PC Update Wednesday 3/19/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/19/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Recovery Room, Jack avoids Alison by going straight to the bar, but she follows him. In Jack's opinion, it should be obvious to her that he doesn't want to talk right now. He just wants to live his life. Alison won't let it go. When she brings up what happened with Tess, Jack tells her to drop it, because Tess is no longer a part of his life. Reese comes in and immediately takes an attitude with Alison, whom she tells to "butt out of it, sister." After telling them both to give it a rest, Jack walks away from them. Chris walks in, and Jack offers to buy his brother a drink. Chris declines, looking toward the bar. "What's with the blondes?" He thinks that Reese looks as if she wants to devour his little brother. Jack thinks that was an interesting choice of words. Chris is stunned to learn that Jack's relationship with Tess is over. As far as he's concerned, Tess is the most remarkable girl in the world. "You're not cheating on her with that, are you?" he asks, indicating Reese. Jack tells him to sit down. He fills Chris in on exactly how Tess came to exist. Taking this in, Chris decides to have a drink after all.

Caleb is displeased to find Tess looking at his family ring, which she found when she was looking for something. He takes it from her. He wishes that she had left it where it was. Tess explains that she had a bad feeling about it. It has dark powers. Caleb says that he'll put it away. She'll never have to see it again. Tess wants to throw it away, but he won't allow that. It's part of his heritage, and she can't just erase his past. Tess thought that was what he wanted. She thinks that this is about more than just the ring. She thinks it has to do with last night, when she pulled away at the sight of his fangs. She believes that he's afraid, but she can help him be the man he's always wanted to be. He doesn't need fangs or a ring. Caleb is sorry that she doesn't like the ring, but he won't let her just throw it away. With an unhappy look on his face, he lies down and places the ring on his right hand.

Rafe thinks that his theory must be right. He doesn't know with absolute certainty, but it's the only thing that makes sense. He's convinced that the only difference between Ian and Elizabeth is that Ian never fed on anyone. Ian refuses to consider feeding an option. He throws the bag of blood into the fireplace and vows to never feed. Lucy thinks that he might have to. Ian has no intentions of hitting the streets and finding an unwilling donor. He could never live with himself. Rafe and Lucy don't want that, but Lucy is determined not to lose him. Ian remains firm. If he feeds, he'll be just like Caleb. He wants to fight this. He would rather be dead than like Caleb and the others. Lucy gives him a pep talk, but it doesn't help. She tells the men that she's going to take a walk to clear her head. After she leaves, Rafe tells Ian that he's in awe of him. He's seen many people embrace the darkness and give in to the desires, and he can't imagine how hard it is to fight that. His respect means a lot to Ian. Rafe is determined to do whatever it takes to get him out of this situation. Ian reminds him that there may not be a way out for him.

Reese taunts Alison with the lie that she's already bitten Jack. Alison accuses her of lying, and Reese admits that she hasn't bitten him yet. They continue to snipe at each other. Alison informs Reese that after Jack was bitten, he tried to kill himself. That's how disgusted and tortured he felt. Reese thinks Alison to stop listening to her slayer boyfriend, because he obviously leaves out all the good parts of being a vampire. Alison calls her a nasty little monster, warning that she'll do whatever it takes to keep her away from Jack.

Chris finds this all very hard to believe. Jack tells him not to try to understand it, because it's not worth it. He admits that he used to think of Chris as a jerk for always thinking only of himself, but now he thinks that's the way to go. He's done being a sap. Alison informs him that she didn't think of him as a sap. She thought he was a pretty good guy. She also thought he was her best friend. Chris stands up. "Well. Livvie is Tess. Tess is Livvie. Caleb's alive. Think I'm gonna move to Guam," he says as he gets ready to leave. He asks Jack to keep the "good" news to himself the next time. Alison tells Jack that she didn't come to harass him about Reese. It's just that he's her best friend, and she loves him. Jack softens, pointing out that she makes it hard for him to stay mad at her. Alison just wants him to be safe. Jack promises that he can handle Reese. As they embrace, Reese assumes that Alison is telling Jack what a monster she is. She's ready to see how Alison feels when she's a vampire.

Caleb falls asleep. He dreams of his Olivia, dressed in a red and black teddy. In the dream, he tries to go to her, but the elusive Livvie keeps vanishing before he can touch her. She tells him not to let Tess do this to him. Livvie loves all of him. Caleb says that Tess saved him, and she knows the man he wants to be. Livvie knows the person he already is, and she loves him. Caleb finally catches up to her as she lies waiting for him. He asks what she wants. She just wants him to be himself and not hold back. She exposes her neck and invites him to feed on her. Caleb tries, but his fangs are gone. Shocked, Livvie asks what Tess has done to him. Caleb wakes up, visibly shaken. He informs Tess that a song just came to him, and he's going to the studio to work on it. Tess believes that he's still upset with her. As he prepares to leave, he is haunted by Livvie's question. "What has she done to you?"

Rafe thinks that he may be missing another difference, but Ian doesn't think so. He'll eventually lose control and feed, and then the nightmare will start all over again. He can't let that happen. He demands that Rafe promise to do the right thing when he's the last vampire standing. Reluctantly, Rafe nods his agreement.

Lucy takes several bags of blood from the blood bank. As she leaves, Kevin appears at the door. "Picking up takeout for the boyfriend?"

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