PC Update Tuesday 4/15/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/15/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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Ian stops outside the Recovery Room to call Rafe again, but unfortunately the slayer hasn't been checking his messages. Ian plans to check the bar one more time to look for Frank. He really wants to know why Frank's name is on Joshua's encoded list. When he goes inside, he's not happy to see Kevin sitting at the bar. Kevin greets "Dr. Dracula," who in turn asks how the masonry business is going. Kevin urges Ian to report him to the police if he doesn't mind admitting to being a vampire. Ian wishes he had just thirty seconds of normalcy so that he could kick Kevin's "miserable arse." They both notice the arrival of Karen, who is also looking for Frank. When Ian informs her that he might be in trouble, Karen assumes he's heard about the gambling. Ian obviously hasn't, and the fact that something else is wrong worries Karen even more. She explains that she's looked everywhere for Frank. Eavesdropping, Kevin remarks that Frank obviously doesn't want to be found. Karen admits to Ian that she has no idea how long Frank has been gambling. She knows that he's lost a lot of money and that he's under a lot of pressure. She's afraid he'll get desperate and turn to the wrong person for help. Ian promises to keep that from happening. Hearing this, Kevin laughs about Ian vow to help yet another woman in distress. He warns Karen that the shoulder she's about to cry on is connected to a vampire. Karen looks at Ian in disbelief.

When Frank stops by, Lucy looks around nervously for any sign of Joshua. Frank asks to come inside, but Lucy warns him that Elizabeth is telling her life story. When Alison joins them at the door, Frank pushes past Lucy to get inside. He greets Elizabeth, who almost immediately senses something wrong. Alison asks Frank to check Lucy over. Frank agrees, but Lucy insists that she's fine. She doesn't have time for this. Frank tells her that he heard about the explosion and wanted to see whether she needed anything. Joshua listens from outside, urging Frank to do his work so that he can do his. Lucy tells Frank that she would much rather talk about him, because there's something different about him. Elizabeth grabs Alison's arm to whisper that something is wrong. Alison misunderstands, and Elizabeth clarifies that there's something about Frank. Alison scoffs at this, since he and Lucy are old friends. Lucy jerks away when Frank tries to touch her, and when Alison offers to fetch a sweater, Lucy likes the idea of getting her out of the room. So does Elizabeth, who keeps her eye on the scene unfolding between Lucy and Frank as Alison goes to get the sweater. Pretending she's referring to the sweater, Lucy says that she does need some extra protection, because she just can't shake this feeling. Something is different about Frank, and she can't quite figure out what it is.

Caleb sits alone in his cell, telling himself that the voice he heard was one of Joshua's tricks. There's at least one more cell next to his, and a mattress is on the floor of each one. Caleb tells himself that he can beat Joshua, who is still new at this.

Livvie looks in the mirror and wills Joshua to come to her. Closing her eyes and taking in the scent of a white calla lily, she tells herself that she's ready for him. When she opens her eyes, he's there. He heard her calling, and whenever she needs him, he'll be there for her. "How touching, vampire," Rafe says from behind him. Joshua turns around to face him.

While Elizabeth pours herself a drink, Frank tells Lucy that whatever is making her sick is also making her paranoid, because he's still the same Frank Scanlon she's always known. Lucy doesn't think so. Her instincts are telling her that something is really off about him. She wants to know what it is. "Been working too hard? Because you're just not like you," Lucy says. Realizing what's going on, Elizabeth gasps and drops her glass. Lucy goes to her and gives her a warning look, which Elizabeth understands. As Lucy scribbles a note to Ian on a napkin, Frank asks to talk to Lucy alone, and Elizabeth doesn't like that idea. Lucy hands her the napkin and says they talked about her taking the note to Ian and she should go ahead and do that now. Elizabeth reads the note, which says "Trouble Come," on two separate lines. She wants to take Alison with her, but Lucy assures her that she'll be fine. Lucy will send Alison to meet her mother immediately. Elizabeth rushes out, and Frank asks what was in the note. Lucy claims it was about some shopping she wants Ian to do, but Frank points out that Elizabeth was pretty nervous when she ready it. Lucy tells him that she's nervous now, because there's definitely something different about him. "You know how it is, Lucy. Life throws you a curve, you roll with it," he tells her. Lucy asks whether this particular curve involved fangs. He grabs her and says he doesn't have time for this. When he calls her "slayer," she realizes it's true.

