PC Update Tuesday 4/22/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/22/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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The band members and their friends celebrate the success of their first gig without Stephen Clay. Reese is grateful to Jack for tracking her down and getting the others to the bar. She admits that she's still getting used to being normal, but Caz assures her that she will never be normal. Ricky announces that they were just offered a permanent gig at the bar. This is cause for more celebrating. Although Caz asks about the money, Reese is more concerned with choosing a leader. Ricky sees himself as the obvious choice. In his opinion, it's time to do what Joshua talked about but never actually put in motion. They're going to promote the band with the VH1 special. Jamal doesn't see how. He thought the hook for that was that they were vampires. Caz refuses to go through that again. Ricky isn't about to let this opportunity get away. Jack points out that all they need is a gimmick. Casey thinks they should create the mystique to support the vampire rumors. All they have to do is pretend to be vampires. The band is cool with that, but Jack doesn't agree with Casey's idea. Admittedly, he knows absolutely nothing about music, but he does know how to run a con. They just have to look normal and give different answers when people ask where they're from, but if anyone mentions vampires, they have to smile and say, "No comment." The band likes this idea so much that Ricky appoints Jack their manager. To thank him properly for coming to her rescue, Reese goes home with Jack. Jamal accuses Casey of having something to do with getting them the gig, but she won't admit to anything. Jamal thinks he can make her talk. He tries tickling her, then he kisses her--unaware that Ricky is watching.

With Ian positioning himself between Joshua and Lucy, Joshua asks Elizabeth whose side she's on. "My own," she replies. Ian states that they don't want any trouble. They just want to talk Alison home. In Joshua's opinion, Alison is already home. That isn't acceptable to Ian, who wants Joshua to let the women go so that the two of them can resolve this. Joshua and Lucy both reject that idea. Elizabeth has had enough of this. "Oh, just stop it! You're all so disgusting! I've just had it up to here with all of you! Vampires and slayers and werewolves--I think you're just a bunch of losers, as far as I'm concerned," she says. When Joshua tells her to stay out of this, she continues her rant. They can all go bite themselves and bleed to death for all she cares. This is between her and Joshua. He can have whatever he wants as long as he tells her where Alison is. Joshua thinks she must be joking. Ian tries to stop her, but she's willing to pay the price if it means getting her daughter back. When Joshua informs her that she doesn't have anything he wants, she reminds him that he can turn her into a vampire again. She also reminds him that she left a smile on his face more than once when they were in bed together. "Good God, doesn't she ever shut up?" Frank asks in disgust. Joshua tells Elizabeth the sad truth. He had no intention of turning her earlier. Before Lucy burst out of the closet, he was actually about to kill her. Now her miserable little plea is actually endearing, and he's almost--but not quite--tempted to save her life. He orders Frank to kill her. Ian calls him a coward, but Joshua tells Frank that they'll take care of the accidental vampire together. As for Lucy, she had her chance to help Alison, but she wasn't up to the task. Before Frank can do as ordered and kill Elizabeth, Ian opens the secret door, and Elizabeth ducks inside. Lucy runs after Joshua, who is trying to escape.

While Alison and Livvie sleep, Caleb and Rafe have a quiet conversation about Joshua. Rafe is curious about why he didn't kill Caleb. Caleb points out that Joshua's satisfaction comes from watching them all suffer. It amuses Joshua to see Caleb like this. He's on a power trip. Rafe insists that there's more to it than that. Joshua obviously has a bigger plan in mind. He tells Caleb about the photos of Livvie and Alison. Caleb is stunned. He wants to know when Rafe was planning to tell him about that. Alison has the same question, having overheard what Rafe just told Caleb. She freaks out. This wakes up Livvie, who wants to know what all the yelling is about. Alison fills her in on how Joshua has been stalking the two of them. Rafe vows not to let him near Alison. He insists that Caleb tell him how to get out of the cell. Alison urges Caleb to listen to Rafe, while Livvie defends her lover for not trusting the slayer. She knows that Caleb wouldn't have let her suffer if there were a way out. Alison asks Caleb whether that's true. Caleb says that they will find a way out, but Rafe wants to know how. Are they just going to wait for Livvie to lose so much weight that she fits through the bars? Caleb can do whatever he wants, but unless he comes up with a better plan, Rafe is the only game in town. "Oh, then I'm finding the alternative," Caleb says. Rafe tells him to go ahead, but as much as he hates to admit it, their lives are in Caleb's hands. Livvie knows that her pain will return when the feeding wears off. Rafe tells Caleb to help him get his powers back, so that he can get them all out of there. He's aware of what will happen when Caleb and Livvie are together again, but he doesn't really have a choice. Livvie pleads with Caleb, because she can't go through the pain again. Alison privately apologizes to Rafe for freaking out earlier, but he understands. He vows to find out what Joshua is planning and then put an end to it. Caleb gets Rafe's attention. He tells the slayer that there's an antique desk in the main room of the villa, and the keys to the cells are in one of the drawers, under a false bottom. Rafe doesn't know what good that is, since he's stuck in his cell. Caleb tells Livvie to go ahead. She holds the ring that he gave her, and then Caleb tells Rafe to go ahead and try one of his cheap tricks. Finally successful, Rafe vanishes.

Frank and Ian face off. Ian warns Frank against taking him on, because Frank doesn't know Ian's strength. Frank thinks his own killer instinct is what counts. They struggle, grabbing each other's throat. Ian throws Frank across the room and then jabs a long, sharp crystal into his foe's chest.

Seeing Alison sitting on the cot, Caleb gives her his jacket, thinking she looks cold. When Alison blames him for everything, he tries to soothe her. Livvie asks him whether Rafe will be able to get them out, but he doesn't know. Livvie realizes that she should have stayed at the villa, but she got scared. Caleb tells her not to do that to herself. All that matters now is staying alive until they can be together again.

Rafe heads straight for the desk and locates the keys. When Bruno confronts him, Rafe goes after the very vampire who threw Alison into the cell. Bruno tries to attack him, but Rafe vanishes. Confused, Bruno turns around. Rafe reappears behind him and grabs him by around the neck.

Outside, Joshua taunts Lucy for coming after him with a coat hanger. He asks her to call it a draw so that they can go on with their lives. When Lucy calls him a coward, he explains that he's simply a little obsessive-compulsive; he hates to get his hands dirty. Lucy tells him to get over it. She points the wooden hanger at his chest, but he grabs her arm and causes her to drop it. Lucy doesn't understand how he did that. Joshua muses about what to do with a slayer who has lost her power.

Ian vows to kill Frank the next time. Hearing Lucy yell from outside, he runs out. Joshua is ready to kill Lucy, but he senses that something is wrong at the villa. He takes off. Ian finds Lucy, who fills him in on what just happened. She doesn't understand it. Something is very wrong with her, and it isn't anemia.

Bleeding and in great pain, Frank pulls the crystal sculpture out of his chest. It has pierced all the way through his back. Elizabeth watches, seeming to feel sorry for him.

Rafe returns to the dungeon and opens the cell holding Alison and Caleb. They both rush out of the cell. Caleb knocks Rafe out, then grabs the keys to get to his Olivia. Alison can't believe he did that! Caleb points out that he just can't trust Rafe. Caleb is determined to get to Olivia.

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