PC Update Monday 4/14/03

Port Charles Update Monday 4/14/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Lucy plays hostess to her new houseguest with tea and scones. Alison doesn't want Lucy to feel obligated to take care of her. In fact, considering Lucy's recent brush with death at the hot spring, Alison should be taking care of her, not the other way around. Lucy doesn't agree with that. Alison is the one being stalked by a vampire, and Lucy promised her cousin that she would take care of his fiancee. Lucy mentions the dizzy spells she's been having but assures Alison that they're no cause for concern. She wants Alison to eat a scone, and she doesn't get an argument about that. When she picks up the teapot to pour some tea, her vision blurs, and it's very hard for her to see what she's doing. She snaps at Alison over her offer to call a doctor. Lucy manages to pour the tea, but her hand is very unsteady. Alison really wants to call a doctor, but Lucy assures her that Ian checks her all the time. She apologizes for snapping at her friend. Alison thinks it's time for tea, scones, and some girl time. They can talk about their boyfriends, and maybe whittle some wooden stakes. They chuckle about the last part. There's a knock at the door, and Lucy says that vampires don't usually knock. Alison hopes it's not something evil. Looking through the peephole, Lucy is chagrined to report that it's worse. It's Alison's mother.

Rafe tells Livvie to show him where Joshua is, and he'll handle the rest. He warns her not to try any tricks, because Joshua has to die. Livvie wants to know what will happen to her afterward, but Rafe isn't ready to answer that question. Livvie stresses that she can't live without Caleb. Rafe says that they have to find Joshua now, but Livvie doesn't know where he is. She's too weak to stand. Rafe catches her and asks how long it's been since she fed. Livvie's not sure, but it's been a while. Rafe promises to help her, which Livvie thinks is funny. She thanks him.

In his cell, Caleb vows to get to Olivia. He jumps up and grasps the wire on the window. He tries to shake it loose, but it doesn't budge.

Ian is still seated in front of Joshua's computer. He knows he's looking at a list, but he doesn't know what it's a list of. It's just scrambled numbers right now. He tries cracking it and eventually comes up with the first item on the list. It's a name: Frank Scanlon.

Frank opens his eyes and sees Joshua staring at him. Joshua welcomes him to his brave new world. Frank, who has two bloody wounds on his neck, asks, "Where am I?" Joshua replies that the more important question is what he is, not "where." When Frank got up this morning, he was deeply in debt, and he was an embarrassment and a burden to his family. That's hardly a life worth living, in Joshua's opinion. However, Frank's luck has just changed, because now he's a vampire. Standing up and brushing off the seat of his pants, Frank informs Joshua that he doesn't believe him. Joshua doesn't know why, since Frank has been host to the dark side before. He urges Frank to think about how different he feels now. Frank admits that he feels different but doesn't understand how he could have become a vampire. Joshua informs him that he did it. He has plans, and he needs recruits--all of whom have certain skills. Frank is the first, and his skills are toughness and fearlessness, as well as hunger for power, control, and respect. He congratulates Frank, who backs away in fear and disbelief. Joshua acknowledges that there will be a period of adjustment. Frank will feel a hunger that will necessitate feeding. He'll also create others, but only at Joshua's command. "We can't have too many vampires flying around," he points out. Frank tells him he's crazy. Joshua says not to pretend he doesn't want this, because he knows that Frank has wanted this for a long time. He had immortality, power, and strength before, but he lost it all. Now he has it all back. Frank thinks he should kill Joshua, but his sire simply reveals his fangs and points out that it would be redundant. Stunned, Frank touches his own neck and feels the bite marks. He sinks to his knees in shock. Joshua lays his hand on his new recruit's head.

Lucy opens the door, and Elizabeth steps inside. She was hoping that Lucy know where Alison is. When she sees her daughter, she accuses her of trying to avoid her. Alison says she's been preoccupied with the possible end of the world. "You know, Elizabeth, I don't mean to be rude, but I kind of like being rude to you. What are you doing here?" Lucy asks. To be perfectly honest, Elizabeth was lonely. She started to realize how important it is to have female friends. She has Alison, but in all the months she's been back in Port Charles, she's never really talked with Lucy. Always outspoken, Lucy says it's because she never wanted to talk to the woman who turned the man she loves deeply into a vampire. Elizabeth apologizes and says it wasn't personal. She is finished with men, especially after what happened today. Alison is almost afraid to ask, but she does anyway. Elizabeth goes on to say that she should have stayed a million miles away from Caleb. Hearing this, Alison wants to know what she did. Elizabeth says that she thought it was time to give Caleb a piece of her mind. After everything she did for him, he never wanted her when he was a vampire, and he still doesn't want her now that he's a man. Lucy points out that the only woman he's ever really wanted is Livvie.

