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Port Charles Update Thursday 4/10/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Ian calls a very worried Lucy from Joshua's hideout. Lucy wants him to come home right now, but Ian informs her that they have something else to worry about. He tells her that Joshua is after Alison. He wants her to get a room ready, because Alison is moving in with her. Ian tries to explain about the painting, but Lucy doesn't really understand why it means that Alison is in danger. Ian informs her that he thinks that Joshua is stalking Alison. He tells her about the surveillance-type photos of both Alison and Livvie. Lucy tells him again to get out of there, but he can't do that yet. He wants to stay one step ahead of Joshua. Lucy relents but cautions him to be careful. After hanging up, she feels weak and has to sit down. She doesn't think it's merely stress, because the room is spinning. She stands up again and walks carefully through the house.

Rafe bursts into his apartment and finds Alison crouching silently by the other side of the bed, holding the black rose. She shows him the rose and asks what's wrong now. As far as she's concerned, this is the last straw. Rafe wants to know where the rose came from. Alison explains that it just appeared on the bed, and she thought it was from him. At first it was a perfect pink rose, but it turned black the second she touched it. Rafe doesn't like this at all. He's convinced that Joshua sent it, and that he poses a very real threat to Alison. Rafe is going to send her to stay with Lucy for protection. Alison doesn't want to go, but Rafe insists. It will just be a temporary separation to prevent Joshua from making it a permanent one.

Still moping by the window, Livvie's face is covered by the sheer curtains as they blow in the wind passing through the window. She suddenly realizes that something's happening. She can feel it.

Trapped in the silks, Caleb is hanging as if crucified. He orders Joshua to cut him loose, but Joshua informs him that he no longer takes orders; he gives them. Caleb demands to know where Olivia is. Joshua advises him not to struggle so much, because the silks will tighten and eventually strangle him. Caleb asks again, and Joshua says that Olivia is fine. In fact, he intends to make her very happy. Caleb ridicules Joshua for not being able to do any better than this, but Joshua points out that the irony has escaped his captive, who is now caught in his own trap. The villa, along with Caleb's obsession for love, passion, and following his heart, has been his undoing, and it made Joshua sick to watch him debase himself. He tried to warn his employer, to no avail. Joshua has no choice but to relieve him of his command. It's quite fitting that his final humiliation should take place where so many others occurred. Joshua says that it's sad. Caleb was once the powerful leader of a vampire kingdom, and now he has nothing, all because of a love he doesn't even have anymore. He's lost the girl. Caleb laughs at the idea that his Olivia would have anything to do with Joshua. Lying to distract the enemy is a cheap vampire trick, but he could have at least made it a believable lie. He may have fooled Olivia for the moment, but when she figures it out, she'll kill him.

Livvie comes inside the lighthouse carrying a stick, which she begins to carve into a stake. She knows what she has to do. She has to end this, once and for all. She's startled by her the voice of her dad, who curiously asks her what she's doing. After hiding the knife and stick under the chair, Livvie plays nervously with Caleb's ring, which still hangs from a chain around her neck. Kevin apologizes for coming down so hard on her about Caleb. Livvie appreciates that. She knows he was just trying to be a dad and protect her, and she promises to let go of Caleb when she's ready, not before. Kevin promises to back off. However, he won't let her out of his sight until she's safe again. Livvie dupes him into getting her some more tea, but when he turns his back to her, she knocks him out cold with a bookend. Grabbing the stake from under the chair, she apologizes to her unconscious father, vows to make things better, and leaves.

Joshua taunts Caleb, who is now in a cell. He wants to watch him suffer. Killing him would be a temporary pleasure, but this is a daily delight. Caleb wants to know what he has in mind. Joshua won't reveal all his surprises, but he does plan to make Caleb's life a living hell, much the way Caleb did to him. Instead of forcing Caleb to do his bidding, he'll give him a daily report on his relationship with Olivia. Naturally, they will get closer, since they're the only two remaining vampires, and eventually she'll want to start a family. He has it all planned out, and unlike Caleb, he won't leave room for mistakes. "She despises you," Caleb reminds him. "She'll always wonder where I am. Olivia won't stop until she finds me." Joshua admits that it would be true, except for one thing. Livvie thinks that Caleb was murdered by the slayers. Of course, after a week or two or mourning, she'll be only too happy to allow Joshua to pick up the pieces. Caleb tells him not to count on it. Joshua is confident that it will play out this way. "You're gonna live the rest of your sad, pathetic life under my tyranny, under my whims, under my demands, my temperament, and only for as long as it amuses me," he informs his prisoner.

Alison and Rafe arrive at Lucy's, but Alison is upset about having to stay there. Rafe shows Lucy the black rose and states that Joshua sent it as a warning. Lucy can feel that something is a little bit different, and she doesn't even want to hold the rose. She makes Rafe take it. Alison thinks this is a different kind of fear than she's ever felt before. Rafe promises to take care of this and make sure she never has to be afraid again. Lucy joins her cousin in trying to reassure Alison, and she promises to keep an eye on her. Rafe heads out, but the two women are still very uneasy.

Ian tries several passwords, including "666" and "king of the bloodsuckers," but they don't work. Standing up to think, he looks at the photos. He notices that in one of the pictures of Livvie, the camera seems to be focused more on her ring than on her face. Getting an idea, Ian tries several words having to do with jewelry before finally trying "ring." It works. He's in, curious about the importance of rings. Poking around in the computer, Ian finds an expense report for the "horrible band," the tour dates, and a list of some kind, which he can't read because it's in code. As he wonders what Joshua is up to, the camera pans down to the photos of Alison.

Joshua won't offer Caleb a blanket, pointing out that this is a good opportunity for him to feel such human sensations as being cold and uncomfortable. As for himself, he'll never have to experience those sensations again. Caleb thinks it must be very frustrating for Joshua to want so desperately to have it all and yet know that he never will. It all comes down to who Joshua is, and he's still just a lackey at heart. "If the slayers don't kill you, I'm betting Olivia does," Caleb tells his captor.

Livvie goes to Rafe's apartment and stops at the door, reminiscing about good times with Caleb. Rafe comes home and asks what she's doing there. He's been looking all over for her. Livvie knows that, and it's why she's there. "I want you to kill me," she says, showing him the stake.

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