PC Update Tuesday 3/25/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/25/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Recovery Room, Rafe and Alison talk about Ian's failed plunge into the healing pool. Rafe thinks that it didn't work because Ian never fed on human blood. The problem is that he can't hold out forever, and when he does ultimately give in to the hunger, this whole nightmare will start all over again. Rafe admits that he reluctantly promised to slay the last remaining vampire, even if it's Ian. It won't be easy for him, because Ian is his best friend. In fact, he's the only best friend Rafe has ever had. Alison thinks that there must be another way. She asks whether he's told Lucy yet, and he hasn't. Rafe is very upset, because he finally has a way to get rid of the vampires by throwing them into the healing pool, but he can't do it because it would mean having to kill Ian.

Lucy finds out that Kevin picked up Christina. She runs to Ian, but he's trying to drink the blood and wants to be left alone. Lucy runs out in a panic. She goes to the lighthouse, where Kevin and Christina are having fun. Kevin tells Christina to go finish the surprise she's going to give her mommy. With Christina out of the room, Lucy wants to know what sick game Kevin is playing now. He tells her it's Truth or Consequences. He knows the truth about Ian, so it's time for Lucy to suffer the consequences. He's prepared to make her lose custody of Christina. He plays a tape of Lucy and Rafe talking about vampires. He wonders what a judge would think about that. Lucy protests that she could explain it, but Kevin has more ammunition: photos he took of her stealing the blood earlier today. It's quite simple. If she comes back to her husband, she won't lose Christina. If not, she'll never see her children again. Lucy can't believe he's being this heartless. He points out that he brought Christina back to her; he can take her away again. The bright side is that it's her decision. Christina comes in with a drawing, which Kevin seals with a kiss. She gives it to Lucy and tells her to open it. It's a drawing of the three of them, with a heart around them. Christina tells Lucy that her daddy said they're going to be a family again. She wants to know whether Lucy has told Ian yet.

Caleb tells Tess that he was wrong to remove her from Livvie. Tess takes this to mean that he doesn't want her anymore. Caleb gently explains that he wants all of Olivia, not just one part of her. He wants the whole woman he fell in love with. Tess is adamant that it will never happen, but Caleb is equally determined. He loves both Livvie and Tess together, not just one half. This upsets Tess, who thinks he doesn't consider her good enough for him. She can't believe he did this and then decided to take it all back. He created her with a heart and feelings, and now he wants to get rid of her. She wants him to look into her eyes and tell her that she's a mistake. Caleb can't do that. She's not a mistake, but he did make a mistake by dividing his Olivia into two people. He wants Tess to let Livvie back in, because he loves the whole person. He can't reach Livvie anymore, but he would give anything to have her back. Tess vanishes, and a bright light appears. Livvie and Tess reintegrate.

Ian returns to the healing pool, praying that it will work. Instead of jumping in as he did the first time, he slowly walks into the water one step at a time. The first five notes of "Naked Eyes" begin to play.

Getting the feeling that something is wrong, Rafe rushes out of the Recovery Room. Alison throws some money on the table and tries to follow him. She's stopped outside by Reese, whose fangs are showing.

Caleb rushes to the woman lying on the ground, believing that she's Tess. He helps her sit up, and when she opens her eyes, it's clear to him that she's the complete Livvie. They're thrilled to be together again. Livvie says that all he had to do was want all of her. They share a sweet kiss. As he holds her in his arms, a red light slowly washes over them. "I finally have you, the other half of my soul. And together, nothing can stop us," Caleb tells his Olivia.

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