PC Update Wednesday 4/2/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/2/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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After the explosion, Joshua listens to the "1812 Overture" and enjoys its percussive finale. Looking at the detonator, he thinks that he should probably have the whole thing bronzed to commemorate the beginning of his glorious reign. He lifts his wine glass to toast himself: the last vampire standing.

Everyone who had left the hot spring starts to come around. Alison realizes what happened and is terrified for Rafe. Jamal has to physically stop her from going in after him. Jack warns her that the place could cave in on her, which sounds good to Reese. Ian arrives on the scene, looking for Lucy. Jack tells him that she's still underground with Caleb and Rafe. Ian doesn't hesitate. He goes in. Once inside, he calls out to Lucy and Rafe, but he finds Caleb first. He starts to help him, but then he sees the others and goes to them instead. He checks Lucy over and tells her to say something, but there's no response.

Livvie longs for Caleb. She's determined to do whatever it takes to find him. She spreads her arms wide and jumps from the villa terrace.

Joshua argues with a bank representative on the phone. He claims to be in charge now and insists that every cent be transferred into his account. "Hello?" he says when there's no response to his demand. Livvie storms in and informs the stunned Joshua that he's just been disconnected. She demands to know where Caleb is. She knows that something happened to him, because she felt it. Joshua suddenly realizes that she's Livvie--not Tess--and that Caleb turned her. That means he's not alone. Livvie wants to know what that means. Joshua says he was afraid there were no others left. He didn't think anyone survived the attack from the slayers. Unfortunately, it's too late; Caleb is dead. The slayers killed him, along with Caz and Reese, but Joshua managed to escape. Livvie doesn't believe him. Joshua assures her that they're the only ones left. It's up to them to avenge Caleb. He promises to protect her, but she points out that she doesn't need his protection. She shows him that she's wearing Caleb's ring around her neck. Joshua touches it and jumps back in pain.

Alison is still trying in vain to get past Jamal. He won't let her go down there, but he'll do it himself. He asks Caz and Casey to watch her while he looks for Rafe. A concerned Caz nods his agreement, but Casey doesn't think Jamal should go down there. Jamal knows it's risky, but he's going anyway. Jack is also going. Reese doesn't know why, since everyone but Caleb is dead. Jack wants to know why she thinks that. Reese replies that since Caleb rigged the explosives, he obviously had an escape plan. He destroyed everyone who set out to destroy him, and now he has his revenge. Jack wants to find out for himself whether that's true. He and Jamal go in, and Casey follows them. Reese says it's too late for Alison now, because all she can do is grieve over her dead boyfriend. Caz looks appalled at the callousness. Furious, Alison lunges for her. Caz separates them, giving them both dirty looks. Reese says that she hopes Caleb blew Rafe into a million little pieces. "You are nothing but a nasty little animal," Alison tells her.

Ian tells his unconscious lover that she's going to be fine. She has a pulse and she's breathing. Next to her, Rafe stirs and slowly sits up. Ian fills him in and says he doesn't think that Lucy has any broken bones. As Rafe walks toward where Caleb is lying, he assures Ian that he's all right. Ian asks about Caleb and learns that he's still alive but no longer a vampire. Rafe asks Ian to help clear the debris away from Caleb, but Ian refuses to leave Lucy's side. Voices signal the new arrivals. Jamal comes through first, and Ian enlists his help with Lucy. Ian then yells for Jack, who's staring at the unconscious Caleb and shining a flashlight on him. To Jamal's surprise, Casey comes through the opening. Ian orders her to keep Lucy's head still while he and Jamal try to find something to put under her. Casey tries giving Lucy a pep talk, but she's visibly shaken when she has a vision of Lucy lying in a casket. Rafe tells Jack to give him a hand, but Jack refuses. He tells Rafe to let Caleb die. Ian and Jamal return, and along with Casey, they work together to lay Lucy on a flat surface so that they can move her.

