PC Update Monday 4/7/03

Port Charles Update Monday 4/7/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Alison and Rafe go home for a few minutes, but Rafe is anything but relaxed. He is frustrated by his latest screw-up. Alison's remark about having extra mustard put on his sandwich really sets him off. "Mustard, that's good. That should make the world a safer place to live in," he says sarcastically. Alison doesn't like his tone, and she lets him know it. Rafe demands to know whether he's supposed to be happy about screwing up. Alison just wants him to stop talking about it, but he keeps going. It was his fault. He let Joshua get away. He's off his game, and it's putting everyone in danger. Alison argues, but Rafe insists that he allowed Joshua to distract him. He's been so focused on Caleb that he let Joshua get away with whatever he wanted. Alison tells him to be mad at her mother instead of at himself, but Rafe doesn't go for that. After all, he's a vampire slayer. He has spent his entire life training for this, and he should be able to anticipate what the vampires are going to do. If not, he can't protect people. He thinks he's gone soft, as if being happy has made him lose his edge. Alison narrows her eyes. "Am I a distraction to you?" she asks, annoyed.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells her dear, sweet husband that she had to see him with her own eyes. Caleb tries to get away, but she threatens to scream and bring everyone running. She doesn't think he wants that to happen. When Caleb asks what she wants, Elizabeth tells him to stand there and listen to every word she has to say. They slip into a room, where Elizabeth taunts him for being a regular, powerless man. Caleb tells her that he never thought their relationship was about power. Elizabeth can't believe her ears. He made her believe that he loved her, then he married her and disposed of her like garbage. Although Caleb claims he never intended to hurt her, Elizabeth says that he destroyed her. He turned her into a monster and then left her to deal with it all alone. She gave up everything for him, but he was too blind to see it. She hopes he's miserable now that he's all alone and powerless. Caleb looks at her. He can see how much pain he's caused her. He would take back every moment if he could. He reiterates that he never meant to hurt her. Elizabeth doesn't believe that, because all he ever wanted was Olivia, Livvie, or even Tess. He gave up everything for a stupid obsession. Caleb tells her that his obsession for the past ruined his future. Now that he's human, his needs are completely different. For one thing, his insane obsession for Olivia is gone, and he's no longer blinded by his need for her. What's even more important, and more painful, is that he can see the destruction he's caused everyone--especially Elizabeth. What they had is gone forever, and that's the real tragedy in all this. He's truly sorry. Losing Elizabeth is his biggest regret.

Joshua asks Kevin where Livvie is for the last time. "Don't you mean Tess?" Kevin asks. Joshua isn't in the mood for his games. Kevin informs him that when he finally got his daughter back with the music box, Caleb destroyed it. It was his last chance to get her back. Joshua states that Kevin would be an effective liar if he were talking to anyone else. Kevin thinks Joshua should be telling him where Livvie is, not the other way around. Joshua is tired of having his time wasted. He lifts Kevin up by the neck and threatens to kill him. Livvie comes out from the other room and orders Joshua to let her father go. Joshua throws Kevin down. Livvie yells at Joshua, who apologizes but claims he was overcome with worry. Livvie doesn't see that as an excuse to try to kill her father. Joshua insists that he wouldn't have killed him. He asks Kevin to accept his apology, but Kevin says to stay away from him. Joshua tells Livvie that he was worried when she left their hiding place. He was afraid the slayers had gotten her or somehow co-opted her. He wants to know why she left. Livvie states that she wanted to talk to her father. Joshua doesn't believe that Kevin can protect her. He's surprised to hear that Kevin knows about Livvie's new life as a vampire. He wants to take care of her. Livvie just wants him to tell her about Caleb. Joshua claims that the slayers are out to kill the two remaining vampires and that they actually cremated Caleb's body. Livvie still doesn't believe him, because she feels her lover's presence even more strongly.

