PC Update Monday 3/17/03

Port Charles Update Monday 3/17/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Bathed in the mysterious red light, Ian and Kevin start CPR on the unconscious Elizabeth, but it's too late. She has no pulse. Kevin announces that she's dead. The red light goes away. Alison grieves, inconsolable because of the hurtful things she said to her mother earlier. It all happened so fast that no one is exactly sure what happened, but they wonder whether the water or the red light had something to do with it. Seeing Lucy in Ian's arms, Kevin remarks sarcastically that it's touching to see the slayer turn to the vampire for comfort. He's just sorry that Ian wasn't the first one to take the plunge. Rafe has had enough. He threatens to snap Kevin's neck like a twig if he says one more word to anyone. "Will somebody tell me what is going on here?" Stunned, everyone turns to look at a very puzzled Elizabeth.

Jack looks furious as he asks Reese for an explanation of why she's vandalizing his house. Chuckling nervously, Reese says that she thought it could use some redecorating. She was going to torch the place, but Jack ruined the surprise by coming home too soon. After tossing a can of spray paint across the room, she walks up to him and asks what he's going to do about it. She wouldn't mind if he took her on; she's famished and could use a snack. Jack takes it all in. Rees is delighted when he picks up a glass and hurls it at the wall. If they're going to trash the place, they might as well do it right. Besides breaking a few things, they "decorate" with some anti-love graffiti. For the first time in days, Jack feels alive. He asks Reese whether seeing him with that woman at the bar had anything to do with this, but she won't admit it. She gets ready to leave, but Jack informs her that she'll be helping him clean the place up. Reese asks what to do with his wedding photo, and he tosses it into a garbage bag. Hanging a frame in front of Reese's graffiti, Jack asks her to sign her artwork. She uses a black marker to write "REESE MALLORY BLACK" outside the frame. Jack provokes her into a kiss, and they fall to the couch.

Caleb tells Tess that he loves her and wants to please her. Baring his fangs, he says that he wants to set her free. Screaming, Tess pulls away from him. Caleb apologizes for losing control. He gets up, thinking that Tess would rather be alone, but she doesn't want that at all. She was just scared. Caleb doesn't know why; she's seen his fangs before. Tess admits that she actually thought that he might feed on her. Caleb assures her that he wouldn't have. It's a natural part of him. When he feels great passion, feeding takes him to a place where everything seems so alive. He wants--and needs--to take her there. Kissing his hand, Tess says that she already feels that way. Caleb explains that it could be so much more, maybe not now, but in time. It can make her feel closer to him than she ever thought possible, and it can allow her to feel emotions she never dreamed of. Tess wants to give him all that, and while she understands who he is, she can't let him do that to her. She knows that the longer they're together, the more his urge to do that will fade.

Alison hugs her mother, who doesn't understand why they're all so surprised. Elizabeth suddenly becomes very weak, and Ian catches her before she hits the ground. He carries her to a rock, where she sits while he checks her over. Her pulse is strong, and she seems fine. Elizabeth again asks what's going on. Getting no answers, she addresses Rafe specifically. Rafe says that it will sound crazy, but she did die tonight. Elizabeth agrees that it sounds crazy. She feels the best she's felt in ages. Going over it in her mind, she remembers jumping into the water and then hearing the music over and over in her head. Then her whole life flashed before her, but she didn't drown. She just went black--or maybe white. All she knows is that she heard them all arguing. It was really annoying, so she just got up. Ian takes Rafe aside for a conference. They think that there's only one way to find out whether the healing pool worked. Ian tries to goad Elizabeth into feeding on him. Elizabeth tells him to get away. The thought of that sickens her. She brightens, realizing what that means. Kevin tells everyone not to get too excited, and Rafe agrees. They need to keep close tabs on Elizabeth. If all goes well, Ian can take the plunge. Rafe thanks Elizabeth for her help with this. He, Alison, and Elizabeth leave.

As Caleb sits by the fire, he thinks about how much harder it is to change than he expected. Tess asks whether he still wants to change, and he replies that he won't lose her. She apologizes for hurting him, clarifying that he wasn't the one she pulled away from. She pulled away from the man who lost control. She reminds him that they came together to lead a normal life. He's passionate and wild, but he's also gentle and loving. She wants to be loved by that man forever, and she knows that they can do this. After making love, Tess tells Caleb that tonight is a new beginning for them. It's the end of his feeding, forever. Hearing this, he thinks back to the day he married Olivia, when his new bride freely offered her neck to him. Now, holding Tess, he runs his finger along her neck.

Back in Elizabeth's hotel room, Elizabeth announces that she has a huge problem now. When Joshua finds out what she did, she's going to have one furious vampire on her hands. She admits that she was supposed to follow Rafe and Alison to the spring, but she wasn't supposed to jump in. Rafe yells at her, and she yells back. She knows it was wrong to spy on them, but now her life is at stake. When Joshua finds out that she's not a vampire anymore, he's going to kill her! Promising to try to relax, Rafe asks Elizabeth to do the same. They'll try to work something out. Alison suggests that her mother take a hot bath, but Elizabeth says that she just has to think. After thanking them for putting up with her, she leaves the room. Rafe admits to Alison that they really don't know enough about the water. He thinks that leaving Ian there was a big mistake.

Lucy knows that Ian is anxious to jump in. She reminds him that he has to wait, but Ian is having trouble being patient. He can't wait. He jumps into the healing pool. Lucy screams. He was supposed to wait! As she prepares to go in after him, he surfaces. She helps him climb out of the water. After chiding him for scaring the living daylights out of her, she kisses him. Ian sadly informs her that it didn't work. Lucy thinks that he needs to give himself a minute, but Ian knows that he's right. With a devastated look on his face, he apologizes to her. Lucy cries and hugs him, unaware that Kevin is watching.

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