PC Update Monday 4/21/03

Port Charles Update Monday 4/21/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Reese is onstage at a bar, telling the patrons about losing her band, her mojo, and the guy she liked. Instead of freaking out, she's just going to play. She performs "Fever," unaware that Jack is seated at the bar.

As Kevin paints, Karen lets herself into the lighthouse and tracks him down in his art studio. When he doesn't acknowledge her presence, she jokes about artists getting lost in their work. Karen asks to take a peek at his painting, but Kevin would prefer that she didn't. Not heeding his wishes, Karen steps behind him and gasps at what she sees on the canvas. That isn't exactly the response would have hoped for. Karen apologizes and asks what it is. Kevin replies that it's his view of life. Karen has a hard time believing that, because no one's view of life is that dark. Kevin tells her to take another look. She should recognize the evil, the ugliness, and the vampires. "There's no place like home," he says. He finally wised up and recognized what their corner of the world really is. It's a sty--a repository for all the rejects from the universe. Karen feels sorry for him. She remembers his wedding to Lucy. Kevin points out that he's obviously alone now. Karen insists that it's his choice to be alone, because he pushed away everyone who cares about him. She asks whether he's really so consumed by hatred that all he sees now is this horror. "Yes," Kevin replies. He tells her not to look at him as if someone's puppy just died. He's not looking for love and comfort anymore, because they don't last. He bought into that for years, but not anymore. He defies her to tell him what it's done for her. Karen says that it has given her hope. Love is the only thing that matters in the long run. Kevin pokes his finger in his mouth and makes a gagging sound. Karen wants to get him out of the studio for some fun. When he accuses her of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, she says that she simply refuses to wallow in self-pity. Kevin tells her to wake up and smell the coffee. "Port Charles is going to get a lot scarier, and it's going to make my painting look like a Hallmark card," he warns. He tells her to go pick some flowers or sing a happy song, because he has work to do.

Joshua demands to know why Elizabeth is in his hideout. Elizabeth keeps up the pretense of believing that he plans to propose marriage to her. She'll have to divorce Caleb first, but that shouldn't be difficult, since he's probably holed up in a cave with Livvie. Joshua takes the rings from her and says that he's very tired. Elizabeth takes his jacket and tosses it inside the closet, where Lucy catches it and then throws it down in disgust. When Elizabeth asks what type of wedding he would like, Joshua replies that a wedding for the two of them is not going to happen. He would like to know which part of "Get the hell out of town" she doesn't understand. He gave her a way to exit gracefully, and now he'd like to know why she's back. "Well, what would you say if I told you I came back to town because of you?" Elizabeth asks. First, he would say that she was lying, and then he would say, "You're dead."

Casey has a table at the Recovery Room, where she's working on a pizza and a pitcher of beer. Wrapping up a call, Ricky tells her that he's in trouble. He can't find Joshua. Casey points out that some people would consider that a good thing. Ricky isn't amused; this is serious. The people at VH1 want Stephen Clay, and if he can't produce him, they're going to cancel. Casey says that Joshua doesn't have time for music. He's is a little too busy trying to conquer the world. She invites Ricky to relax and have some pizza, but he informs her that he doesn't have time for that. He has more calls to make. He walks away from her table as Jamal comes in, and they greet each other in passing. Jamal approaches Casey. He got her message. She tells him that she got the best comfort food in the world, because he obviously needs comforting. The way she sees it, his life really sucks right now. His girlfriend is gone, his best friend is being a jerk, he's trying to stop Ricky from becoming some vampire's food, and he's hanging out with a dead chick. Jamal assures her that he isn't alone or lonely. He's just freed up. Jack has been a jerk before, so that's nothing new, and considering Ricky's determination to get to the top, he's probably more of a threat to the vamps than they are to him. As for hanging out with Casey, he's not complaining. Not too many guys get to hang out with an angel, especially not a beautiful one. His life isn't so bad. In fact, it seems pretty good. Nearby, Ricky's cell phone rings. "Ricky Garza International Recording Studios," he says, answering the call.

While Reese is being heckled, Jack calls Ricky, who doesn't want to tie up the line. Hearing what Jack has to say, he changes his mind. Jack needs his help. Ricky agrees to be there right away. He tells Casey and Jamal to go with him. He can't explain this right now, but it's an emergency.

