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Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/16/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Livvie thinks she can't possibly be looking at Caleb. It must be one of Joshua's tricks! Crying, she turns away, but Caleb forces her to look at him. He assures her that he really is the man she loves. He reaches through the bars to touch her face. Livvie explains that everyone said he was dead. She thought she couldn't feel him, because the part of him that was deep inside her faded away. He knows. He came back to the villa for her, but Joshua trapped him. There's something else she should know. His powers are gone. He's too ashamed to look at her, but Livvie orders him to look. She tells him that he's not powerless. Their lives are one life now, and their love is the strongest thing in the universe. As far as Livvie is concerned, they're together now, and that's all that matters. Caleb asks how she got there. Livvie explains that she came with Rafe. Caleb doesn't like that. Livvie tells him about how she went to the slayer and asked him to kill her but he refused. When she found out that Joshua was the one responsible for what happened, she wanted to give Caleb his final revenge. She never expected to find him alive after all. Caleb informs her that Rafe and Joshua both knew that he wasn't dead. Livvie wants to plan her own revenge against them for lying to her. Caleb is glad she's safe, and it's because of the ring. It keeps her safe from other vampires. Caleb elicits a vow to never take it off. He doesn't want her to let Joshua scare her. He'll protect her. All they have to do is find a way for her to feed on him and turn him back into a vampire. They try to get close enough to accomplish this through the bars, but Joshua's thug pulls her away. Caleb and Livvie both scream in anguish.

Ian holds an ice pack on Lucy, who wants to find Alison. Ian says that Elizabeth went out to look for her. Lucy tells him that she won't find her. Frank took her, and Frank is a vampire. Lucy has no idea where he took Alison. Frank knocked Lucy down, and she didn't seem to have any of her usual slayer energy. She kept telling Alison to run, but she refused to leave Lucy alone with Frank. In a panic, Lucy blames herself for this. She knew there was something weird about Frank when he showed up at the house. She insists on getting up and finding Alison. Ian is more concerned about Lucy right now. He insists on taking her to the hospital first. Lucy isn't happy about it, but she relents.

Jamal finds Casey quietly trying to contact anybody "dressed in white" up above. He wants to know what she's doing at the hospital, because she disappeared from the Pizza Shack. Casey reluctantly tells him about her vision of Lucy lying in a casket. Jamal presses her for more information, but she doesn't know anything. She's not even sure that it's destined to happen. Maybe it's just a possibility that can be prevented by someone's intervention. All she knows is that when angels see things that clearly, it's usually not good.

Frank gleefully awaits Joshua's order to sink his fangs into Alison's neck. Joshua warns Rafe that if he drives the stake into his heart, Frank will turn Alison into a vampire. Rafe backs off and tells Joshua to let Alison go. Instead, Joshua tells Frank to go to work. Alison is terrified, but Frank's hand muffles her cries. Rafe orders him to stop, and Frank looks up. Joshua gives the order again, and Frank again lowers his head toward Alison's neck. Rafe finally throws down the stake in defeat. He orders them to let Alison go, but Joshua thinks he must be kidding. He prepares a syringe and walks toward Alison. When Rafe jumps in between them, Joshua stabs him in the neck with the needle. Rafe immediately feels the effects. Alison cries, and Joshua assures her that he won't hurt her. Frank gives Joshua a dirty look.

Casey and Jamal learn that Lucy isn't officially in the hospital. Casey is somewhat relieved by the news. Jamal suggests getting some air, and as they talk about it, the elevator doors open. Ian is helping Lucy off the elevator. Casey and Jamal trade a serious look.

Ian takes Lucy to a vacant room. Lucy tells him that they're wasting time because she feels better, but Ian puts her to bed anyway. As he prepares to draw a blood sample, Lucy worries that it will be too much for him to bear. Ian insists that it's not a problem. As they talk, Casey and Jamal find the room. When Casey panics, Jamal stops her from barging into the room. Casey notices that Ian is in there with Lucy. Ian sits down on the bed and tells Lucy that everything seems fine. The lab tests showed that she's slightly anemic, but that's to be expected. Listening at the door, Casey and Jamal are relieved to hear that. Jamal points out that her vision was wrong. Casey doesn't think so, because it was very clear. Jamal tells her to ask the "answer man." Casey thinks that's a good idea. "Yo, dude, it's me," she says, looking heavenward. "And me," Jamal adds. As Casey asks for answers, Jamal looks around for evidence that someone is listening. He jokes that maybe the phone lines to heaven are down because the bill wasn't paid. "Dedicated phone lines, open 24/7. We're always connected," she says. "We all are," Casey emphasizes. Jamal suggests the possibility that she's supposed to figure this out for herself. Casey wishes she knew how long she has until everything starts going wrong. She wonders whether she's supposed to be guarding Lucy in addition to Ricky.

After ordering Frank to take the unconscious Rafe away, Joshua tells Alison not to worry. He asks her to join him for some tea. Alison warns him that he's made a huge mistake. Joshua asks whether she would prefer coffee. That's not what Alison meant. She tells him that he's way over his head this time. He's only been a vampire for a couple weeks now, and that's only because her mother turned him. Joshua toasts Elizabeth. When Alison tells him to go to hell, he threatens to wash her mouth out with soap. She demands to know what he's going to do with Rafe. Joshua admits that he hasn't decided yet. It depends on how cooperative she is. Alison gets it now. He's going to turn on his sleazy charm like he did in Capri. Joshua thanks her for what happened there. If her mother hadn't come to her rescue, he wouldn't be who he is today. Alison says he should be dead. Joshua comments that she's feisty. It's one of the things he loves about her. Alison points out that he knows nothing about her. Joshua states that he knows a great deal, and by the time the night is through, he'll know much more.

Lucy tries to sit up, but she's still quite weak. Although she would rather start looking for Alison, she agrees to rest and take vitamins so that she can be back to normal by tomorrow. Ian doesn't seem convinced.

When Rafe opens his eyes, he's in the cell next to Caleb's. When Caleb taunts him, Rafe realizes that Joshua got to both of them. From behind him, Livvie clears her throat. He also got her. She and Rafe share a cell. Rafe demands to know where Alison is and what Joshua and Frank have done to her.

Joshua listens to Mozart's Requiem, which never fails to bring tears to his eyes. That's the purpose of a requiem--such sweet, sweet sorrow. He drinks his tea.

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