PC Update Tuesday 4/1/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/1/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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"Cement is thick, and brick by brick, I'm bricking up a jerk," Kevin sings as he gleefully builds the wall to imprison Ian. His captive groans as he regains consciousness, and Kevin puts up another cinder block. Ian weakly informs him that he can't move. Kevin knows all about that. He mixed an elephant's dose of sedative with an agent that causes paralysis from the neck down. Ian asks what he's doing. "O, Danny's da, the bricks, the bricks are walling," Kevin sings to the tune of "Danny Boy." Ian is convinced that Kevin has lost his mind. Kevin doesn't think so. In fact, if Ian thinks that he will allow Lucy to throw her life away on a bloodsucker like him, then Ian is the one who has lost his mind.

Reese and Caz lie on the ground near the healing pool as the others stand around them. Lucy is worried about Ian, and Jamal thinks she has a good reason to be worried. Rafe tells his cousin to calm down. Jack doesn't see how Rafe can say that after killing Reese and Caz. Rafe and the others explain that they're not dead, and that they will soon wake up cured. Jack thinks they're crazy. He goes to Reese to perform CPR, but she immediately wakes up in a bad mood. Caz is next, and he's thirsty. He wants real water, not the special vampire formula. Reese doesn't like this at all. Everything's changed; the fun is over. Rafe doesn't agree with that. In his opinion, the fun is just beginning. Caleb has probably sensed the loss of his two prime toadies, which means that he'll come flying to them like a bat out of hell. They'd better be ready.

Livvie tries to stop Caleb from leaving, but he says that she doesn't understand. Livvie insists that she does. Caleb says that something is happening and they need him. He has no choice. He has a bad feeling that he can't ignore. Livvie pleads with him. They have everything they need. They shouldn't care what the slayers are doing. She wants him to stay with her and love her. Caleb tells her not to be afraid. He has to face Rafe one last time. He's going to finish it, for their sake. Livvie announces that she's going with him. Caleb informs her that she's not going anywhere. Livvie says that she won't let anyone split them apart again. This isn't just his war anymore, and she's going with him. Caleb refuses to lose her again. He's the one they want. Livvie asks how he can just walk into their arms this way. Caleb reminds her that their attempts to destroy him have always failed, and they'll fail again. Livvie really hates this. Caleb promises to be back very soon. He gives her his family ring for protection and tells her to wear it very close to her heart. Livvie begs him to stay, but Caleb tells her to believe in him. They kiss passionately before he leaves for the hot spring.

Caz stands up, amazed that he's not a vampire anymore. Jamal assures him that he's a free man with no more cravings. Caz runs to Lucy and gives her a bear hug. He goes around thanking everyone.

"Thank you, Scarecrow and Auntie Em," Joshua says from the studio as he monitors the events at the healing pool. "You're disgusting. I never did trust you," he adds. He hears Caz say that he never thought he'd feel this way again. "If you like the way that feels, Judas Punk, I've got this whole new explosive experience here for you," Joshua says, his finger toying with the detonator switch.

Caz says that his legs are still wobbly, so Jamal and Casey help him to the surface. As they leave, Reese accuses Caz of being a traitor. Trying to help her up, Alison says that someday she'll realize that this was for the best. Reese slaps her. "Wow, you really are Miss Congeniality even without those fangs, aren't you?" Alison remarks. Reese just wants to be there when Caleb kills them all. Jack is ready to take her home, but she pushes him away; she doesn't need his help. They follow Caz and the others aboveground. Rafe wants Alison to go home now. She argues, but he wants doesn't want her to be there when Caleb shows up. Lucy promises not to take her eyes off her cousin. Alison and Rafe kiss. Alison thanks Lucy for looking out for him. When Rafe tells Alison that he loves her, she asks him to love her enough to come home. "That's the plan," Rafe assures her. Alison leaves. Lucy is convinced that something has happened to Ian. She can feel it. He should have had Joshua there by now. Rafe tells her to go find him, but Lucy reminds him of her promise to Alison. Rafe tells her to just get back as soon as she can. She agrees, and on her way out, a powerful force suddenly knocks her down. Rafe asks what the hell happened. Caleb suddenly appears before them. "'Hell' is exactly right," he says, baring his fangs.