"Stop looking at me like I'm dinner," Rafe orders Livvie, who is lying on his bed. Livvie apologizes. Ian comes in, bringing what Rafe asked him to bring. Rafe informs him that Livvie is there to avenge Caleb's "death." Livvie can sense that Ian has blood with him. She realizes now that he's also a vampire. While Ian argues with her about the virtues of immortality, Rafe tells him that she needs to feed, adding that she offered to help them find Joshua. Ian gives her two units of blood, which she takes to another room. Ian realizes that she has no idea that Caleb is alive. Rafe says that Joshua went to a lot of trouble to make sure that she didn't find out. Apparently, he doesn't want the two "lovebats" together any more than they do. Rafe fills him in on Livvie's request to be staked. Ian says there's a lot of that going around. He asks whether Rafe could have done it, and Rafe replies that he could have. He didn't, though, and his reasons are complicated. He was going to, but then he figured he could use her to get to Joshua. He also saw humanity in her eyes. Ian thinks that's the problem. There's always enough humanity to remind them of what they'll never be again. Ian closes the door for privacy, and Rafe assures him that he won't hesitate to kill Joshua. Ian shows him the list he found. He's been trying to reach Frank but hasn't had any luck. He's going to the bar to look for him next. Livvie returns, and she's ready to move. She figured out how to get to Joshua, and they have to leave now. She'll tell Rafe about it on the way there. Ian stays behind to make a phone call, promising to lock up when he leaves. Rafe takes off without his cell phone.

Shouting Joshua's name, Caleb throws himself against the bars, but it's no use.

Elizabeth takes the opportunity for some girl talk. She says that although the feeding was disgusting, the sex was just incredible. Alison is appalled. She doesn't want to hear this. Neither does Lucy, who's grateful to hear the phone ring. While she gets the phone, Alison smacks her mother on the arm. Lucy tells Ian how good it is to hear his voice. Things were fine until her new best friend Elizabeth showed up. She can't get her to stop talking! She's ready to throw her out the window, but even that wouldn't stop her. Ian promises to be there soon, and Lucy tells him to watch his back. While Lucy talks to Ian, Elizabeth and Alison argue about her latest escapade with Caleb. Elizabeth points out that Alison wasn't "there," while Alison tries in vain to understand. Lucy sits down with them again while Elizabeth talks about how Caleb pretended to care about her. He was so convincing. He talked her into doing something because he really wanted to get out of the hospital. He said that he wanted to be with her. Lucy and Alison can't believe what they're hearing. Alison tries to call Rafe to let him know that Caleb escaped.

Joshua has every confidence that Frank will be a credit to their race. Frank wants to know what he's up to, with all this talk of others, but Joshua tells him to forget about that. He's going to take away Frank's debts, and Karen will certainly appreciate his new energy. Frank tells him to leave Karen out of this. Joshua is prepared to take care of all his needs. Frank can carry on as normal, except that now he will be richer and more powerful. Frank is astute enough to realize that Joshua wants something in return. He wants to know what he has to do for Joshua and Caleb. Joshua informs him that Caleb isn't part of this. However, Frank is about to get his first assignment.

At the villa, Rafe calls out for Joshua. Livvie is upset because the villa should have been her home with Caleb. She really misses him. Rafe tells her to stop talking about him. He wants to know where Joshua is. Livvie assures the slayer that Joshua will come because he wants her. She's confused when Rafe indicates that she isn't the only one he wants. She tells him that she has power now, and thanks to Caleb, she's learned how to use it. She walks outside. The wind stirs up as she calls out for Joshua. "I need you to come to me," she orders. From his cell, Caleb hears her, but her voice is much quieter. He thinks that it must be a trick, because Olivia would never ask for Joshua.

Victor warns Ian to go elsewhere if he wants dinner in a hurry, but that isn't why Ian is there. He's looking for Frank. Victor claims not to have seen him either today or yesterday. He tells Ian to try back tomorrow, if he doesn't fire Frank before then. Ian asks him to tell Frank to call him, specifying that it's important.

Lucy answers her door again and finds Frank on her doorstep this time. She looks around nervously for Joshua. Frank asks to come inside, but Lucy warns him that Elizabeth is telling her life story, and she's only up to her first prom or first kiss or something like that. At Frank's insistence, she lets him come in. After she closes the door, Joshua goes up to it and urges the absent Frank to do his work so that he can do his.

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