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Port Charles Update Thursday 3/27/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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A very forlorn Ian sits alone, contemplating his fate. Just down the hall, Lucy's phone rings. "You haven't told Dr. Fang that you're leaving him yet?" Kevin asks her. Lucy protests that she can't just spring this on Ian. Kevin reminds her that it would be very hard on Christina if the courts found out that her mother was living with a vampire. He wants her to tell Ian soon, because he and Christina are waiting for her. After hanging up, Lucy goes into her living room, where Ian is waiting. She has something to tell him, but he doesn't want her to say anything. He just wants to hold her right now. They put their arms around each other and kiss. They move to the couch, where they hold each other tight. Lucy tries not to burst into tears. Ian looks very sad. They make love, both believing it's for the last time, but for different reasons.

Scowling, Rafe wants to know what just happened. Alison just stopped him from slaying Reese, even though the vamp was ready to bite Alison's neck. Alison knows that, but she also knows that for some reason, Reese couldn't do it. She speculates that maybe hanging out with Jack has forced Reese to develop some sort of conscience. Rafe thinks it's possible; he's seen stranger things happen. It's just that he's been getting a strange feeling. He's a slayer, but he just passed up a chance to kill a vampire. It could just be that he's losing his touch, but he thinks there's been a shift in the universe, and he doesn't like the way it's tilting. Alison thinks it may be good this time. Rafe doesn't agree. He thinks there's a whole new threat out there. Alison thinks that if he's right, it must not be Caleb. She believes that Tess brings out the good in him and that her love would have rubbed off on him. That's why the shift is probably for the good. "Maybe," Rafe says, then tries to get her to take a walk with him. She hates when he does that! Rafe acts surprised. Alison tells him that she hates when he changes the subject just because she got close to something he doesn't want to talk about. She accuses him of doing it all the time. Rafe denies doing any such thing. If she doesn't want to take a walk, they can get something to eat. Alison isn't amused. She tells him to stop it. She just wants to be prepared if something is heating up. Rafe reluctantly admits that he senses a shift in the balance of good and evil. Unfortunately, evil has the inside track. He just wishes he knew where Caleb was getting his sudden burst of power.

Livvie urges Caleb to bite her. She knows that he wants to do it. She craves him and aches for him, and she doesn't want to wait any longer. Caleb wants it to be a gift, not a curse. He wants her to be sure. She is. Caleb sinks his fangs deep into her neck. When he pulls away, two bloody marks are visible on her neck. Livvie says weakly that she feels as if she's flying--as if she can rise right out of her body. She asks whether she's dying. Caleb explains that she's just leaving her mortal body behind. He asks whether she trusts him, and she does. "When you awake, I promise you'll finally know the meaning of ecstasy, of eternal life," Caleb tells her. He promises to be there when she opens her eyes, and then the two of them will be unstoppable.

Ian wants Lucy to know how much happiness she's brought into his life. He reminds her that she wanted to tell him something. Lucy claims not to remember, then changes her mind. It was just that she ran into Kevin earlier, and they were talking about Christina. Ian admits that it's none of his business, but he doesn't think Kevin should be alone with Christina. Lucy doesn't think so, either. She tells Ian that she would do anything in her power to protect the little girl. She wants him to know how much she loves him. He senses that something is wrong. Lucy wishes that she could stop time in this exact moment. Ian agrees with that. Soon, Lucy's phone rings. Ian tells her not to answer it, but she has to. It's Kevin again. He accuses her of not telling Ian yet. Not saying enough to clue Ian in, she tells Kevin that she did and that she will be there. After hanging up, she lies to Ian about the call. She claims that it was Gail calling to say that Christina seems to be coming down with the flu. Ian offers to get her bed ready, but Lucy says she doesn't want to move her. She's going to stay with her at Gail's. "Well, that's it, then," Ian says. Lucy thinks he makes it sound so final. Touching his chin lovingly, she tells him that she will always love him. She takes her purse and leaves. Alone in Lucy's home, Ian keeps his hand against the door. On the other side, unaware that Ian is telling her goodbye one last time, Lucy keeps her hand on the door as tears stream down her face.

Rafe paces nervously, which makes Alison nervous. He brings up the possibility that Caleb brought Livvie back. It would account for the change he's feeling, because Caleb does get his power from Livvie. If the two of them have teamed up, they could be facing a pretty unholy alliance.

Caleb lights candles all around Livvie. He kisses her, and her eyelids begin to flutter. She opens her eyes and looks at him. "Welcome home, sweetheart," he says. Livvie looks around the room. Everything is just the same, yet different. Caleb tells her that it's better than it was. Livvie feels the silk, which is softer than before. Her skin is so electric. Were his eyes always this seductive? She has all these new sensations coursing through her body. She fought so hard to get back to him. She apologizes for betraying him. "That was the past," Caleb reminds her. Their new life starts today, this very moment. They kiss. Livvie wants to be just like him. She begs him to teach her. He picks her up and carries her back to the pillows, where they make love. Livvie has never felt so much power before. Caleb promises that every night will be like this. Livvie is amazed by her new life. There's so much that she wants to do, but she doesn't know where to start. She's so happy to finally be where she belongs. "It's not about anyone else anymore. Not from my past, not Livvie or Tess. It's about you, Olivia. My present and my future. The woman you are meant to be," Caleb tells her. They kiss. Livvie smiles, revealing a huge set of fangs. They kiss some more.

Rafe and Alison hope that things will look better in the morning. Alison reminds Rafe that Ian and Lucy are on their side. "Let's hear it for the good guys," Rafe says. As they kiss, they move toward the bed. When they lie down, a bright white light shines down on them.

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