PC Update Monday 3/31/03

Port Charles Update Monday 3/31/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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At the lighthouse, Kevin tries in vain to get loose as he remembers how Lucy left him tied to the chair. Someone knocks on the door, and Kevin calls out for help. Fortunately for him, the door isn't locked, and Karen comes inside. Kevin asks her to get him out of this. She wants to know what happened, but he insists that there's no time to explain. He just wants to get loose. When Karen hesitates, Kevin makes up a lie about being attacked. He's very sparing with the information, and Karen doesn't quite trust him. Elaborating a bit to try to satisfy her, Kevin says that he came home and interrupted two men who had broken in. Looking around, Karen doesn't see any signs of that, but Kevin says that they took some things from upstairs and tied him up before he could call the police. He's very impatient with Karen, who finally manages to untie him. His hands free, Kevin unties the ropes on his feet. As a doctor, Karen wants to check him out, but Kevin insists that there's no time for that. He tells her not to call the police, because he's going to take care of this himself.

Rafe tells Ian that he has a better way of dealing with Joshua. He wants Ian to kill him. After all, the goal is to eliminate Joshua and save Ian. All he has to do is bleed him to death. Ian refuses to do that. Rafe points out that Ian wanted a solution, and this is it. Lucy tells Ian that he has no choice but to do this. Ian says it's not that simple. He won't do it, end of story. He won't lose his soul. Lucy doesn't think that getting rid of evil would cause him to lose his soul, but Ian is adamant. Rafe announces that it's time to go. He makes sure that Alison knows what to do, and she assures him that she's ready. She'll be all right, because she's fast. At the hot spring, she's going to turn the music up loud when a vampire is in the water, but if it starts affecting either of the slayers, she'll turn it off. Lucy wants to go with Ian to get Joshua, but Ian wants to go alone, and Rafe needs her at the healing pool. Lucy begs Ian to reconsider his position on killing Joshua, but his mind is made up. They all leave the apartment together. As soon as they're gone, Elizabeth starts knocking from inside the closet.

Livvie is enjoying her new life as a vampire. She begs Caleb to stop teasing her and feed. He complies. This brings out Livvie's fangs, which she happily sinks into his neck. After the feeding, Livvie says that they finally did it. They're both exactly who they want to be, and they're together. Caleb says that they've earned it. Livvie believes they deserve to be happy. She promises not to hurt him again. Caleb vows not to let anyone hurt her.

Jack hangs around outside the building where the studio is located. He's waiting for Reese, who comes outside and puts her arms around his neck. Jack pulls away when he notices a drop of blood on the corner of her mouth. Defensive, Reese says that she needed it. Jack wants to know whom she was feeding on. Just arriving, Alison asks why it matters. She informs Jack that Reese tried to bite her earlier. Reese warns her to back off, but Jack asks the vamp whether it's true. Alison provokes her with some insults, threats, and a slap in the face. Then she runs, and Jack is powerless to stop Reese from chasing her, so he runs after them.

Casey is waiting around for Caz, who reminds her of the rules against hanging out together. Casey flirts with him, and when he asks whether she's coming onto him, she claims that she's always had a thing for him. She wants him to go to a party with her.

At the healing pool, Rafe and Lucy prepare themselves for what's to come. Rafe believes it will work, but they have some slayer weapons just in case. Everyone knows what to do. Rafe assures his cousin that Ian will be all right. Lucy is worried that Caleb won't show up, but Rafe is confident that he will. He really wants to get Caleb, because this all begins and ends with him.

Ian uses the electronic lock pick that he got from Victor to get into the studio. Inside, he starts looking for a calendar or something to tell him what Joshua is up to. Finding the floor plan to Caleb's loft, he wonders why Joshua has something like that. He hides when he hears a noise at the door. Joshua enters the room, talking on the phone. He's finalizing plans for an explosion at the hot spring. He wants assurances that there will be no survivors.

Livvie feels so safe and so strong in Caleb's arms. He tells her that they're both stronger now than they've ever been. They're almost untouchable, and they are complete. They can have whatever they want or need.

Lucy and Rafe wait in front of the ice. Lucy doesn't understand how her cousin can be so calm and patient, but he explains that it's part of being a slayer. Jamal suddenly announces that they have incoming. Casey comes down the ladder first, followed by Caz. Rafe grabs Caz. Jamal congratulates Casey, who says the boss never said she couldn't change a vampire's life. While Lucy holds a gun on Caz, Jamal takes him out of sight to wait. Soon, they can hear that more people are coming to the spring. Alison descends the ladder and says that Reese is coming. Reese comes down, followed closely by Jack. Seeing Rafe, Reese turns to run and tells Jack that it's a trap. Lucy stops her temporarily, but she gets away from Lucy with Jack. Jamal, Casey, and Alison come out of hiding with Caz. Jack is afraid that they're going to kill Reese, but Jamal explains that they're trying to cure the vampires. Reese runs but Rafe grabs her.

Joshua is monitoring all this with a bug, talking to himself as he listens. Ian hears this from his hiding place. Joshua goes outside, and Ian follows him. Joshua is oblivious to Ian's presence behind him. As Ian waits for the right moment, a hand closes over his mouth. Another hand injects something into his neck. Joshua leaves, still listening and having no idea of what just happened. "Poor bastard, you always were a pain in the neck," Kevin tells the unconscious Ian.

Joshua returns to the studio with a heavy case that contains the detonator. He checks in on the situation again and hears Reese's "irritating little voice" giving Rafe a hard time. "All my dreams coming true are just one tiny little click away," he muses.

Reese struggles, and Jack tells Rafe not to make her go in. They want Caz to go in first. Jamal is holding onto Caz, who is staring long and hard at the water. Reese tells him not to do it, but he's ready. He tells her that it's over. Rafe has Lucy take charge of Reese, then tells Alison that she knows what to do. She runs to turn on the music. Jamal takes Reese. The music begins to play. Rafe tells Caz to focus on the music. "And be rid of this curse forever," Caz adds before jumping in. As soon as he hits the water, everyone is bathed in red light. Rafe and Lucy are holding their ears, unable to tolerate the music. The red light goes away. Lucy tells Alison to turn off the music. She can't take it anymore. She tells Rafe that she's worried about Ian, who should have been there with Joshua by now.

Kevin pushes a wheelbarrow into his art studio. It holds several cinder blocks, which he's using to build a thick wall to seal Ian inside. Still unconscious, Ian has no idea.

Reese struggles in Rafe's grip. Jack comes to her rescue, and she gets away. She grabs Alison and tries to bite her again, but she can't, and it stuns her enough to let Rafe grab her again. Rafe tells Lucy to start the music. When it starts, Rafe picks up Reese and throws her into the water. The mysterious red light reappears.

Caleb senses that something is wrong. This scares Livvie. Caleb knows that it has to do with the slayers. He can feel it. He has to go. Livvie begs him not to leave her.

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