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Port Charles Update Monday 3/24/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth sits in bed, telling herself to relax. She's not a vampire anymore. Just to make sure, she goes to the mirror to check for fangs, but she doesn't have any. She goes back to bed, turns out the lamp, and settles in for the night. On the other side of the bed, a man's hand reaches out and turns on the other lamp. Startled, Elizabeth looks at him. Seeing the fanged Joshua grinning back at her, she gasps and jumps out of bed. "I hope you're hungry, my dear, because I'm starving," Joshua says as he reaches for her. Elizabeth warns him to stay away from her. She'll tell Caleb if he doesn't. He should go feed on someone else. Joshua doesn't want someone else. She's the one he finds tasty. When he lowers his mouth to her neck, she screams that she can't. He demands to know why. She reluctantly tells him that she's not a vampire anymore. Joshua isn't surprised. He's known ever since she told him about the healing pool. Grabbing her neck, he demands to know what other secrets she's keeping. Elizabeth claims not to know anything, but Joshua accuses her of lying. Under duress, she admits that Rafe and Lucy have a plan to wipe out all the vampires. They're planning to throw them all into the healing pool to cure them. Joshua lets Elizabeth go, and she begs him not to tell anyone that she told him about the plan. In Joshua's opinion, she would spoon-feed her babies to the wolves just to save her tortured old hide. Elizabeth protests that he was choking her. He doesn't understand why she's so happy to give up everything that being a vampire entailed. Elizabeth reminds him that she never wanted it, and she's not going back to it. Joshua says the only thing left for him to do is to kill her. She jumps back. Joshua tells her to relax. It was just a joke--a little vampire humor. He's not going to kill her, at least not today. He hands her a plane ticket to Capri, ordering her to go there and stay put. Some of his friends will be keeping an eye on her, and if she misbehaves, he'll pay Alison a visit. Elizabeth tells him to leave Alison alone. Joshua comments that her selective maternal instinct is so "touching." He lewdly licks her fingertips and thanks her for the tip. He hasn't decided what to do now, but when he does, she'll be the last to know. With that, he leaves.

After taking several bags of blood from the hospital blood bank, Lucy starts to leave. "Picking up takeout for the boyfriend?" Kevin asks, blocking her exit. Lucy reminds him that she has a restraining order against him. Kevin urges her to go ahead and call the police. She'll have to explain why she was stealing blood. Lucy asks where his sympathy or compassion is, and he thinks she's a fine one to talk. It would be a good idea for her to make nice with him, because if this gets out, everyone in town will know that Ian is a bloodsucking monster. The girls would be so upset to know that their mommy is dating Dracula. Kevin grabs her bag, which angers her even more, but he wants to make sure that Ian has enough blood to satisfy his hunger. He adds several units to her shopping bag. Kevin thinks that the irony is staggering. "You leave Crazy Kevin to take up with a vampire. An opera should be written about this," he remarks. Lucy asks how he's going to make her pay, and he replies that she's already paying. Lucy is convinced that there will be more installments to come. She asks for the shopping bag back. He used to be such a good man, and she loved him with all her heart. Kevin thinks he's still the same man. He promises that her secret is safe with him. Lucy leaves. Kevin immediately calls someone to say that he's on his way.

At the studio, Caleb plays the first five notes of "Naked Eyes," but something's not right. He's frustrated. It's in his head, but it's just not coming to him. As he plays, a strange light comes on. He stops playing. Tess appears and tells him that he'll find it. On the other side of him, Livvie is ready to help. Tess thinks that Caleb looks troubled. Livvie says that she can fix it. Addressing Tess, Caleb says that he knows how much she loves him. Her love is pure and beautiful, but like the song, it's not right. Nothing seems right. Tess says that he needs time. Livvie tells him that she loves the real Caleb, unlike Tess. "I love you Olivia, but as I recall, you could never quite decide whether you wanted to love me or destroy me," Caleb tells Livvie. Tess kisses his hand. She says that the love they have for each other is what heals him. It's what's right. Caleb doesn't agree with that. It's not right with either one of them. It's like the song he was trying to play; something is missing. He orders them both to go away, and they vanish. The vision gone, he returns to the keyboards, but their voices haunt him. He plays the notes over and over again, eventually altering them in his frustration. In a rage, he overturns the keyboards. Pulling himself together, Caleb tells himself that he's imagining things. He has to get to work. He's still annoyed by his inability to get it right. The answer is right in front of him, but he can't quite get it. He plays the notes, and the mysterious light shines again. Both women reappear. Caleb tells himself this isn't happening. He plays the notes again and again, and as he finally gets the music right, Livvie and Tess reach out their hands to each other. Their fingers touch. Suddenly, Caleb has the answer he's been looking for. "Caleb?" Tess says from the doorway. He smiles, glad to see her. Everything is finally clear, and he knows what he has to do now. He wants her to go with him. Unsuspecting, she happily follows him out.

Ian is finishing up a goodbye letter to Lucy when she returns home. He wants to know what's in the shopping bag. He smells blood. Lucy admits that she got it from the blood bank. She really wants him to drink it so that the healing pool will cure him. She's convinced that it's the only way. She knows that he's scared, and so is she, but he has to do this if he wants to get his life back. Danny needs his father. At the mention of his son's name, Ian resolves to try. Lucy gives him a bag of blood. He removes the other units from the shopping bag. He needs to do this alone. Lucy offers some words of encouragement before he goes off by himself.

Kevin tells Christina that they're going to surprise her mommy. He puts the little girl on his lap and assures her that he has it all figured out.

Tess suddenly recognizes where Caleb has taken her. It's where he separated her from Livvie. "I made a terrible mistake, and now I have to correct it," Caleb tells her.

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