PC Update Friday 4/18/03


Port Charles Update Friday 4/18/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth suddenly stops Lucy as they rush to Joshua's place. If Joshua actually has Alison there, Elizabeth will kill him. Lucy reminds her that she already tried that, and it didn't work. Elizabeth blames herself for this, because if she hadn't turned Joshua, this wouldn't be happening. Lucy doesn't think this is the time for blame. When Elizabeth reasons that she had no choice but to bite him, Lucy doesn't like how quickly she goes from guilt to absolution. Elizabeth now realizes why Lucy doesn't like her. It's because they're so much alike. Lucy is aghast. Smiling, Elizabeth assures her that it's a compliment. Unwilling to consider the possibility, Lucy thinks it's going to be a long night.

Ian and Frank have a beer together at the Recovery Room. Ian explains that Lucy has been acting weird ever since the explosion by the docks. When Frank mentions that the vampires were cured, Ian expresses surprise that he knows about that, since that part of it wasn't in the press. Frank puts it down to the rumors circulating around town. Ian blames the rumors for Lucy's accusation against Frank, who says that she went too far this time. He touches Ian's bag, which is on the bar, and asks what's in it. Ian replies that there's nothing, causing Frank to frown. Ian claims that he's going to make a phone call. Instead, he goes out to the alley and waits for Frank to follow him. When Frank shows up, it looks as if Ian is about to drink a unit of blood. Frank never would have guessed that Ian is a vampire. Ian pretends to try to deny it, then says that no one is supposed to know. Frank admits that they're the same; Lucy was right. He can't figure out why Lucy and Ian are together. It doesn't make sense. Ian says she's been helping him fight it. The problem is that sometimes the hunger is hard to handle. He asks Frank to help him fight the curse. Frank laughs, not sure it's a curse. He tells Ian to accept it. When Ian mentions Joshua, Frank tells him to stop. He's a vampire, not an idiot. He knows that Ian is just trying to find out where Alison is. Ian wants to know why Frank doesn't fight this. The way Frank sees it, he's on the winning team for a change, and if Ian is smart, he'll realize that. He warns Ian not to be such a hero, because he won't win this one. Frank gets a call from Joshua, who has a new assignment for him. Frank promises to take care of it right away. Hanging up, he advises Ian not to be a fool. Ian's words of friendship mean nothing to him. He's been in trouble for a long time and Ian didn't even notice. He orders Ian to get out of his way. He'll kill him if necessary. Ian warns that he's been a vampire a lot longer than Frank has. He provokes the new vamp into making a move, then shoves him into the wall. Ian has no quarrel with him. He just wants Joshua.

In agony, Livvie cries. Rafe wants to help her, but he needs Caleb to tell him how to get out. Caleb insists that there isn't a way out. Joshua and his goon, Bruno, arrive with Alison. They throw her into Caleb's cell, right into his arms. Caleb glares at Joshua. He tells him that Olivia needs to feed. Joshua knew she would, and Livvie knows what she has to do in order to have her need fulfilled. Livvie vows never to let him have the ring. Joshua doesn't know how Rafe and Caleb put up with such uncooperative mates. He's going to amuse himself with this little arrangement. Rafe's sweetheart is in a cell with his sworn enemy, while the slayer himself is locked in with a vampire. In Joshua's opinion, that's entertainment. The slayer could put Livvie out of her misery. Caleb tries to talk Joshua into helping her, even going as far as to say "please." Joshua informs him that he wants the ring. Caleb knows that Joshua will kill her if she gives it to him. Joshua points out that if she doesn't, she'll die in agony. He considers it payback for all the tests Caleb put him through. Livvie feels as if she's on fire. Joshua informs her that there's another way. All she has to do is sleep with a slayer, and she'll have instant relief. Caleb's enemy can save his girlfriend's life. He walks away, leaving them to sort it all out. He muses that they might even kill each other in the process.

At Joshua's hideout, Elizabeth and Lucy stumble around in the dark until Lucy remembers to turn on her flashlight. Lucy is grossed out to think that Elizabeth actually slept with Joshua. Elizabeth doesn't want to be reminded. She points out that she wasn't exactly herself at the time. They don't see any clues, and Elizabeth points out that Ian and Rafe already searched the place. Lucy says that it sometimes takes a sleeping with a man to know his innermost secrets. They look around, and when Elizabeth makes too much noise, Lucy berates her. This reminds Elizabeth that Lucy hates her. Lucy says it isn't hatred. She just thinks that Elizabeth is a self-absorbed, narcissistic train wreck of a human being. Elizabeth stops, taking the hurtful words in and believing them. Lucy apologizes. Elizabeth says that she would give her life for Alison. She's trying to be a better person. Lucy promises to get her daughter back and give her a chance to change. Elizabeth unfolds one of Joshua's handkerchiefs and finds a set of vampire wedding rings. This creeps out Lucy, who wants to know whom their charming little bat plans to marry. Elizabeth is confused. Joshua talked about destruction and death, but he never said anything about a marriage. Something is very wrong here. Lucy tells her about the photos of Alison and Livvie, causing Elizabeth to worry that Joshua has already bitten Alison. They hear someone at the door, and Lucy hides. Elizabeth is too late, so she waits for Joshua. He asks what she's doing there. "You are such a darling," she says, pretending to believe the ring is for her. She asks when he was going to tell her, and Joshua asks whether she's crazy. Elizabeth throws her arms around his neck and accepts the proposal he never made.

Livvie asks Rafe whether it's true that sleeping with him will help, and he confirms it. He doesn't know how Joshua knew about it. Caleb says there are a few things that vampires don't like to share with their enemies. Livvie has no intention of having sex with Rafe. She would rather be in pain than be with anyone else. Caleb assures her that he will get to her somehow. While he tries to comfort her, Rafe asks Alison about the way she's dressed. Alison tells him about Joshua's delusions of a date with her, as well as the personal questions he was asking. Rafe wants to what happened at Lucy's, and Alison fills him in. Caleb tells Livvie to fight the pain. She's trying. He blames himself for turning her, but Livvie is grateful to have had the chance to be with him forever. She wishes he could hold her, because that would make the pain bearable. Caleb tells her to imagine that he is holding her. Scared, Livvie asks whether she's going to die. Caleb vows not to let her. His lips quivering, he tells her to do what she has to do to save herself. Looking pitiful and devastated, Livvie turns to Rafe, who tells her that they can't. Livvie doesn't want to die. Caleb tells her to take his blood, which runs from a cut he made on his arm. She manages to feed from his arm through the bars. Rafe assures Alison that she can't turn him from feeding that way. He promises to find a way out.

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