PC Update Thursday 4/3/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 4/3/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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At the hospital, Alison is still shaken up by Rafe's close call. She can't believe they managed to get Caz, Reese, and even Caleb down to the healing pool. She thinks it's kind of nice having her own vampire slayer. She kisses Rafe, who whispers an idea of what he'd like to do now. She laughs, wholeheartedly agreeing, but says they have to wait at the hospital a little longer. Rafe wants her to go home, but she wants to stay with him. They compromise when Alison agrees to get some coffee and relax. She warns Rafe that the war isn't over, but he already knows that. Alison is glad that Lucy wasn't hurt any worse than she was. She goes to get something to drink, and Rafe looks in on Caleb, who is sleeping in his hospital bed.

Casey sees Lucy and remembers the disturbing vision she had of her earlier. Seeing the expression on her face, Lucy says that she looks as if she's seen a ghost. Casey is concerned about Lucy, who assures her that Ian is taking extra good care of her. Mary shows up with a change of clothes for Lucy. She doesn't have much time to talk, but before she rushes off, she points out an envelope that she attached to the side of the suitcase. She thought Lucy might need it. Alone, Lucy opens the envelope and sees that it's a goodbye letter from Ian. She becomes very upset, especially at fact that Rafe agreed to kill him. Ian comes along, happy to report that her tests all look good, but Lucy doesn't want to hear it. Ian realizes that she has his letter, which Lucy characterizes as "so very thoughtful." Digging himself in even deeper, Ian explains that she wasn't supposed to get it yet. He admits that he really was going to go through with it. Lucy never thought he would just walk away from her. Ian argues that he has no choice. He's one of them. Lucy doesn't agree. Rafe comes along, and Lucy calls him a traitor for agreeing to kill Ian. When Rafe explains that he didn't like the idea either, Lucy says that he should have come to her or tried to talk Ian out of it. Rafe points out how hard it is to talk Ian out of anything. Ian tells her to be angry with him, not with Rafe. That's fine with Lucy, who reminds him that they talked about it and agreed to try to have a future together. Ian simply wants her to have a normal life, and he doesn't know what he'll do to her if he remains a vampire. Lucy knows that he wouldn't hurt her. Ian says they can't talk about it now, because they need to find Joshua. Rafe informs them that they have another problem, because Caleb brought Livvie back and turned her into his little vampire queen.

Joshua takes Livvie to his place. Crying, Livvie can't accept the idea that Caleb is gone. Joshua puts it down to shock and tells her to face the facts. The slayers want to murder the two of them. Livvie tells him to stop saying that. Joshua says that he has to take care of her, as Caleb would have wanted. Livvie insists that he's alive. She would feel it in her heart if he were dead. She knows he's out there somewhere. She tries to run and find him, but Joshua stops her. Livvie insists on finding Caleb. Joshua tells her that he has someone working on that, so that they can at least find his remains and have some closure. He assures her that Caleb fought very hard and that she would have been proud of him. His phone rings, and he's stunned when the caller informs him that Caleb is alive. After hanging up, he informs Livvie that he just received final confirmation of Caleb's death. Livvie can't accept that. She asks Joshua whether there's a spell to bring him back, but he doesn't have that kind of power. Livvie cries, not wanting to believe it. She and Caleb just found each other again, and now he's gone! Joshua pours her a drink, claiming that it will calm her down. She sits down with it and drinks. "Good girl," Joshua says quietly, pleased that she took the drugged beverage.

Chris takes Caleb's vitals while Colleen starts their patient on a second unit of blood. Caleb doesn't want them anywhere near him. He glares at the bag of blood hanging beside him. Chris tells Colleen to keep an eye out for signs of internal bleeding. When she steps out, Chris taunts Caleb about his unwanted return to the human race. Personally, Chris doesn't care whether the guy lives or dies, but he did take the Hippocratic Oath, and he's going to uphold it. Caleb stares at the I.V. in his arm and says he never wanted it to be like this. Chris understands, but Caleb's bloodsucking days are over. Now he's just an ordinary man. Caleb states that he will never be ordinary. Colleen has just returned, and she questions the patient's last statement. Chris blames it on Caleb's status as a rock star. Determined to get out of there, Caleb removes the I.V. and tries to get out of bed. Colleen runs for security. Two guards hold Caleb down while Chris injects him with a sedative.

Alison thanks Casey for all her help. She's glad to have an angel on their side. "You know me, always down to kick some vampire booty," Casey says. Alison never thought she would see the day when Caleb no longer had his fangs. She just wishes that his evil sidekick hadn't slipped through their fingers. When she mentions how happy she is that everyone survived the explosion, Casey focuses on Lucy and asks whether she'll really be all right now.

Rafe explains they can't let Livvie get to Caleb, because she'll vamp him again the first chance she gets. They have to destroy every last vampire. In Lucy's eyes, Ian has to be an exception. They have to find another way.

The glass falls from Livvie's hand. Joshua puts a cover over his victim and tells her to get some rest. Looking at her, he notes that she really is very attractive. He tries to touch the ring but can't. He vows that it will be his someday--as will Livvie. He leaves her alone the room. Livvie dreams of a tearful reunion with Caleb, who tells her that he will always find his way back to her. Her love is more powerful than all the slayers' weapons. He'll never leave her again. Livvie tells him over and over that she loves him.

Livvie's voice echoes in Caleb's hospital room. She touches her lover's face, and he opens his eyes. He's very happy to see her. Lying down with him, Livvie asks to make him whole again by bringing him back to eternal life. Caleb turns his head. Tears stream from both of his eyes. When he turns to look at her again, she's gone. He has to get to her. She's the only one who can make him whole again.

When Rafe tells Lucy to get some rest, but makes something perfectly clear. If going after Joshua and Livvie means that Ian has to die, she will personally keep them from being killed. Rafe smugly tells her that she wouldn't do that, but she assures her cousin that she would. Ian tells her that they have to face reality. Every vampire has to die in order to save Port Charles. He holds Lucy, who cries and vows not to help anyone hurt him. Chris interrupts to let them know about the problems. Caleb is even testier as a human than he was as a vampire, and he isn't too keen on the idea of being a mere mortal. Chris had to sedate him and post security at his door. Rafe doesn't think security guards are good enough. He's going to handle it himself and make sure that Livvie doesn't get to Caleb. After he and Chris leave, Ian finally talks Lucy into letting him take her home to get some rest.

Livvie opens her eyes. Caleb is calling her; she can feel it. Determined to find him, she walks out the door.

Caleb is still struggling to get out of bed. His vision is blurred as he looks around the room for his precious Olivia. He wants to get to the door, but he can't. Joshua walks in. "You again," Caleb addresses his enemy.

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