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Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/23/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

As Elizabeth wanders the park in a daze, not wanting to believe what she just saw, she and Gail run straight into each other. Recognizing Gail as the hospital's psychiatrist, Elizabeth asks to talk to her for a minute. Gail tries to put her off, but Elizabeth insists that it's an emergency. She informs Gail that she just saw Frank Scanlon pull a stake out of his own heart. In fact, she believes that Ian Thornhart is the one who put it there. Hearing this, Gail asks her to sit down on the park bench. Elizabeth fills Gail in on what went down at Joshua's hideaway. Gail has a look of utter disbelief on her face. When Elizabeth points out that Joshua is a bad vampire, unlike what she herself was, Gail asks whether she was one of the good ones. "Well, I don't think that you can really say that being a vampire is a good thing," Elizabeth replies. Thinking about it, she decides that she probably was one of the good ones. Gail assures her that this is all very interesting. She would like to hear more about it and even take some notes. After telling Elizabeth that she needs to check in with the hospital, she calls to request that someone to pick up her "friend" in the park. Elizabeth hears this and stops her. She can't believe that Gail wants to have her committed. She's not crazy! Gail assures her that she isn't suggesting otherwise. She just thought that Elizabeth might like to take some time off to relax. Changing her tactic, Elizabeth acts surprised that Gail believed her story about vampires, slayers, and stakes. She says that she's writing a movie. She's actually more of a writer/producer, and when she creates her characters, she prefers to use the names of people she knows. That's why she talked about Ian, Lucy, and the others. Gail takes the opportunity to leave, but she gives Elizabeth her card in case she wants to talk again. She really thinks that Elizabeth should take some time off. Elizabeth thanks her but says that she's working fulltime on this project. She turns down Gail's offer to call a cab. When Gail leaves, Elizabeth vows never to open up to some crazy shrink again.

Lucy has no idea what happened to her with Joshua. She thought she could handle him and let Ian deal with Frank, but he almost killed her. He shouldn't be able to do that. Lucy can't believe this. She lost to Joshua and Frank, and now her body feels as if it's falling apart. She's losing her powers, which means that she's useless. Ian tells her to slow down, because she's not falling apart. Lucy really wants to believe that. She asks him to make her believe it with a kiss. Ian tries valiantly.

Livvie urges Caleb to hurry up and open the door. They're both looking forward to being together again as vampires. Meanwhile, Alison takes care of Rafe, whom Caleb knocked unconscious. She doesn't understand why he did it, but Caleb points out that Rafe would have done the same to him. He keeps trying to open the lock. Alison manages to rouse Rafe and help him sit up. She warns that Livvie is going to turn Caleb, but Rafe isn't worried, because Caleb doesn't have the key. Caleb cries out in frustration at the realization that his keys didn't work. He demands to know where Rafe hid the key to Livvie's cell. Rafe boasts that he hid it well. Caleb now realizes that he never should have helped Rafe get out of his cell. He won't forget this. Livvie tells Rafe that he can't keep them apart forever. Rafe thinks he can. Livvie begs Caleb to do something. Promising to get her out of there somehow, he leaves the dungeon. Alison thinks that Rafe should go after him, but Rafe knows that he won't find the key, because he has it. Livvie tells Rafe that Caleb will be back. Rafe knows that, but he and Alison won't be there anymore. He tries to pull Alison along behind him. Livvie begs him not to leave her there. Alison actually takes her side, not comfortable with the idea of leaving her there alone. Rafe says that he will come back for her, but Livvie doesn't believe him. She tries to convince Alison that she's right. Rafe tries to get Alison to leave. Livvie pleads with him not to do it.

