PC Update Friday 4/11/03


Port Charles Update Friday 4/11/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Ricky catches up with Casey and Jamal at the Pizza Shack. He's really psyched because he just got back from New York, where he landed a VH1 documentary for the band. Jamal tells him to have a seat and catch up on the recent turn of events. He and Casey fill Ricky in on what happened at the hot spring. Amazed, Ricky starts thinking about all the publicity the band can get out of this. There have already been rumors about the hot secret behind the whole Stephen Clay mystique. This will make their CD go platinum! It doesn't matter to him that Joshua's a vampire, because he's still a good businessman. Ricky admits that Joshua has been talking to him about things, although not it any detail. The fact is that the band is in danger of losing this gig because of Caleb's recent behavior. Joshua wants Ricky to be the band's new front man. Ricky asks about Reese and Caz, but Jamal says they left town. Ricky doesn't really care; plenty of other musicians will want this gig. Jamal reminds him that Joshua is a killer. Ricky's not worried. He's convinced that once people start talking about this, he'll be on the cover of "Rolling Stone." Casey and Jamal argue, but Ricky reminds them that all he's ever wanted was to make it in the music industry. Casey tells him he'd better be prepared to become a bloodsucker. Ricky insists that won't happen. Jamal tells him to think about this. The band's manager is a vampire, three members are former vampires, and then there's Ricky. It won't be his picture on the magazine covers. When this doesn't work, Jamal tries some reverse psychology, telling Ricky that he's obviously going about this the wrong way. He should get Joshua to turn him. Casey can't believe what she's hearing. Jamal asks what's wrong with becoming a bloodsucking, bottom-feeding monster that destroys everything in its path if it means being successful. He reminds Ricky about what happened to Jack. If Ricky doesn't have the talent to make it on his own, Jamal won't stop him. He asks whether he's ready to sign on the dotted line. Casey looks worried. She can't believe this. She knows that Ricky chose music over her, but she still thought the guy she fell in love with was in there somewhere. Ricky tells her to calm down. He admits to getting excited about VH1, but asserts that he has the talent to make it big without any tricks. He leaves for home. Relieved, Casey sits down and warns Jamal to never scare her like that again. Feeling confident, Jamal says it works every time. He has no clue that Ricky is intent on getting to the top now, because faster is better.

At the Recovery Room, Kevin asks his dad where Christina is, but Victor refuses to tell him. When Frank reports to work late, Victor is angry, because Frank knew that he had an appointment at the bank. Frank apologizes again, but Victor isn't interested. He assumes that Frank was playing cards instead of getting to work on time. As he walks away, Kevin tells Frank that Victor is clearly into tough love. He asks whether Frank has seen Christina lately--and whether he would admit it if he had. Frank hasn't seen her. He assures Kevin that he would tell him, because he's not into passing judgment. Kevin appreciates that. Joshua comes in and gives Kevin a hard time about leaving Livvie alone and unprotected. He wants Kevin to join him in his search for her, but Kevin points out that they'll never find her if she doesn't want to be found. Joshua states that he shouldn't have let Kevin talk him into leaving her at the lighthouse when he could have protected her. Kevin wishes that Livvie had hit Joshua over the head instead of him. Tired of this, Joshua tries to physically force Kevin to go with him. Frank intervenes on Kevin's behalf.

Rafe wants to know what Livvie is up to, because he thought she just asked him to kill her. Livvie tells him to do his job as a slayer. Rafe invites her inside so that he can find out what's going on. He's never known her to do anything without having some kind of scheme attached to it. Livvie tells him that she's living the worst imaginable nightmare, facing eternity without the one person who brings meaning to her existence. She can't live knowing that she'll never be with Caleb again. She tells Rafe that he won. He got what he wanted. Caleb's dead. She wants Rafe to do everyone a favor and kill her as well. Rafe wants to be sure that she knows what she's asking. Livvie has never been more sure. When she first starting carving the stake, it was more of a distraction, but as she worked on it, a sense of peace came over her. She thinks this is a dream come true for Rafe, because now he gets to drive a stake through her heart. Rafe tells her it's not that easy. He doesn't think she knows everything. Livvie is sure there's no other way. Rafe always told her that the road to Caleb would lead to the road to hell. That came true when Joshua told her about Caleb's death. She begs Rafe to do it, but he expresses doubt. Livvie slaps him and orders him to do his job. He began a job by murdering Caleb, and now he has to finish it. She pushes the stake into his hand and begs him to end this. Rafe consents. Tears streaming down her face, Livvie thanks him and prepares to die. Rafe raises the stake.

Outside, Frank pushes Joshua against the side of the building. He's had it with people like Joshua--people who think they can tell other people what to do just because they happen to have a few bucks. "Don't run your ego trips on my customers. I don't need it in my bar," he warns. He releases Joshua, who thinks that Frank does need that. He knows that Frank's in trouble. Frank warns that Joshua picked a lousy day to take him on, because he's looking to hurt someone. Joshua says not to misread him. He can see that Frank has a certain style, and he respects that. When Frank sees trouble, he takes action. Not many people in town are like that. Kevin comes out to check on the situation, and Frank says that he can handle it. Kevin then asks Joshua, who says that he won't get his hands dirty. Satisfied, Kevin leaves. Frank tells Joshua to find another place to hang out, and Joshua points out that he may have to. Unless Joshua wants to invest in the place, Frank doesn't need his advice. Joshua isn't so sure about that. He may have a proposal for Frank. When Frank asks how much, Joshua says that it's about more than money. As far as Frank's concerned, money is all there is for him right now. Joshua hints that he knows about Frank's past as the Avatar's host, and the subsequent powerlessness when the Avatar was vanquished. Frank is still waiting for him to get to the point, but Joshua tells him to be patient. Frank is tired of waiting. Whatever Joshua was going to offer, he doesn't want it. Joshua orders him not to walk away from him. Frank tells him that he can smell a con a mile away, and Joshua reeks. Joshua never could take "no" for an answer. He bares his fangs and hisses.

Kevin goes home, turns on some music, pours himself a drink, and continues working on his painting--the same one that fascinated Joshua so much.

Rafe lowers the stake. When Livvie asks why he stopped, he says that his instincts told him to. She always knew that he hated her enough to kill her, but she didn't know that he hated her enough to let her live. Rafe tells her to make no mistake; she is his enemy. Livvie tells him that when he killed Caleb, he wounded her for eternity. Rafe can't let her death be based on a lie. He didn't kill Caleb. Livvie doesn't believe that. Looking into her eyes, Rafe tells her that Joshua set the explosives. Rafe took the vampires to the hot spring to make them mortal, not kill them. Joshua is the one who wanted them all dead. Livvie sits down, stunned. Rafe tells her to think about it. He wouldn't have let Alison be there if he known about the explosives. Joshua is on a power trip. Rafe wants to know where Joshua is, because he's the one who needs to die. Livvie honestly thought that Rafe was the one who killed Caleb. All she knows is that Joshua was planning to keep her hidden away. For some reason, he was obsessed about it. Rafe promises to get the answers when he finds him. Livvie wants to help. Rafe assumes that she no longer wants to die. He holds out the stake, and she grabs it. Joshua killed Caleb, and she's going to make him pay. Rafe says he could use her help, and she agrees, but with one condition. "When you get the answers you're looking for, I get to tear his throat out," Livvie stipulates.

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