PC Update Wednesday 3/26/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/26/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Alison tries to follow Rafe, but Reese stops her just outside the Recovery Room, fully intending to bite her. She points out that Alison should have paid attention to her own safety instead of worrying about Jack. Alison picks up a chair, uses it to knock her down, and runs. Reese concedes round one, but as far as she's concerned, the fun is just beginning. She runs after her prey.

Rafe returns to the hot spring. He doesn't see anyone, but he knows he's not alone. He can feel that something has changed. He finds Ian's tape recorder by the side of the spring and discovers that the battery is dead. He calls out for Ian, who eventually emerges from the water. Rafe demands to know what's going on. Ian thinks it's obvious. He thought he could be cured. He drank the human blood that Lucy gave him, went to the healing pool, turned on the song, and got into the water. It didn't work. He's still a vampire. Rafe thinks they may need to do something different, but Ian is certain that he can't be cured unless he feeds on a human being first, and he'll never do that. Rafe says that they have to act now and put the other vampires in the healing pool, because Caleb's power is growing stronger. He can feel it. Ian reminds Rafe of his promise to kill the last vampire standing. Rafe protests that they'll do the full vampires and then look for other ways to cure Ian. Afraid he'll end up killing someone, Ian is adamant about this. He's asking Rafe as a friend. Out of answers, Rafe reluctantly agrees. Ian wants him to make Lucy understand, but Rafe doesn't think that's possible. They leave together.

Kevin admires Christina's drawing. Lucy tells him that Christina finally fell asleep. She asks how he can be so cruel. Kevin doesn't see himself that way. Proudly displaying the drawing, he reminds her about the smile on Christina's face. Lucy claims that his lie put the smile of her face. When Kevin says that he loves Christina, Lucy tells him not to ever say that. Kevin orders her not to tell him how he feels. He does love her. He got her mom home to stay with her family. Lucy doesn't call this a family or a home. It's a prison. Kevin points out that she's the one making it a prison. This is her home, and he is her husband. Gritting her teeth, Lucy asks why he wants her when she can't stand the sight of him. Kevin points out that she's standing in the living room of a man she claims she can't stand the sight of. He thinks she's using Christina to get back into his life. Lucy says he's crazier than she thought. Kevin thinks she's trying really hard to hate him but can't. Lucy decides to try another tactic. She says that she needs to re-think her situation, so she's going to take Christina and go do that. Kevin uses the fact that Christina is asleep to prevent Lucy from taking her. Still trying to make him think she might give him a chance, Lucy apologizes, and Kevin assures her that he doesn't blame her for any of this. He blames Ian. Lucy wants him to leave Ian out of it, and Kevin wishes he could. He wants some time with his wife, without any outside interference. He steps a little too close to her, which scares her. She gasps and jumps back. Kevin says that this makes him sad. He's trying very hard. The old Kevin didn't know how to fight hard enough for the people he loved, but the new Kevin does. Without his knowledge, Lucy reaches down and grabs a knife as she tells him that he's forcing her to fight back. She holds up the knife and warns him not to get any closer. She doesn't want to be forced to do this. Spreading his arms, Kevin tells her to plunge the knife straight through his heart. He asks whether she'll feel any better when he's dead, she's in prison, and Christina is in a foster home. Lucy is sick that it's come to this. So is Kevin. He brought Christina back so that they could be a family. She'll never get custody while she's living with a vampire. He wants her to put down the knife and give this some thought. Christina will stay with him for the night, and Lucy is also welcome to stay. Lucy sets the knife down. She needs to make Ian understand that she wants what's best for her family. She doesn't want to uproot Christina again. Kevin assures her that Christina will be safe with him. He would never hurt her. Lucy agrees to go pack some things and talk to Ian. Kevin is glad they finally came to an understanding. After Lucy leaves in tears, Kevin picks up the knife, saying, "Till death do us part."

Caleb enjoys the reunion with his Olivia. He takes her hand and begins to recite their wedding vows. When Livvie joins in, Caleb is pleased that she remembers the words. They complete the vows, and Caleb whisks them both away to the villa. Livvie is now wearing a black dress instead of the clothes that Tess wore. Caleb tells her that he wants to devour her. They kiss passionately. Soon, he's chasing the elusive Olivia around the room as she hides among the sheers. She tells him to find her. "I'll always find you," Caleb says as he comes to her. When they kiss, Caleb draws blood, which he puts on his fingertip and then tastes. That isn't enough for her.

Alison arrives at the apartment she now shares with Rafe. She's relieved at having lost Reese. "Not quite," Reese says from inside the apartment. She chases Alison, backing her up against the wall. Alison doesn't understand why she's doing this. Reese informs her that she hurt her feelings. She's very sensitive, and she didn't appreciate being told she was disgusting and unworthy of love. Now Alison is about to find out how it feels to be unloved, because her slayer boyfriend won't be able to stand the sight of her. Alison begs her not to do this. She quietly calls out for Rafe. Reese bares her fangs and lowers her mouth on Alison's neck. Alison screams and pushes her away, but Reese is determined. She tries again, but she can't bite her. Reese is confused. She wants to know what Alison did to her. She vows to kill her with her bare hands. Rafe comes to the rescue and throws Reese across the room. He stands over her with a stake, but Alison stops him. Reese stands up and disappears. Rafe demands to know why Alison stopped him from staking Reese.

Kevin sits on the couch, confident that Lucy will come back to him, just like she always does. He picks up the red teddy he tried to get her to wear when he abducted her from the cabin.

Lucy is waiting for Ian when he gets in. Taking one look at him, she realizes that he tried the healing pool again and that it didn't work. Ian is frustrated. He drank the blood, listened to the music, and jumped into the healing pool, but it wasn't enough. They'll just have to find another way. Lucy asks him to hold her. Ian promises to always be there for her.

After making love, Livvie asks Caleb to make her his. Caleb says that he loves her. She wants him to show her. She tilts her head back to expose her neck, asking him again to make her his. "Yes," Caleb says softly. He bares his fangs and prepares to honor her request.

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