PC Update Thursday 4/24/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 4/24/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Not far from the Recovery Room, Frank examines his chest wound and vows to make Ian pay for what he did. Inside the pub, Victor and Karen commiserate over Frank's behavior. Frank has missed work two days in a row, and Victor can't afford to hire anyone until business improves. Karen would like to help out, but she's already working double shifts at the hospital. Kevin comes in to order a burger. Karen notices that his relationship with Victor is still strained, but Kevin says it's been worse. His observational skills tell him that she's waiting for Frank to show up. He advises her to stop wasting her time, because she could certainly do much better than Frank Scanlon. Frank walks in, hears Kevin's criticism, and challenges him to repeat it. If Kevin has something to say, he should say it to his face. Frank abruptly decides it's not worth fighting over, especially in front of Karen. Kevin remarks that Frank seems to have already had a fight tonight. He asks about his shoulder, and Frank claims to have hurt it on the job. Kevin walks away, and Karen thanks Frank for stopping that before it got any worse. She wants to know where he's been. Frank assures her that he wasn't gambling. In fact, he gave it up. Karen is skeptical, but Frank points out that she was right. Gambling was no way to get the Recovery Room out of debt. Besides, gambling almost caused him to lose her, and nothing is worth that. For the first time in a long time, he has everything under control.

Ian pours two glasses of white wine as his mind replays what happened with Lucy. He's convinced that there's more to this than the loss of her slayer powers. Lucy joins him after her shower. She can't stop thinking about Alison. She's also worried because they don't know where Rafe is. She feels completely useless. She talks about making some phone calls, but Ian tells her to rest. Lucy can't do that while Joshua is out there. Ian doesn't want to talk about Joshua, but Lucy is still freaked out about how he almost killed her. He's much worse than Caleb ever was. He actually likes killing. The phone rings, and they both stare at it.

Joshua tells Livvie to face the fact that Caleb won't return before she starves to death. Livvie knows that Caleb would never let her starve. Joshua's comment about what will happen "if" Caleb is still alive gets her attention. She demands to know what Joshua has done to him. Joshua claims that he took off and didn't give her a second thought. Livvie knows he's lying. Joshua urges her to go see for herself. He opens the door and tells her that she's free to leave--after she gives him the ring. Livvie vows that Joshua will never have Caleb's ring and its powers. When Joshua threatens to take it from her, she tells him to try. She would like to see him fly halfway across the room. Throwing her down, Joshua tells her to have it her way. She can keep the ring and starve to death. Livvie begs him not to do this. Joshua taunts her with the idea that she's lost her one true love again. "Did you see the way he looked at the lovely Alison? I did. He was so protective of her, and we know the history he has with women," he says. Livvie doesn't want to hear this, but Joshua continues, pointing out that Caleb and Alison are both gone, whereas Livvie has been forgotten. He tells her to take all the time she needs, because she has all the time in the world--or maybe she doesn't. He touches her hair, but she pushes his hand away. She knows that Caleb will be back for her.

Despite Rafe's efforts to get Alison out of the villa, she refuses to leave Caleb there to bleed to death. She tries to stop the bleeding. She tells Rafe that he's mortal now. They can't let him die this way. Caleb tells her to forget about him. "Shh," Alison tries to calm him down, but he insists that Olivia has to be protected. Joshua will find a way to get to her. Alison begs Rafe to help. Caleb cries out for his Olivia. Alison asks Rafe to do it for her. Not happy about it, Rafe agrees. He and Alison help Caleb sit up. Caleb tells Rafe to leave him and get Olivia.

