PC Update Friday 3/14/03


Port Charles Update Friday 3/14/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Joshua sits at a table at the Recovery Room. Frank is on the phone, saying that he can't talk now. Jack comes in, followed by Jamal, who is giving his friend a hard time about Reese. Getting dumped is no excuse for hanging out with that vampire. To prove that he's over Tess, Jack puts the moves on a woman seated at the bar. Tired of dealing with him, Jamal sits down with Casey. She describes herself as a supernatural disaster. She had one job, and she screwed it up. While she's ranting about how she'll probably get yanked back upstairs, Ricky comes up to them and asks whether Jamal really knows about her. Casey thinks that everybody probably knows, thanks to her big mouth. Joshua joins in, warning the "chatty little cherub" to be more careful or risk having her wings clipped. He informs Ricky that light and shadow don't mix. The drummer has a choice to make. He must either ditch the angel or get out of the band. Casey reminds Ricky that he'll lose his soul if he makes the wrong choice. Jamal is stunned to learn that Ricky already knows about the vampires. Joshua states that he won't force this lifestyle on Ricky if he doesn't want it. Ricky can have fame, power, recognition, and the chance to play music, or he can go back to being a chauffeur for the sort of person he might have been. His mind made up, Ricky informs Joshua that he's staying with the band.

Seeing that they've captured Elizabeth, Ian and Rafe let go of her. She says that she followed them because she knew they were up to something. Looking around in amazement, she realizes that this is the place she saw when she listened to the music. She asks what it is, and Ian remarks sarcastically that it's like a giant hot tub for vampires. Elizabeth is convinced that they know more than they're telling, and she wants to know what's going on. They don't trust her enough to tell her anything. She threatens to go straight to Joshua if they don't. Rafe and Ian pretend to think about this. Although Elizabeth has no clue, they're of the same mind. Ian picks her up and carries her off.

Caleb tells Lucy and Alison to let Tess go now, because he won't ask again. They do. Tess runs to Caleb and assures him that it's all right. It's not all right with him. He orders Lucy to start talking. She and Alison give him a hard time for being opposed to a girls' night out. He sends Tess away. Lucy tries something he'll believe. She claims that since she can't destroy him, she thought they should talk to Tess about what a vicious, cruel animal he is. Caleb is ready to prove them right. Lucy asks him to let Alison leave. Tess returns, unwilling to go away until Caleb lets them go. Caleb is tired of their games. They're like little gnats, and the only way to stop them is to catch them and crush them. Lucy tries to make Alison to leave, but she won't leave Lucy there with him. Tess insists that he let them go. Nothing they ever say to her will tear her away from him. He doesn't have to waste his time dealing with them. She wants him to go with her. Alison and Lucy watch in disgust as they kiss. Caleb vanishes, taking Tess with him. Alison and Lucy rush off to warn Rafe and Ian that Caleb could be on his way. As the car pulls away, Kevin emerges from the brush.

Reese comes in and sees Jack kissing the woman, whose name is Tammy. Going up to them, she calls him "Mort" and declares him off limits. Jack informs Reese that he has a date. Angry, she sits down at a table and orders a bloody mary from Frank. She can't take her eyes off Jack. Tammy suggests that they go somewhere private. Jack watches as Reese throws some money on the table and storms out.

Jamal hopes that Ricky has a plan. Casey says he has a plan to die. Ricky points out that everyone has to die sometime. He can't give this up. He realizes that they might try to turn him, but it's a chance he has to take. Besides, he's just telling Joshua what he needs to hear. When he's done getting what he needs from this gig, he'll split. He's aware of the risks. Casey accuses him of trading in his life for a lousy fifteen minutes of fame. Ricky insists that he'll be fine, but she doesn't believe that.

Caleb takes Tess to the villa, where he believes that she'll be safe. She again says that they wouldn't have hurt her. Caleb can't stand the thought of her being hurt. That's why he lost control. Tess doesn't think any real harm was done, but Caleb says that he never wanted her to see him so angry and so close to doing harm. He's tired of everyone trying to poison her mind with tales of what a monster he is. Tess says to let them talk. She knows what's in her heart. She exists because of him, and his soul exists because of her. She wants to show him exactly how much he means to her.

Elizabeth is outraged at being tied up. When she points out that she could scream for help, Rafe thanks her for reminding him. He gags her. With a promise to be back soon, he and Ian head back to the spring. Alison and Lucy are waiting for them, and they fill the guys in on what happened with Caleb. While they talk, Kevin stumbles upon Elizabeth and unties her. He wants to know what in the world is going on. Alison is shocked to learn of the latest incident with her mother, but they don't have time to go into details at the moment. Ian is ready to go into the spring. He wants to be with Lucy as a man, not a vampire. "Oh!" Kevin exclaims, to their chagrin. As far as he's concerned, that explains everything. Lucy promises to explain this to him later if he'll leave now. Ian doesn't give him a chance. He picks a fight with Kevin, and as the others try to stop it, Elizabeth jumps feet first into the water.

Joshua is losing patience with Elizabeth for not returning any of his calls. When a belligerent Frank forces Joshua to order something, he orders a glass of red wine. He hands Frank some money, pretending to believe that it's a ten-dollar bill and telling him to keep the change. Frank sees that it's a hundred dollars and takes the money. Joshua is pleased that Frank has passed his first test.

Ricky thinks that Casey should be more understanding. She thinks he's being a self-centered jerk. "But you love me anyway, right?" he asks, smiling. She doesn't think this is anything to joke about. He just bought himself a one-way ticket to hell. "Not if you save me," Ricky points out. This makes Casey even angrier. She thinks he gets a rush out of having both sides fighting over him. Ricky wants her to cut him some slack. When Joshua returns for an answer, Ricky chooses the band. "You want him? Keep him," Casey says. Ricky accepts Joshua's offer of a limo ride to the studio. They leave, and Jamal puts his arm around Casey, who is really depressed. The rules say that she can only show Ricky the way. He has to follow his heart. It wasn't in his heart, and she lost him.

After picking the lock on Jack's front door, Reese goes inside and gleefully trashes the place. After writing "BITE ME" on the wall with red spray paint, she starts going over the letters again. The lights come on, and Jack glares at her from the door.

Tess is happy. She knew that she could change Caleb's ways. Caleb tells her that he loves her and wants her. He wants to set her free. With that in mind, he bares his fangs.

Everyone runs to the edge of the healing pool as Alison screams for her mother. Elizabeth floats upward, memories filling her mind. Alison begs Rafe to do something. Ian turns on the music, and everything is immediately bathed in red light. Elizabeth floats with a peaceful expression on her face.

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