Alison has news for Rafe. If he is actually saying that he'd be better at his calling if he weren't as happy, it's the stupidest thing she's ever heard him say. He's the best slayer in the world, and he's allowed to be happy, but he can't be everywhere at once. He can only do his best in any given situation. Alison doesn't want him to carry the weight of the universe on his shoulders. She doesn't want him to forget that when he does that, so does she. Rafe smiles, trying not to laugh. Alison wants to know what's so funny. "Did I miss the funny line there?" she asks, still annoyed. Rafe stands and assures her that she's not a distraction. She's his life. Alison informs him it would have been better to say that from the beginning. Rafe knows, but he thinks she needed to blow off steam, and he had to listen to what she had to say. Alison laughs and admits that she didn't exactly let him get a word in edgewise. Rafe would love nothing more than to argue, make up, and make love, but he has to find Joshua. Alison wants to go with him, but Rafe doesn't want her in the line of fire. She at least wants to know where he's going. Rafe says that Joshua is his first priority, but he doesn't know where to start looking. Alison thinks he will probably try to take Livvie away with him somewhere and seduce her, just like he tried to do with her mother. Thinking about it, she remembers that her mother mentioned Columbus Manor. Rafe kisses her and says he loves her. "I might even love your mother," he says as he heads out the door. Alison grabs her purse and leaves.

Joshua tells Livvie to face reality; Caleb is dead and cremated. Kevin tells him to back off, because he's not helping the situation. He'll be the one who helps his daughter. Joshua tells him to send her back into hiding with him, because he can better defend her against the slayers. Realizing he has a point, Kevin tells him to stay at the lighthouse. When Joshua says it's the first place the slayers will look for her, Kevin asks why they're not breaking down his door right now. They won't suspect this, because they think he's gone off the deep end. When Livvie states that she doesn't want to go back to Joshua's hideout, Kevin announces that it's settled. Joshua's attention is on Kevin's painting. He's fascinated by it. In his opinion, it's highly unusual. It shows great depth, insight, and passion. He decides that Kevin may be right. He should stay at the lighthouse. When Livvie steps out of the room, Joshua tells Kevin that he and Livvie are safer together than apart, even if Kevin doesn't trust him. He's still looking at the painting. He asks Kevin what his inspiration was, and Kevin replies that he paints from instinct. Joshua is quite fascinated with it, but Kevin tells him to stay focused on Livvie and they'll get along fine. Livvie returns, and Joshua announces that he needs to go back for some supplies. Before leaving, he gives Livvie a bag of blood. Livvie knows how this must look to her dad. He assures her that nothing could diminish his love for her. Livvie goes off alone to have the blood, unwilling to do it in front of him. Kevin answers the door and is displeased to see Alison.

Elizabeth tells Caleb to stop this. She knows he's trying to pull her back in. Caleb insists that he isn't, but he doesn't blame her for thinking that. He didn't want to drag her back into his problems. Somewhere deep down, he still had hopes for the two of them, but he doesn't want her back this way. He wants to deserve her. He was a fool, but now he sees what he had with her. She was good to him and good for him. He's missed her. They kiss, and Caleb tells Elizabeth that he needs her. She's the only one he can count on now. They kiss passionately. Elizabeth tells Caleb that now they can be together like normal people. He points out that they can't, thanks to Rafe and Alison, who have him locked away in the hospital. Elizabeth offers to help him get away.

Rafe breaks into Joshua's place.

Elizabeth gets everything Caleb asked for. He puts on a lab coat and a pair of glasses belonging to Dr. Carter. Elizabeth asks where they're running off to, suggesting Paris or Tahiti. Caleb says they can go anywhere she wants. Elizabeth says she told the security guard that she saw him on the third floor, but they don't have much time to get out of there. Caleb kisses her and says to give him thirty seconds and then meet him in the parking lot. Elizabeth is thrilled at the prospect of having a life with her husband. As she steps into the hall, she hears a nurse say that Dr. Carter is really cute and that he just went to the roof to catch the medevac. Stunned, Elizabeth runs to the window and sees the helicopter take off.

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