Now back at his table, Kevin asks for a drink refill when his burger arrives. Frank has some good news for Victor. He found a buyer for the bar, and the offer is five times more than what they thought the bar was worth! Victor thinks that's incredible, but Kevin points out that it doesn't make any sense. He wants to know who the buyer is. Frank says he's a developer with a lot of plans, as well as a lot of cash. Kevin still doesn't buy it. It has to be a scam. "Come on, Frank, what are you up to?" he asks. Frank insists that good things can happen, but Kevin doesn't believe that. "Not in this town. Not lately. And definitely not to you," he states. Victor doesn't know about that. Maybe things are starting to turn around for everyone. He may have another job! He received a call about it this morning. The Port Charles building commissioner left town rather unexpectedly, and Victor was offered the job. He hasn't exactly been soft-spoken about his ideas to improve the town, but he never dreamed he could actually have the job. Kevin is suspicious, since Victor has never held a post like that. Victor says that maybe they were tired of seeing him at the meetings and hearing all about what they were doing wrong. Besides, he's spent a considerable portion of his life in public service. Kevin points out that it was decades ago, and it was covert CIA, which doesn't exactly qualify him to be building commissioner. Frank tells him to back off, but Kevin reminds his father of his own advice. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. No offer like that comes without a price. Victor says that if Kevin would spend less time looking so hard for bad news, maybe his life wouldn't look so bleak. Kevin thinks that his dad is somebody's sucker. Victor doesn't let Kevin get to him. He rushes off to give Mary the good news. Karen admits that it does sound a little too good to be true. She looks at Frank's wound, puzzled. His shoulder is bruised, but she can't figure out where all the blood is coming from. Frank tells her not to worry about it.

"Find Olivia. Find Olivia," Caleb begs weakly. He is now handcuffed to Rafe's bed. Holding his hand, Alison tells him to lie still, then asks Rafe to bring her some more cool water. Caleb is worried about what Joshua will do. "Don't hurt Olivia. Don't hurt Alison," Caleb says. Alison doesn't understand why he used her name. Ian and Lucy arrive. Ian goes straight to his patient. Lucy apologizes to Alison for failing to protect her. Rafe hears her say that she feels powerless, and he wants an explanation. Lucy promises to talk about that later. She asks what happened, and Rafe and Alison fill her in on what went down at the villa. Caleb is still talking about getting to Livvie, but Ian tells him to relax. He wants the handcuff keys so that they can move Caleb to the hospital, but Rafe refuses. Alison demands to know why. Rafe has the feeling that there are other vampires, and he doesn't want to risk letting Caleb be bitten. "Or killed," Alison adds. Lucy can't imagine why Alison doesn't want anyone to kill Caleb. She's dumbfounded to see Ian using his skills to help the man. Alison understands her frustration, but she wants Lucy to understand that he's a man now, not a vampire. Ian demands the keys to the handcuffs. Lucy turns to Rafe, who claims to know how she feels. Lucy tells him that he doesn't know at all. She tells him that she seems to be losing her powers. Rafe thinks it happened when she fell into the hot spring. Lucy doesn't want to hear this. She's worried about the implications for Ian, because she helps him fight the urge to feed. Ian asks for some more water. Caleb tells him that it must be tough to be around so much blood. He knows the hunger. He knows how hard it is not to feed on fresh blood. "One bite, that's all," he points out. Rafe tells him it was a nice try, but he won't let Ian turn him back into a vampire.

Livvie writhes in pain. Joshua lies down with her, offering to take the pain away if she'll just come to her senses and give him the ring. Livvie refuses. Joshua is tired of this. He says to let him know when she changes her mind. Livvie swears that she'll never change her mind for him. "Maybe you would for somebody else," he tells her, leaving.

Ian is angry with Rafe for pulling him away from his patient. Rafe insists that Ian can't handle being around the blood, especially if Lucy really is losing her slayer powers. Ian doesn't want her to find out the extent of the loss until he can figure out what's really going on. Meanwhile, Alison strokes Caleb's hair, trying to comfort him. Lucy makes another remark to Alison about Caleb's former identity, then apologizes. She just doesn't understand how Alison could possibly want to save him. Alison doesn't know, but she thinks it was something that Livvie said. Livvie said that she just wanted to love him, and when Caleb came back to save her, he knew he didn't have any powers to fight Joshua with, but he returned for her anyway. Caleb groans, saying that Olivia needs to know he's coming back for her.

In her cell, Livvie summons Caleb with her mind. She sees a vision of him, and he promises to always be there, but the vision fades. "Always," Caleb says from Rafe's bed.

Outside the Recovery Room, Kevin mutters about his father's pipe dream. He hears a noise, and Joshua steps out to address him.

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