In the alley behind the Recovery Room, Ian tries to make a deal with Frank. Very few people know that he's a vampire, and he's giving Frank a chance to turn him in to Joshua in return for Alison's safe return. Frank doesn't think that will fly with his boss. Ian wants to go to Joshua and find out. When Frank refuses, Ian accuses him of being afraid of Joshua. His pride wounded, Frank denies being afraid of anything. Ian ridicules him for talking about being on the winning team while actually still taking orders from someone else. Nothing has changed except that Frank is taking orders from a bigger idiot. Frank says that he doesn't have to listen to this. Ian agrees, then muses about what will happen to Frank's newfound glory if Joshua finds out that he blew a chance to turn Ian in.

Inside the closet, Lucy searches through her own jacket for something sharp to use as a stake. Lipstick won't work. In the room, Elizabeth wants to know why all the men in her life keep threatening to kill her. Joshua thinks it may be because she's so persistently annoying. Elizabeth doesn't recall him finding her annoying when they were in bed together. Joshua informs her that her femme fatale act only worked when she was a vampire. Elizabeth points out that she could be one again. "Oh, really? And do you think I want to listen to you complain night and day? That's the reason why I didn't give you a return ticket to eternity," he tells her. When Elizabeth claims to miss him, he doesn't believe that. What really annoys him is the fact that she thinks he would believe it. He wants the real story. Sighing, Elizabeth "admits" that she's lost her marriage, her money, and her daughter. Joshua, on the other hand, has all the power. Lucy finds a matchbook and tries to start a fire, but that idea doesn't pan out. Elizabeth tells Joshua that he knows how selfish she is. She wants him because of what he can give her. She reminds him that her other talents could keep him amused. "Even though I hate to admit it, that little thing you do does make me very happy, even when I know you're lying," Joshua confesses. Elizabeth assures him that they make a great team. She strokes his ego for beating Caleb at his own game, which she finds incredibly sexy. Determined, Lucy tries to take apart a wooden hanger, thinking she might be able to use it as a stake. Joshua tells Elizabeth that he's changed his mind. If she wants to come back into his life, she will have to become a vampire again.

Outside the bar, Jack rounds up an audience for Reese by offering to pay for beer and the cover charge. When Ricky, Casey, and Jamal show up with Caz, Jack takes them all inside, where Reese is pleasantly surprised. Caz and Ricky are ready to play. Reese doesn't know how Jack found her. She didn't think they would ever see each other again. Jack tells her that he's pretty hard to get rid of. He urges her to get onstage with the others. As a band, but without Stephen Clay, they perform "Hey, Sister." The crowd loves it. Afterward, the band members are really psyched, especially Ricky. They all promise to keep the band rocking, with or without Stephen Clay. Reese approaches Jack to ask how he got all the people there. She thanks him for making her feel like a star. She didn't think she could perform without fangs. Jack assures her that she has a lot of talent. They kiss, happy to be back in track. Casey tells Ricky that he sang like an angel--and she would know. She's still his biggest fan. They exchange a chaste kiss on the lips.

Elizabeth tells Joshua to slow down. "How do you want it? Want a slow, deep bite, or a quick penetrating nip?" Joshua asks. Elizabeth says that she just wants to savor the moment a little bit longer. Joshua is pleased that she's on his side again. As he bares his fangs in preparation to bite her, Lucy bursts out of the closet and orders him to get away from her. Joshua is stunned to see her wielding a makeshift stake at him. A few seconds later, Frank arrives with Ian, who didn't expect to see Lucy there. Joshua asks Frank why he brought Ian, and Frank explains he thought Joshua should know that he's a vampire. Joshua wants to know whom he can trust. He asks Elizabeth whether she was aware that a slayer was hiding in his closet. Although the two women deny that she knew, Frank insists that they're lying, because they know that he's behind Alison's kidnapping. Ian wants Joshua to let them go and deal with him alone. Joshua has something else in mind. "You're all out to trap me. Why don't we just get it over with? You want a fight to the death, slayer? Then go on. Give it your best shot," he challenges Lucy.

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