PC Update Thursday 4/17/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 4/17/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Lucy assures a concerned Ian that she's ready to leave the hospital and look for Alison. She feels responsible for not stopping Frank from taking her. Ian asks whether she's convinced that Frank is a vampire, and she is. She knows because she sensed it. When Ian tells her to let him handle it, Lucy reminds him that this isn't the Frank they know. Just as she says that, Frank gets off the elevator with another paramedic. Hearing his voice, Lucy turns around and looks at him in disbelief. She rushes over to confront Frank, who feigns innocence. Lucy orders him not to play dumb. She knows what he did, and she knows that he's a vampire. Two hospital employees stop to watch the commotion. Lucy insists that she saw him with her own two eyes. Frank tells her to get some new eyes--and a brain scan, because she's gone off the deep end. Stepping in, Ian tells Frank that Lucy isn't feeling well. She's delusional, and he's worried about her. Lucy is outraged. Ian tells her that she's causing a scene, but she doesn't care. He urges her to lie down and get some rest. Lucy seems to understand what he's doing, and her outrage may now be an act. When Ian tells her she's paranoid, she refuses to let him drive her home. She leaves on her own, ranting as she storms off. Frank thinks Lucy is crazy. Ian assures him that she'll apologize when she feels better. He agrees with Frank that Lucy is out of control. Frank admits that he is also stressed out. That's why he's willing to let this go. Ian offers to buy him a drink, and he accepts.

Casey tries in vain to get the attention of a bartender, who seems to be ignoring her. She thinks that she may as well be invisible, because it isn't as if she's doing any good in town. She's a screw-up angel. She speaks silently to her boss, pointing out that she's not getting any help from upstairs. She just can't get the vision of a dead Lucy out of her mind. She second-guesses her decision to tell Jamal about it, then assures herself that he was a good person to talk to about it. Casey calls out to the bartender again, asking for whiskey, then adding orange juice to the request. Sitting down beside her, Elizabeth asks why she would order such an awful concoction. Casey tells the stranger that she's worried about a friend. Holding up her own drink, Elizabeth tells the bartender to bring Casey one just like it. Casey asks Elizabeth what's up with her. She assumes it's about a man, because it always is. When Elizabeth informs her that she can't find her little girl, Casey is immediately sorry for her callousness. She asks her daughter's age and is surprised to hear that the "little girl" is twenty-two years old. Elizabeth explains that her daughter got mixed up with a dangerous man. She would give anything to find her. Casey sympathizes with her. She suggests taking a personal item belonging to her daughter and trying to get a vibe from it. Elizabeth brightens. "You're such a little angel," she says as she rushes off.

Alison joins Joshua, who has been waiting for her. She's wearing a long red satin dress, and her hair is long and lustrous, no longer in a ponytail. Her lipstick matches the dress perfectly. Alison makes a snide remark about the room temperature, and Joshua assures her that he intends to turn up the heat. Looking at her, he believes that she was made to wear tight satin. When Alison remarks that he couldn't be any more disgusting, he points out that she couldn't be more wrong. He warns her not to tempt him, because they'll get there eventually. He doesn't care for her "nursing home accessorizing," and he warns that she'd better care about what he thinks, because it could affect her next breath. He takes a knife and cuts the sheer red wrap from around her shoulders, declaring it "so much better." Alison demands to know where Rafe is. Joshua wants her to forget about him for this one night. He assures her that Rafe is relaxing in another room. She can see him if she learns to "play nice with others." He informs her conversationally that he bought a duck farm in Provence this morning. Alison doesn't want to hear any of this. She wants to know why she's dressed up as if they're on a date. Joshua informs her that this is a date. It's one more step toward getting to know her better. Alison calls him a freak. "Why are you not cooperating with me?" Joshua asks, sounding offended. Grabbing the knife, Alison informs him that she would rather slit her own wrists. Joshua wrenches it away from her, unwilling to waste a single drop of her blood. Alison assumes that he plans to turn her into a vampire, but Joshua states that he could easily have done that already if he wanted. This is all about trying to get to know her. He wants her to relax and enjoy the refreshments. It will make everything much easier for them both.

Rafe demands to know where Alison is. Livvie steps on him with the sharp heel of her shoe and asks for one good reason not to kill him for lying to her about Caleb. She doesn't believe that a good enough reason exists, but Rafe gives her one by grabbing her leg and pulling her down. From his own cell, Caleb threatens Rafe, who rants about how all vampires ever do is kill. Livvie says that all Rafe ever does is lie. He set her up! Rafe's excuse is that he needed to use her to get to Joshua. Turning to Caleb, he asks how the former vampire got stuck in the dungeon. "I was in the neighborhood," Caleb replies. Rafe is determined to find a way to get to Alison. He tries using his slayer powers, to no avail. "Abracadabra. Alacazam," Caleb laughs. Rafe is confused about his failure to get out of the cell. Caleb says that the cells were designed to keep people like Rafe from leaving. He should know, because he owns the place, and he left no loopholes. Rafe doesn't believe that. He thinks there must be a way to get to Alison. Caleb insists that there isn't, but is Rafe ever figures something out, he wants to be let in on it.

At home, Lucy pours herself a glass of water just as Elizabeth knocks on the door. She's hoping for good news, but Lucy says they haven't found Alison. She says that Ian is trying to convince Frank to tell him. Elizabeth hands her Alison's necklace and asks her to try to get a vibe from it. Lucy thinks that's a great idea. She tries hard, but it doesn't work. She doesn't feel anything. Elizabeth assumes the worst, but Lucy thinks the universe may be telling her to get out there and look for Alison herself. They decide to go to Joshua's place to investigate.

Caleb assures Rafe that he's wasting his time, because there's no way out. Livvie talks about how hot it is. She yells to the guard, warning him that they have to breathe if they are to stay alive. Caleb calls her to him and assures her that it will be all right. Livvie says it helps just knowing that he's alive and there with her. Caleb promises to get them out somehow. Rafe tells Caleb that he gives up. He wants Caleb to let him in on how to get out. Caleb points out that if he knew, he wouldn't still be there. Rafe counters that Caleb is too smart not to have an emergency exit of some kind. He thinks that Caleb wants it this way. He starts shouting at Caleb. Livvie becomes weak. Caleb notices, drawing Rafe's attention to her. As they watch, Livvie faints. Rafe manages to rouse her, but she soon starts to feel excruciating pain. Caleb urges her to fight her way through it. Rafe demands to know how she's supposed to do that. Caleb quietly informs him that if she doesn't feed soon, she'll die.

Joshua informs Alison that he's going to ask her some direct questions. He asks her what turns her on. "Angels," she replies. Joshua isn't amused, especially when she adds that vampires actually turn her stomach. Alison again asks about Rafe's whereabouts. She agrees to tell Joshua whatever he wants to know about her--and Rafe. She tells him about how strong their love is, and how they come through every obstacle stronger than ever. No matter what Joshua does, she and Rafe will be together in the end. Joshua is curious about how this is possible if one of them is dead. Alison tells him to go ahead and kill her and put her out of her misery. Joshua agrees. He calls out to tell Bruno, his thug, that dinner is ready. Alison begs Joshua to reconsider, but when Bruno appears, Joshua tells him to try not to make a mess this time. Bruno drags her away. Alison doesn't stop begging. "Poor little lamb," Joshua comments. He tried to make her comfortable. He did all this just for her, but she had to go and break the Golden Rule. "What a waste. What a pity. What am I supposed to say? If you don't want to play nicely, Alison, neither will I," he vows.

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