One of Joshua's thugs approaches Caleb to taunt him. Caleb promises to increase his pay tenfold if he'll let him out, but the man isn't interested. He knows that Caleb is just a mortal, whereas Joshua is the master now. He would die for him. Caleb points out that he may end up doing just that. He asks the thug to tell him about the voices, for old times' sake. The man says he doesn't really know. It's the boss, some guy, and a chick. He walks away. Caleb realizes that Olivia really is nearby.

Joshua didn't expect Livvie to take the side of a slayer over her own kind. Livvie points out that her own kind killed her husband. She would make a deal with the devil himself to get Joshua back for Caleb's murder. Joshua calls that an interesting version of the truth. Livvie doesn't understand. Joshua argues with Rafe, who orders Livvie to get out of the room. When she's gone, Joshua points out that it wasn't necessary to send her away, since he doesn't want her to know the truth about Caleb either. Rafe informs Joshua that he will kill him. How painful it will be depends on Joshua. Rafe wants to know why he has all those photos of Alison, and he's giving the vampire one chance to explain it.

Ian admits that it's true. He really is a vampire, but he's fighting it. Sorry to hear this, Karen asks whether there's anything she can do. Kevin can't believe this. He tells her that she needs to open her eyes and separate the good guys from the bad. She's probably the reason nobody can find Frank. Maybe he just wanted to get away from her. That's enough for Ian. He slugs Kevin. While Kevin lies on the floor and rubs his jaw, Karen tells him he's pathetic. Elizabeth comes in and tells Ian that there's something really wrong at Lucy's. They both rush out.

Lucy asks whether it was Joshua who turned him, but Frank says that it doesn't matter. Lucy assures him that it's not too late for her to help him. Frank points out that he never said he wanted her help. When Alison returns with a sweater, Lucy realizes what this is about. She jumps in between Frank and Alison, telling Alison to get out of there. As usual, Alison doesn't listen to the warning. When Lucy has another dizzy spell, Frank pushes her down. Alison runs to her and yells at Frank, who by the arm and looks into her eyes. Realizing what is happening, Alison is terrified. Frank orders her to go with him.

Caleb sits in his cell, thinking that there has to be a way to get to Olivia. He has no idea that she's outside, wandering around. Livvie can feel that something is down there, and she has to look. Caleb suddenly senses her presence. Livvie tries to open a door, but it's very heavy. She has to hide when Joshua's thug comes back to investigate.

Rafe wants an answer now. Joshua claims to have been gathering information about Alison while doing his homework on Rafe, but the slayer doesn't believe that. He gives Joshua one more chance to come out with it. Joshua tells him to figure it out for himself. Rafe grabs him, pushes him down onto the couch, and raises the stake over the vampire's chest.

Kevin looks out the window and sees a very forlorn Karen sitting on the bench. She cries as she reminisces about good times with Frank. Kevin joins her on the bench, but she's in no mood to deal with him. He gives her a napkin for her tears. Karen looks at him, and they share a moment of understanding.

Ian finds Lucy still lying on the floor. Elizabeth runs through the house looking for Alison.

Before Rafe can plunge the stake into Joshua's heart, Frank orders the slayer to let him go. He drags Alison into the villa, his hand over her mouth and his fangs ready to take a victim.

Caleb calls out. Livvie hears his voice and thinks it sounds so much like Caleb's voice. She winds up in front of his cell. It can't be! Caleb is overjoyed to see her. Livvie is stunned by the reunion.

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