PC Update Tuesday 4/8/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/8/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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As Rafe snoops around Joshua's hideout, he muses that the man should have known better than to trust Elizabeth with a secret. Ian lets himself in, having received a call from Rafe. Neither one knows what to look for, but they look anyway. "Looking around this place, it looks like maybe he wanted to be King Bat for a while now," Ian comments. Agreeing, Rafe expresses the wish that he had seen it coming. When Ian questions how he would have done that, Rafe accuses him of sounding like Alison. He admits to having gone a couple rounds with her about this very thing earlier. Ian points out that he couldn't have known that Joshua would turn out to be a bigger threat than Caleb. His words remind Rafe that they do have one advantage, since this whole vampire thing is so new to Joshua. He looks around the cabinetry, then feels for a switch or button. If they're lucky, Joshua will underestimate just how good Rafe can be. When the shelving moves to reveal a door, they both check it out.

Alison asks to be invited into the lighthouse, but Kevin informs her that it's not a good time. Looking past him, Alison tries to find out whether he has company. Kevin says that he was painting. He steps aside, turns around, and notices that Livvie is nowhere in sight. Telling Alison that he could use a break, he invites her in after all. She asks whether he's seen or heard from Livvie. Pretending to believe she means Tess, Kevin replies that he hasn't seen her since Rafe and Alison used her to get Caleb. Alison says that they did what they had to do in order to stop him. Eavesdropping, Livvie argues with Alison in her mind, convinced that she and Rafe tricked Caleb, took away his power, and then killed him. Alison tells Kevin that she really needs to find Livvie and help her. Kevin is suspicious of her motives. He claims that he's not even convinced that Livvie is back. Alison assures him that she is. She knows that Livvie loves her father very much and wants to see him, in spite of what she's done. When Kevin presses her, Alison admits to believing that Livvie may have been turned. Kevin accuses her of wanting to slay his daughter. Alison respects the fact that he loves his daughter, but he should know how the vampires almost destroyed town. Just out of sight, Livvie's eyes glow with anger. Kevin points out that Ian is also a vampire, but he doesn't see people gunning for him. Alison says that Ian didn't want this, whereas Livvie sought it out. Livvie bares her fangs and hisses. Kevin grabs Alison and drags her out the door. After she's gone, Livvie storms into the living room. Kevin was so afraid she would come out while Alison was there. "You should've let me kill her," Livvie says angrily.

Caleb returns to the villa to see Livvie, but she's not there. Remembering how he gave Livvie his ring for protection, he realizes that something must be wrong, because she wouldn't have left. He vows to find her, but as he turns to leave, her discarnate voice calls out to him.

In the secret room, Rafe and Ian assume that something major is hidden there. When Rafe doesn't find much among the papers, Ian tries the computer. He needs a password, but he believes he can crack it. Rafe is skeptical but thinks his friend may as well try. He's puzzled to find a Bible among Joshua's things, then realizes it's actually a book of satanic rituals disguised as a Bible. Inside, he finds photos of various buildings located around Port Charles. Ian wonders whether Joshua plans to blow up the entire town, but Rafe doesn't seem to think that's it. Then he notices a painting on the wall. It's a painting of the same buildings. Ian now theorizes that maybe Joshua plans to buy up all the land, but Rafe doesn't know. He does know that Joshua has more going on in his twisted mind than they ever imagined.

Livvie hates Alison and Rafe, who are the reason Caleb is dead. Kevin knows she's upset, but he's worried about her safety. He wants to get her someplace safe. Livvie tells him he doesn't understand; without Caleb, she doesn't care what happens to her. Everyone tells her that he's dead, but she has this ache, and a voice calls out and says that he's looking for her, but she can't get to him. All the time in the world won't make it better. The emptiness in her heart will always be there. Kevin tells her that it won't. He knows, because he's been there. He promises to always be there for Livvie, but she points out that he can't. Unlike her father, she's going to live forever. Without Caleb, eternal life feels more like eternal damnation. Kevin blames Caleb for getting her into this. In his opinion, she should be glad that the monster is dead, because she's better off without him. Livvie bitterly tells her that dad must be really glad Caleb is gone. The slayers cured him of being a vampire, so he died a mortal and won't be able to come back again. Kevin tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away and asks to be alone. She thinks about good times with Caleb, and then she sits down. She can still feel him. She doesn't understand how he could be dead.

Ian tries to come up with Joshua's computer password while Rafe stares at the painting. Alison calls Rafe, who's less than thrilled to hear that she went looking for Livvie. He needs her to stay put and especially stay away from Kevin. After telling her that they'll talk later, he hangs up. "Hello? Rafe?" She takes the phone from her ear and looks at it. "Did you just hang up on me? How rude," she says. If she didn't know how busy he was, it might annoy her. As she passes the bed, she sees a pink rose lying on top of the bedspread. Alison's heart melts at the sight of that single pink rose. She can never stay mad at Rafe. Alison picks up the rose and closes her eyes, not realizing that it turned black as soon as she touched it. She's startled when she opens her eyes and sees it.

Rafe thinks it's weird that Joshua took pictures of buildings and then had someone paint them. Ian has his own idea of what's weird. "I'm a vampire. You're a vampire slayer. We're in the office of another vampire, staring at a picture, wanting to know why we're staring at this bloody thing of a world we used to live in." He kicks the painting, knocking it over. Rafe tears the back and reveals something very disturbing. Joshua has mounted photos of Livvie on the left side and some of Alison on the right. He's stalking both of them! Rafe takes off as fast as he can, while Ian continues to stare at the pictures.

As Livvie mopes around at the window, Kevin picks up the newspaper and notices the headline: "Rock Star Stephen Clay Survives Explosion." He starts to tell Livvie about it, but then he changes his mind and goes to the den, taking the paper with him.

Caleb makes his way through the silk, trying to find Livvie. He talks to her, and she responds, but she's nowhere in sight. Caleb promises to tell her everything if she'll just let him see her. He eventually realizes that something is wrong and guesses that they got to her. Wind blows through the villa, and the silk wraps around him and lifts him off the floor. Joshua walks in through the door and looks up at Caleb. "You," Caleb says accusingly. Joshua smiles.

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