether it's all right with her boss. Outside, she runs into Jamal, who figured that she would be checking on Lucy. Realizing he knows too much, Casey freezes him in place, then tells him that they've been walking and that he just offered to buy her a beer. When thunder warns her about that, she changes it to a malt. No longer frozen, Jamal asks whether she would prefer chocolate or vanilla.

Lucy finds an empty bag of blood in the trash can. She realizes that Ian has been lying to her. Making love isn't helping him anymore.

Chris returns the results to Ian, who is stunned by the results. Lucy is being poisoned by her own blood.

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