Ian tells Kevin that he can't do this, but Kevin is confident that he can. When Ian tells Kevin to let him go, Kevin pretends to write that down on his hand. Ian says that he has to find Joshua. He tries to make him understand that all their lives depend on it. Kevin is tired of Ian thinking of himself as such a hero. Ian says that he has to save Lucy. That's what Kevin is doing right now; he's saving Lucy from Ian. "You know, you're literally one of those people that can just suck a person dry, and even Lucy deserves better than that," Kevin remarks. Ian thinks Kevin is too smart to really believe he can get away with this. Kevin replies that he is smart, and he will get away with this. No one will ever find Ian. "Home improvement--it's all in the details," he comments. There's just one more detail to take care of before finishing this project. He gets out a long wooden stake and begins to sharpen it. Ian tells Kevin that he'll be a murderer. Kevin doesn't think it's murder if the deceased isn't human. Ian vows not to let him do this, but Kevin doesn't think he has a choice. Ian's vampire identity kicks in. His eyes glowing with a vampire's rage, he stands up and busts through the wall. Kevin wields the stake, but Ian takes it and then grabs him by the throat. He bares his fangs and seems ready to bite him. Instead, he throws Kevin down. Kevin is stunned as he watches Ian's rage. Ian leaves before doing any damage.

Rafe tells Lucy to be ready with the music and to stay back. Caleb is impressed that they've found his secret garden. Rafe says that he shouldn't have kept it to himself. Caleb remarks that he was never good at sharing, and whenever people play with his toys uninvited, he gets cranky. Rafe says he was sick of waiting for an invitation. Caleb tells him that he should have left the band alone. "Really? 'Cause I thought if I took your little Electric Nightmare Orchestra and turned them into human beings, maybe--just maybe---it would improve their playing," Rafe retorts. Caleb informs him that he thought wrong. Rafe isn't finished. He's thinking that Caleb's songwriting will improve with a little humanity. As he says "humanity," he uses his slayer powers to knock Caleb across the cave. Lucy is impressed. She wants to play the music now, but Rafe tells her to wait and to stay back. Caleb informs Rafe that his little demonstration wasn't bad, but it wasn't good enough. He uses his own power to render Rafe immobile. Lucy tries to run to her cousin, but Caleb grabs her by the throat. Struggling, Rafe shouts at her to play the music. With great difficulty, she manages to turn on the music, and the first five notes of "Naked Eyes" begin to play. Caleb tries to break Lucy's neck. Rafe breaks loose and pushes the vampire into the water, causing Lucy to fall in as well. As soon as they hit the water, the mysterious red light bathes the area.

Caz says that this is the best night of his life. He's human again, and he likes the way that sounds and feels. His soul is his own now. Casey asks him and Jamal to pray with her. This concept is alien to Caz, but he agrees. They all join hands, and Casey looks heavenward as she says her special kind of prayer. "Hey, dude, it's me," she begins, making Jamal laugh quietly. "This is just a heads-up for you on a couple of our friends who are underneath our feet someplace nearby. Now there's a big fight going down, and they could definitely need your help slugging it out. So look out, and pull through for them, okay, big guy? Peace. Over and out." Jamal chuckles and says "amen," which Caz echoes.

Reese storms out, telling Jack to leave her alone. Jack knows that this isn't what she wanted, but it's not that bad. Alison tells her it's all for the best. Reese orders her to stay away. She should have taken a bite out of her when she had the chance! Alison wants to know why she didn't. Reese blames Jack, who has a really uncool effect on her. She lunges for Alison again, and Jack intervenes. Alison says that Reese is just too stupid to realize that she now has a second chance. Reese doesn't want a chance to be anything like Alison. She happened to like who she was! Jack tells Reese that he liked who she was, but he also likes who she is now. Hearing this, Alison shoots him a look of utter disbelief. Jack is ready to take Reese home. Alison warns him not to do this, because it's going to be Livvie all over again, but Jack won't take her advice. He leaves with Reese, who tells Alison that this isn't over.

Livvie pines for Caleb, who is submerged in the healing pool. Rafe helps Lucy out of the water. She apologizes for losing the music, but Rafe points out how lucky she is that she didn't lose anything else. They should know soon whether or not it worked. Either way, Caleb is not going to wake up happy. Caleb thrashes around in the water. The red light disappears. "Son of a bitch!!!" Caleb yells. He climbs out of the healing pool and laughs. He congratulates Rafe but says it isn't over. Lucy taunts the former head vampire, who says that he doesn't need power to kill her. Rafe informs him that there will be no more killing. It's over.

"No!" Livvie screams as she sinks to the ground. Her eyes and fangs show that she's one very upset vampire.

Joshua has been listening intently to the events at the healing pool. "And so it's finished. The king is mortal, which means he can be terminated. The king is dead. Long live the new king, and welcome to his brave new world." Joshua toasts his victory just before flipping the detonator switch. He can hear the blast from the explosion.

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