Caz has to break it up again, and when Reese starts talking, he throws up in arms in defeat. Reese says they trapped her like an animal and made her lose her gift. She talks about the night Caleb honored her, and her choice of words really sets Alison off. She can't believe that Reese thinks Caleb actually cared about her. She was like his little puppet. Reese says that Caleb is welcome to pull her strings anytime. Alison throws out some more insults, and Caz pulls them apart again. The police show up and demand to know what's going on. Reese claims not to have seen anything. Caz wants her to tell the truth. Hearing Caz use her name, one of the officers takes her aside to take her statement. He wants her to spell her name, "nice and slow." While no one's looking, Alison sneaks through the hole made by the blast.

Since Jack won't lift a finger to help Caleb, Rafe tells him to stay out of his way. Caleb is human, and they can't just leave him to die. Admittedly, Caleb has destroyed many lives, but from what Rafe has heard, Jack's been doing quite a number on his own life. This is his chance to turn it around. Jack relents and starts to help Rafe clear a fallen beam. When Jamal goes to them, Rafe says they need two more hands, but Jamal informs them that it's time to move Lucy, and they need someone to clear the path. Jack is ready to volunteer, saying that Lucy comes first. Jamal says that Ian wants Rafe there in case he can sense anything about Lucy. Rafe asks Jack whether he'll be all right. Jack gives him a dirty look and tells him to go help Lucy. Rafe goes to his cousin. Ian informs him that she had a blow to the head. Rafe isn't sure they should move her, but Jamal points out that the place could come down any minute. Ian, Jamal, and Casey slowly lift Lucy up and begin to carry her toward the opening. Casey has a very serious look on her face. Rafe tells Jack that he'll be back. Jack lifts the fallen beam, but when Rafe is gone, he lets go of it. Now that the coast is clear, he takes out a knife and holds it at Caleb's throat. It's time to get rid of Caleb once and for all. The knife at his throat, Caleb's eyes suddenly open. Jack taunts Caleb, who struggles in vain. "You're a little man, Jack. You always will be," Caleb tells him. Jack grabs him by the hair and asks for one good reason not to kill him. Alison comes in and finds them. She tries to pull Jack away from Caleb, but Jack is determined to finish him off. Rafe arrives just in time and pulls him away. In the struggle, Jack pushes Alison. Rafe runs to her, and Jack swears he didn't mean to hurt her. Rafe orders him to get out now. He starts to go after Jack, but Alison pulls him back. She's very happy to finally see Rafe and know that he's all right. Rafe warns that the place is very unstable. He wants her to go back to the top. He won't be long. Alison does as he asks.

Livvie is surprised that Joshua can't touch the ring. Joshua continues to tell her that Caleb is dead because of Ian and the slayers. He insists that Livvie come with him, offering to serve her as he served Caleb. They need to go somewhere safe and plan their revenge. They're the only two of their kind left in the entire world. He asks her to trust him. Livvie falls into his arms, crying. Promising to take care of her, Joshua walks her out.

Ian hears sirens and tells Lucy that an ambulance is coming. Nearby, Casey remarks that Ian loved Lucy very much. Jamal questions her use of the past tense. Lucy opens her eyes, and Ian tells her that she's going to be fine. Lucy's condition confuses Casey, who goes off alone and tells herself to get a grip. She tells herself that she was just seeing things. Reese runs to Jack, who informs her that Caleb is alive. He wanted to kill him, but Rafe stopped him. He's ready to leave, but Reese isn't going anywhere with him. Jack tells her to suit herself. The fact is that she and her boss are human now, and the world can be a tough, lonely place. Alison comes out, and Jack says he didn't mean to hurt her. She doesn't believe that. She doesn't know him at all anymore. She tells him to take a good look at himself and figure it out while he still can. The first thing he should do is get rid of Reese. Lucy is relieved that Caleb isn't a vampire anymore. Ian tells her that Joshua blew up the place in an attempt to kill them all.

Rafe crouches beside Caleb, who says to either help him or take a walk. Either way, he wants it to be fast, because he has to get to Olivia. Rafe figures out that Caleb got rid of Tess, brought Livvie back, and turned her into a vampire. Now Caleb obviously wants her to return the favor. He just wants to keep using her, but Rafe won't let him anywhere near her again. He holds out his hand to help Caleb up. Caleb pushes it away and tries for himself. He takes a painful fall. Rafe laughs and holds out his hand again. This time, Caleb takes it, and Rafe helps him to his feet.

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