PC Update Tuesday 3/18/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/18/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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Joshua compliments Ricky on the song he's working on. He assures Ricky that it was wise of him to put music above everything else. Ricky says that it's all he's ever wanted. He clarifies that all he wants is to actually be in the band. He doesn't want to be a vampire. Joshua informs him that they're actually in agreement about this. Walking away, he places a call to Elizabeth, but he gets her answering machine again. He warns that she'd better have a very good reason for ignoring his calls.

As soon as Joshua walks away from Ricky, Casey pops in, but the others in the studio can't see her. After insulting Joshua's choice of cologne, she goes to Ricky. She thinks he's too smart to listen to anything Joshua has to say. Ed's hand on her shoulder causes her to shriek. She was wondering when he would show up. Holding out her hands as if he's going to cuff her, she declares herself guilty as charged. She's prepared for Ed to send her away. Ed is amazed that she always seems so sure of what he's going to do. He pokes at the keyboard with two fingers while she moons over Ricky's good looks and musical ability. Ed agrees that he's a pretty good musician. Casey knows that she blew it. That's what she does. Being a guardian angel is really hard! Ed knows that. Casey wants him to promise to send a really good guardian to take her place.

Elizabeth is in her hotel room, listening to Joshua's message instead of taking his call. Alison and Rafe try to calm her down, because she's afraid of what he'll do when he finds out that she's no longer a vampire. They want to send her to a very private resort out of town, where Joshua will never find her. Elizabeth wants to talk about her recovery with someone who's going through the same thing. That's why she picks up the phone to call Ian. Rafe stops her, claiming that Ian didn't go into the hot spring after all. Alison finally manages to get her out of the room to pack. She wants to know why Rafe just lied to her mother about Ian. Rafe thinks that she can't handle the truth right now. Besides, he doesn't know whether they can really trust her with the truth about Ian.

Lucy offers Ian a bottle of the special water, but he doesn't want it. Lucy thinks that's okay. They won't give up. Elizabeth was cured, so they'll figure it out how to cure Ian. The doorbell interrupts them. Lucy goes outside and finds a small package with a note stuck to the top. She reads the note, and she doesn't like what it says. She hides the box behind her back before going back inside. Ian presses the issue, and she finally hands it over. "Sorry the cure didn't work. Thought your boyfriend might need a little snack. Your loving husband," Ian reads. He opens the box to find a bag of human blood. Lucy doesn't understand how Kevin could know about this, but Ian assumes that he was still hanging around at the time. He's afraid that Kevin will use this to hurt her. It's all the ammunition he needs. She never sees her friends or spends any time with her children. It's as if she's in prison, but instead of being behind bars, she's stuck with a vampire. Lucy vows not to leave him. Ian thinks that he should force her, but the problem is that he wouldn't be able to survive without her. In the past, he never wanted anyone's help, but those days are behind him. Lucy assures him that she's not going anywhere.

Alison and Rafe think they're seeing Elizabeth off, but she has other plans. She insists on taking a cab. Alison makes her promise to go straight to the train station. Rafe wants to call the cab, but Elizabeth says she's going to do that herself. As Alison and Rafe walk out the door, she fakes a call to the front desk. She's really calling Joshua.

Ricky is still working diligently on his music, oblivious to the angels' presence. Casey admits that she can't protect him. All she ever does is nag him. Ed chuckles at that. Casey points out that Ed doesn't have to worry about them getting back together, since Ricky chose the band over her. Ed informs her that he hasn't chosen anything yet. He laughs at Casey's dismay about letting everyone know that she's an angel. He knows that she's not exactly discreet, and when he gave her the assignment, it did occur to him that she might let the cat out of the bag. He thinks she's too hard on herself. She does a fine job, for the most part. Ed thought her twister was pretty cool. Casey isn't even sure what her job is. Ed tells her the same thing he told Rafe. There's a reason for everything, and she should stop asking annoying questions. She just has to follow her instincts, keep her eye on the ball, and keep Ricky from being turned.

In preparation for Joshua's visit, Elizabeth funnels some regular water into one of the blue bottles. Joshua arrives, and he's angry. He approaches her menacingly and demands to know what she's been up to. Elizabeth admits that there's a passageway underneath Caleb's loft, and it leads to a hot spring. Joshua pulls out a picture of the hot spring, and she confirms that it's the same one. He knew about it, but he didn't know its location or purpose. Elizabeth informs him that, according to the legends, it brings the dead back to life. "How deliciously gothic. How Caleb," Joshua remarks. He realizes that the spring is the source of Caleb's water, and that Caleb adds something to it to mask the symptoms. Noticing that she's holding a blue bottle, he wants to know why she's drinking that. He thought she agreed that the old-fashioned way was more fun. She holds the bottle out to him and suggests that he start drinking it, because he won't be feeding on her anymore. When Joshua asks why, she claims that she's falling in love with him, which is exactly what they didn't want to happen. Joshua doesn't believe her. When she tells him to just leave her alone, he grabs her. Elizabeth informs him that it's over. She spied on her daughter for him, and she gave him all the information he requested. If he lays one finger on her, she will tell Caleb exactly what he's planning. Joshua is irate about the way she goes back and forth about her loyalty to Caleb. Elizabeth opens the door for him to get out. Outside, Joshua tells himself that she's about as subtle as a truck.

At the Recovery Room, Alison tells Rafe that she's relieved to be getting rid of her mother for a little while. She never imagined that her own mother would turn out to be the most self-centered, self-serving, high-maintenance woman on the face of the earth. Rafe assures her that the two of them will make a family to be proud of. He reminds her that she still has a sister out there somewhere. Alison thinks she's setting herself up for another disaster by looking for her sister. When they speculate about why the spring healed Elizabeth but not Ian, Rafe gets an idea. He rushes out. Alison makes a decision. She calls off the search for her sister. She's tired of all the disappointments, and she's ready to move on and start a family of her own.

Casey knows why they don't want Ricky to be turned, but she doesn't understand why he's more important than anyone else around. "Sorry, little girl. It's a higher purpose, and you don't have security clearance," Ed informs her. Casey doesn't think that's fair, and Ed admits that it rarely is. After telling her to keep up the good work, he vanishes. Casey has a renewed sense of determination. With a crash of thunder, she literally drops in on Ricky, who jumps at her sudden appearance. He hates it when she does that. He asks how long she's been watching him. "Here's the thing. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'm gonna be watching. I haven't given up on you yet, Garza," she says before vanishing. Frustrated, Ricky tosses the music onto the table.

After making love, Lucy and Ian are disturbed by the persistent ringing of the doorbell. Lucy doesn't want to answer it, in case it's Kevin. Ian hopes that it is. He gets dressed and opens the door. It's Rafe, who announces that he figured it out. The only significant difference between Ian and Elizabeth is that she has fed on human blood. Rafe is convinced that Ian has to do the same. He would stake his life on it.


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