After making love, Lucy thinks maybe everything will be all right after all. She apologizes for freaking out earlier, but she thinks it was inevitable, considering everything that's been happening lately. Ian is determined to find Alison. Lucy reminds him of the "tiny" problem with Joshua and Frank, but Ian isn't worried about them. Lucy blames herself for letting them get away. Something is definitely wrong, but at least she hasn't lost her most important slayer power. She can still help Ian curb his blood hunger. She asks whether making love helped. His reply is an unconvincing, "Yeah." Lucy picks up on this and asks for reassurance that she helped him. Ian assures her that she did help, but she doesn't believe him. It makes sense to her. She's obviously losing her power. Ian warns her not to jump to conclusions, but Lucy says that she's been afraid of this, but she just didn't want to believe it. She worries about what this will mean to Ian. He tells her not to worry, because he's fine. It will take a few more times than usual because of what they just went through, but that's all. He assures Lucy that she gives him everything he needs. She helps him just by loving him. As he runs his fingers through her hair, a big clump of it falls out.

Joshua finds Bruno lying on the floor and realizes that one of his prisoners is loose. Pouring himself a drink, he sits down, not at all worried, because the escapee won't get by him. Caleb walks into the main room of the villa, where Joshua is seated. Since Caleb is alone, without Olivia at his side, Joshua surmises that he is powerless. He assumes that Caleb is looking for a way to set Olivia free. He's enjoying this immensely. Caleb is aware that Joshua always thought himself superior. Joshua states that Caleb never should have been a vampire, much less a ruler. Caleb says to keep telling himself that, because deep down, they both know that he could crush Joshua like a bug. He wants to put it to the test in a challenge to the death. Joshua warns that Caleb will be sorry. He bares his fangs, hisses, and lunges. "That was pathetic," Caleb tells Joshua, who claims that he's just getting started. Caleb isn't impressed with Joshua's skills. They face off, circling the room like animals. Joshua attacks, but Caleb gets the better of him. Caleb ridicules him and spits. As far as he's concerned, this was over the minute Joshua tried to take his place. Joshua believes that he did take Caleb's place. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. It made him sick to see how easily Caleb walked into his trap. Caleb laughs at this, because the trap failed so miserably. However, he is impressed by Joshua's never-say-die attitude even in the face of defeat. Joshua vows that he will never be defeated, especially by him. Caleb thinks it's obvious that Joshua can't defeat him. Joshua makes another move, and Caleb throws him onto the couch. "Ha! Look at you. You are an embarrassment," he laughs. Joshua accuses Caleb of trying to provoke him into turning him, but he will never do that. "You'll never be a vampire. You'll never be mortal. You'll always be dead!" Joshua slits Caleb's throat with a knife.

Livvie begs them to let her out so that she can help Caleb. She's afraid of what Joshua will do to him--and eventually to all of them. Rafe says that's why he and Alison have to get out of there. Livvie reminds him that she has the ring. She can use it to help fight Joshua. Rafe turns her down, unwilling to risk letting her turn Caleb back into a vampire. Livvie insists that this is about saving his life, not turning him. She turns to Alison for support, knowing that Alison would do anything to protect the man she loves. That's how she feels about Caleb. She's just trying to keep him from being killed. Alison tries to calm her down, and Rafe tells Alison not to listen to her, because she's just trying to manipulate her. Livvie swears that's not true. Rafe says that if letting her out would mean that she, Caleb, and Joshua would all do each other in, he would go for it. Since that's not going to happen, he can't let her out. He doesn't know what will happen if Caleb becomes a vampire again, but he can't fight a war on two fronts. Alison asks him repeatedly to help Caleb, but he refuses. He drags her out of the dungeon. When they reach the main room, Alison panics when they find Caleb bleeding on the floor. Joshua tells Rafe that he's too late. He leaves, and Caleb struggles to tell Rafe to stop him from going after Olivia. Rafe tells him that it will be all right as long as she has the ring. He wants to get Alison out of the villa now. Alison refuses to leave Caleb there to bleed to death.

In the dungeon, Joshua tells Livvie that the others left her there to die. She doesn't believe that Caleb would abandon her. She knows that he'll be back. Joshua opens the cell door and stands behind her. He admits that Caleb may come back, but by that time, his Olivia will have starved to death.

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