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Port Charles Update Thursday 3/13/03

By Beth
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While "Newborn Heart" plays on the stereo, Caleb adjusts the volume and thinks about the night he pulled Tess from Livvie. "I was right, Tess. I created you for me," he muses. He soon grabs his guitar and tells Tess that he has to go to rehearsal. His eyes twinkling, he tells her that eternity is theirs. Tess is happy about that.

Joshua gets ready to leave Elizabeth's hotel room. Still in bed, Elizabeth asks him to stay, but he tells her that they both have things to do. He wants her to make up with Alison and find out what she and the others are up to.

Rafe, Lucy, and Ian are studying the plans to Caleb's loft when Alison come in. She's complaining about how low her mother will stoop on her journey to hell. As if that weren't bad enough, she saw Jack sucking face with Reese. Rafe wants more information about Jack, but Alison doesn't want to talk about it now. She learns that they tried to go back to the spring, but the entrance had been walled off. That's why they're looking in the plans for another way in. They actually don't think that Caleb knows they found it, because he's acting too casual about it. Ian points out something in the plans, and Rafe thinks it must be what they're looking for. Now all they have to do is get inside Caleb's loft.

Casey is on the phone, promising to keep Caleb occupied. It should be a piece of cake, but in case she screws up, she tells the caller to be careful.

Lucy and Alison go to Caleb's loft. Alison is worried about trying to fool Tess, who has good instincts and might suspect something. Lucy insists that Tess knows they wouldn't hurt her. Besides, Lucy is an awfully good liar when necessary. She knocks on the door, and Tess rushes to open it, thinking that Caleb must have forgotten something. Tess tries to get rid of them, but Lucy barges inside. Alison enters the loft more politely. They apologize to Tess for setting her up. She thanks them and confirms that she's living there with Caleb now. She tells them that she and Caleb love each other and that they're meant to be together. Alison reminds her that she's actually Jack's wife, but Tess says that he doesn't love her anymore. When asked how she feels about Jack, Tess tells them that they should go now. Lucy says they didn't come to judge her. Jack is their friend, and he's hurting. Lucy knows that he would love to see her. Tess says he won't understand, but Lucy tells her that she has to try. Tess agrees to go with them, but she wants to leave a note for Caleb. Lucy stops her, rushing her out with the promise that they'll be right back.

Ian gazes at the picture of the spring. He really thinks it holds the answers he seeks. Elizabeth shows up, asking to speak to Alison, but Rafe says that she's not there. Elizabeth assumes that he knows about her and Joshua. He didn't, but he does now, and it makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the way she keeps disappointing her daughter. Elizabeth says that everyone has needs. Rafe agrees, pointing out that Alison doesn't need her mother right now. Elizabeth picks up the plans and casually asks whether they're building a house. Rafe grabs them away from her without replying. Elizabeth tells Ian that he should know how it is. He does. They have to either fight or give up. If she gives up, there's nothing they can do for her. Elizabeth hopes that Ian will tell Alison that she came by to ask for forgiveness, and he promises to do that first thing. When she's gone, Rafe points out that this isn't natural. He's a slayer, and she's a vampire. Ian reminds him that she's not the only one, and Rafe apologizes. Ian gets a call from Lucy, who reports that the coast is clear. Rafe admits to Ian that they're getting a little help from above.

Casey arrives at the studio just as Caleb is ready to head home. When Casey tells him he can't leave, he gives her a suspicious look and asks why not. Casey wants him to look over her latest lyrics now, while she's in a creative mood. He takes them from her for a quick read, and he'd rendered speechless. They're the worst she's ever written, and that's saying something. Caleb points out that ever since she changed her look, it's almost as if she's a totally different person. Something hasn't been right with her, and he wants to know why. He holds her chin and asks her to explain. He knows that she's not the talented girl he hired. Casey prepares to admit the truth, pointing upward as she starts to say where she's from. Changing her mind, she claims to be a visitor from the planet Eclipson who took over Marissa's body. Caleb asks why she's trying to keep him there. Casey accuses him of being paranoid, but he knows that something isn't right. He turns to leave but stops when wind starts blowing through the studio again. "Somebody's been keeping secrets," Caleb says. Now he knows that she's batting for the other team. When he asks where Marissa is, Casey replies that her sister is safe. Caleb is surprised to hear that they're sisters. He learns her name and points out that she's obviously inexperienced at this. "How could you send someone so green to take me on? What were you thinking about?" Caleb asks, looking heavenward. He's not going to let her keep him there any longer. "Oh, and by the way, guess who's out of the band starting right now," he says before vanishing.

As Lucy drives, Tess notices that this isn't the way to Jack's house. Lucy claims that it's a different route, but Tess doesn't believe her. She knows that this is another trick, and she wants her to stop the car now. Lucy admits that they lied to her. Tess begs them to turn around and take her back. When Lucy refuses, Tess grabs the wheel, and the car goes out of control. Now that the car is stopped, Tess tries to escape, unwilling to let them use her again. Lucy and Alison chase her. They won't stand by and let Caleb ruin all their lives. Lucy reminds Tess that she's married to Jack, but Tess insists that her life is with Caleb now. She puts her hands over her ears in an attempt to drown them out. "Take your hands off her!" Caleb demands. "Now, slayer!" he adds, his eyes glowing red.

To open the door to Caleb's loft, Ian uses an electronic lock pick he got from Victor. He and Rafe go inside, not knowing that Elizabeth has followed them. Going to the closet door, Ian uses the device again. Inside the closet, they find many cartons of the blue bottles. From outside the loft, Elizabeth calls Joshua to report that they broke in. He tells her to hang up and find out why. Not seeing the entrance to the spring, Ian is ready to leave, but Rafe is staring at something. He starts moving some of the boxes, and Ian helps. When the boxes are out of the way, they find what they were looking for. Ian grabs his things and prepares to head down there. He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life as a vampire. If he has a chance to break the curse, he's taking it. They both go through the entrance, unaware that Elizabeth is lurking just outside the closet. In the cavern, Ian insists that he wants to go through with this. He hears someone coming, and so does Rafe, but he doesn't want the person who followed them to know that. He pretends that the place is giving both of them the creeps. He and Ian hide, waiting for the new arrival. Ian grabs Elizabeth, and Rafe holds a stake to her heart.

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