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Port Charles Update Friday 4/4/03

By Beth
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Ian takes Lucy home from the hospital. Lucy won't let him forget how upset she is with him, although Ian tries his best to avoid talking about it. She reads passages from the letter, choking up as she gets to the worst parts. Ian says there's more to the letter than that, and she's aware of that. She's especially aware of the part about him making that horrible agreement with Rafe. Ian maintains that he was only asking the slayer to do what he was born to do, and it was the right thing. Lucy is angry that he didn't come to her about this. He would have just disappeared forever and left her with just a sheet of paper. Ian points out that the rest of the letter talks about how much he loves her, Danny, and their life together. Lucy kisses him and orders him not to give up on himself or their relationship. She reminds him that they have their own special magic to help get them through this. Lucy insists on making love, since it's the only thing that relieves his symptoms. Afterward, Lucy says that she won't let Ian off the couch until he promises her something. After a few inadequate promises, Ian promises to fight for his life. Lucy thanks him.

Alison is suspicious of Casey's concern for Lucy. Casey hedges, trying to cover by saying that she just really likes Lucy. Alison wonders what their chances are for living happily ever after, when all the vampires are gone. Casey can't tell her, but she knows that every war has its casualties. Alison goes to the Recovery Room to order a sandwich for Rafe, but Frank warns her that it won't be ready anytime soon because they're short-handed. He gets another phone call about money, which he assures the caller that he will pay. Karen comes in and hears this. She asks when he was going to tell her that he was gambling again.

Extremely perturbed, Elizabeth comes into the Recovery Room and glares at her daughter. Seeing her, Alison realizes that she left her locked inside the bathroom. She's sorry, but she's been a little preoccupied lately. She asks how she got out, and Elizabeth shows her the bathroom doorknob, which she removed in order to escape.

Frank tells Karen that this isn't a good time, but Karen doesn't think there will ever be a good time to talk about his gambling. Frank accuses her of blowing it out of proportion. From the other end of the bar, Elizabeth calls out that she would like to order. After Frank takes care of her order, Elizabeth rants to Alison about being locked in the bathroom. She wants to know why Alison did that to her. Alison says that she had a lot of things to do and didn't want her to get in the way. Elizabeth is further offended by the lack of an apology, but Alison has no intention of apologizing. Elizabeth hopes that it was worth it. Alison informs her that Joshua blew up the hot spring and escaped, and that Caleb was injured. This surprises Elizabeth until she hears that Caleb is no longer a vampire. "Oh, my poor little husband. All alone with absolutely nothing--except me, of course," she muses.

Joshua approaches Caleb's bed and says to guess why he's there. Caleb knows that he's going to try again to kill him. Joshua intends to succeed this time, and he's going to enjoy feeling the life draining out of him. The door opens, and an angry Rafe steps inside. "I believe visiting is for blood relatives only," Joshua informs the slayer, who is ready for a showdown. Just before they come to blows, some giggling from the hall stops them. Three teenage volunteers come in to see Stephen Clay. They want his autograph, and he invites them inside. Two go to his bedside, but Joshua grabs the third and runs. Rafe chases them. While they're gone, Caleb asks whether one of the girls will do him a favor.

Elizabeth takes a bite of her eggs and thinks about the day's events. She lost two pounds and her husband is suddenly mortal. The day turned out not to be so bad after all. Alison wants her to stop thinking of Caleb as her husband. She also wants her to stay completely away from both Caleb and Joshua. Elizabeth believes that Joshua is grateful to her for her help. Hearing this, Alison asks what fantasy world she's living in. Elizabeth explains that since Joshua got what he wanted, he has no reason to come after her. Alison reiterates her request that she stay away from him and Caleb. She asks her mother to wait for her back at the apartment, and to put the doorknob back on the bathroom door while she's there. She's worried something bad will happen to her. Elizabeth agrees to leave, saying that she's not mad at Alison anymore. Alison makes her take the doorknob with her.

Frank tells Karen not to make a federal case out of this. He tries to blame her unreasonable work schedule, but when she won't accept that, Frank informs her that what he does is his business. He backs off a bit and apologizes but says it's no big deal. He's only lost a couple hundred dollars. Karen thinks it's bad enough that he's gambling again, but now he's a liar. Frank is offended, but Karen says that she received a call about this at home. She knows he's in very deep. Frank admits that he's trying to save the Recovery Room for his mother's sake. Although Karen says that she has some money put aside, Frank refuses to take her money.

Joshua orders Rafe to back off. Rafe tells him to let the girl go. Joshua pushes her into Rafe and flees the area. After making sure that the girl is all right, Rafe takes off after him, but he's nowhere in sight. Rafe runs back to Caleb's room. He bursts in, prompting Colleen to yell at him. The nurse apologizes to Caleb about the girls, then makes Rafe aware of her displeasure on her way out. Caleb gives Rafe a hard time about not catching Joshua even after using him as bait. He reminds the slayer that Joshua won't be satisfied until he's dead. It must be quite a dilemma for Rafe to have to protect him. He points out that it wouldn't be so hard to protect him if he weren't a sitting duck. He struggles against his restraints and asks Rafe to remove them. It would give him a chance to defend himself. Rafe says that it would also give him a chance to get to Livvie and be turned back into a vampire. He informs Caleb that he's going to arrange for security now, and that Stephen Clay will get no more visitors.

Rafe tells Colleen to inform the guard that Stephen Clay is to have no visitors without a doctor's permission. Colleen promises to take care of it right away. Alison finds Rafe and learns about the incident with Joshua. She reminds him that they forgot about her mother, adding that she got out by removing the doorknob. The worst part is that she's still obsessed with Caleb, but at least she agreed to back to the apartment and lay low. Caleb sneaks around in the hall, hiding when he hears them talking. Alison persuades Rafe to go home with her for a little while. As Caleb tries to wait until the coast is clear, Elizabeth finds him lurking around.

Kevin is working on a painting when Livvie shows up in his studio, asking for help. Kevin is stunned to see his daughter. He runs to Livvie and holds her, asking how she managed to get out of Tess. Livvie promises to explain everything later, but right now she needs to know what happened with the vampires. She heard that Caleb was killed, and her dad is the only person she trusts to tell her the truth. Kevin admits that he heard Lucy ranting about getting Caleb and the others. Livvie cries, thinking that he must really be dead. Now she's afraid they'll come after her. Kevin doesn't understand why she would think that--until he realizes that she's the newest vampire in town. He always knew this was possible, but he'd hoped it wouldn't happen. He asks whether Caleb is really dead. Livvie says that she can still feel him. She explains that she wanted this life as much as he did. She told him not to go, but he knew that the others were in danger, and he had to try to save them. Kevin thinks that explains why Ian was so determined to get away from him. He tells her that the hot spring is a cure, but Livvie informs him that Rafe and Lucy blew it up. Kevin doesn't understand why they would do such a thing. Livvie cries that there's no fix for this. She's a vampire, and she has no idea how to live this way without Caleb. Kevin assures her that they'll figure it out. He promises to protect her, but she's scared. She cries in his arms and begs him to help her. Kevin promises to figure out a way to make this better. The doorbell rings, and he tells Livvie to hide while he gets rid of the visitor. He opens the door and sees Joshua, who demands to know where Livvie is. Joshua warns Kevin not to be a fool.

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