PC Update Friday 3/28/03


Port Charles Update Friday 3/28/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Lucy stops just outside the lighthouse, remembering how final Ian's goodbye sounded. She knocks hard, then lets herself in. Kevin is fixing martinis, but she declines his offer to pour one for her. He reports that Christina is sound asleep, and she didn't give him any trouble. She really is a wonderful little girl. Kevin thinks they should be proud of her. Hearing him refer to her as their daughter, Lucy decides to have a drink after all. "Looking a little peaked there, Lucy. Breaking up with Dr. Demented take it out of you?" he asks. In Lucy's opinion, just standing in the room with Kevin is more than enough. When he tries to get her to toast their relationship, she glares at him. They sit down on the couch together. Contradicting his earlier remark, Kevin now says that Lucy must thrive under adversity, because she really looks lovely. He really does believe they have a chance. Things have certainly been worse between them. Lucy wants to get away from him. She says that she's going to check on Christina, but Kevin tells her not to wake her up. He's trying to figure out exactly when she ran out of understanding. He thinks that she's there with him now for all the wrong reasons. When Lucy mentions blackmail, he thinks she's being harsh. Lucy reminds him that he threatened to tell everyone about Ian if she didn't live there with him. Kevin tells her that she has to do more than just live there. She has to live there as his wife, with everything it entails. He thinks they can give it their best shot. Lucy decides to go to bed, and Kevin says that he laid out her nightgown for her. They don't have to make love until she's ready, but he will be sleeping next to her.

Joshua oversees Ricky's practice session. Ricky takes a short break. Joshua doesn't think he's worked hard enough yet. There will be a time when Ricky is called upon to do more, and Joshua wants him to be ready. Reminding him that it's a concert, Ricky points out that Joshua talks as if they're taking over the world. Joshua lectures the drummer about the importance of drive and hunger over charm, and about the frustration of someone else always being in the spotlight. Ricky asks whether Joshua is still talking about him. Joshua gives him a look. He sits down and explains that he's paid to psych up the team. The road to the top can be tough. Sometimes rules have to be bent, lines must be drawn, and sides have to be taken. Certain people will have to be sacrificed. Ricky assures him he's ready to do whatever it takes. Joshua knew he could count on him. He tells Ricky to go home and get some sleep, which Ricky is only too happy to do. Joshua turns off the lights and turns the spotlight on himself. "It's my turn now, Caleb. I've waited my entire life for this moment. I'm gonna bring you down, and all your friendly neighborhood slayers with you," he vows.


Ian goes to Rafe's and tells the slayer that it's time. Rafe is ready. Alison isn't. She hugs Ian and says that she doesn't like this. She doesn't want him to die trying to save everyone else. Ian tells her that she and Rafe have a long, beautiful life ahead of them, and it will be hard enough for her to take care of Rafe. It would be even harder if they had to live in a world filled with vampires. Alison just doesn't want Ian to think that they gave up. She's determined to find a way to save him. Ian would like that, but they have a job to do, and Rafe agrees. "After tonight, Port Charles will be free of all vampires once and for all," Ian believes. He tells Alison that they can't let his situation get in the way. He appreciates that she cares, but they have a job to do. Rafe points out that Caleb has been missing in action for a while now. They have to get the other vampires down to the hot spring, and when he senses that they're in danger, he'll be drawn to them. That's when the good guys can grab him. The hard part starts after all the vampires are gone. It's obvious that he's referring to his promise to slay the last remaining vampire--the one who can't be cured in the healing pool. Ian says that he would do it for Rafe if the situation were reversed. Rafe believes that Ian would find another way. Ian would like Rafe to do the same, but if he can't, slaying him is the right thing to do. This entire conversation is really upsetting Alison, especially when she finds out that Ian doesn't plan to tell Lucy about this. Ian says that he wrote her a letter. Alison thinks he's being very courageous, but Ian says it's not courage. He's actually afraid of doing the wrong thing. They all head out, and as the door opens, Elizabeth scurries to hide behind it. They see her anyway, and Rafe asks what she's up to now.


When Lucy returns, Kevin is looking at some photos of the two of them. He starts talking about when they were taken, but Lucy changes the subject. She claims that Christina is restless and says that she's going to sleep in her room. Kevin doesn't have a problem with that, but he insists on getting a goodnight kiss from his wife. Just before his lips touch hers, he's knocked out from behind. It's Victor to the rescue. Lucy cries and throws her arms around her father-in-law.


Joshua takes another look at his plans for eliminating the competition. "There. All the little vampires are going to take a nice, hot bath--take a nice long dip in the bat soup to cleanse their souls. All except me, of course. I'm going to be the big bat--the last bat standing." When Reese comes in, he tells her that he's securing his future, adding that there are going to be a lot of changes. Reese is feeling out of sorts. She doesn't like the fact that Caleb seems to have abandoned them. To make matters worse, she tried to feed earlier but couldn't. She's famished, and the water isn't cutting it. Joshua understands. He offers his own neck, which she gladly accepts. They enjoy a mutual feeding. It makes Reese sleepy, so Joshua tells her to lie down and take a nap. She lies down on the couch in the studio. Joshua tells the napping Reese that it was her last supper. By the time he's finished, there simply won't be room for her.


Victor ties the now-seated Kevin to his chair as Lucy tears up the photos he was looking at. Kevin thinks she's a real piece of work to get his own father to plot against him. Victor wouldn't have let Lucy down; she's family. Kevin bitterly says that the man who turned his back on both of his sons suddenly finds a warm and cuddly place in his heart for family. Lucy refuses to let him blame Victor for helping her. She looks frantically for the pictures and the audiotape he was using as blackmail. She finds something and tosses it into the fire. Victor tries to comfort her, but it's no use. As far as she's concerned, it will never be okay again. She has to get out of there. Victor promises to take Christina somewhere safe. He goes to take care of the little girl. Kevin looks at Lucy with contempt, then stops her as she starts to leave. He doesn't want her to leave him tied up. That's exactly what she does.


Rafe, Alison, and Ian force Elizabeth into the apartment and demand to know why she was spying on them. She says that she wasn't. Ian wants to know why she was lurking out there if she wasn't spying. She claims to have been trying to get up enough nerve to come inside. Alison reminds her that she's not even supposed to be in town, and Rafe figures out that she never left. Elizabeth explains that she had to make sure that Joshua wasn't going to come after her. She reluctantly admits to filling him in on their plans to eliminate the vampires. She assures them that he won't tell Caleb, because he wants to get rid of Caleb just as much as they do. He's tired of being second banana. He wants to be master of the vampire kingdom. Rafe thinks that Joshua must be crazy, but Elizabeth says that he's power-hungry. Alison can't believe she trusted her mother. Elizabeth says she feels horrible about it, but Joshua is terrifying. He wanted her to leave the country, but she didn't. She thinks Alison is being unfair, because she risked her life to come tell them this. She should have let them all hang. They certainly don't deserve her. "Truer words were never spoken," Ian remarks as she storms out. Alison locks the door behind her mother. They try to figure out how to keep Joshua from using what he knows. Ian thinks it's easy. They have to throw him into the healing pool. Rafe has a better idea. He wants Ian to bite Joshua and feed until he's dead. Ian refuses to do any such thing. Rafe is angry. Ian told him to find another way, and this is it. After he kills Joshua, they'll throw him into the spring and he'll be cured. Alison is the first to notice Lucy's presence. Ian turns around, and Lucy tells him that Rafe is right. He has to do it so that his own life can be saved.

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