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Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Jack is annoyed that Reese didn't bite him. He knows that vampires only have feeding and sex on their minds. He's offering both. Reese informs him that she doesn't do mercy bites. She walks away, and he follows her.

While Elizabeth peruses a magazine, Joshua lets himself into her room and starts throwing things around. He's mad because Caleb changed the name of the band and wants to do "pathetic" music. Blaming it all on Tess, he warns Elizabeth not to ever forget that love kills. He informs her that Caleb knows about they've been sleeping together. She shouldn't get her hopes up, because her husband is neither angry nor jealous. All Caleb did was ask Joshua not to mistreat her. Elizabeth isn't impressed by her husband's concern. She turns on some music, and although Joshua claims he's not in the mood, she quickly changes that. Outside the room, Alison knocks on the door, calling out that she brought some dinner. Not getting an answer, she assumes her mother is asleep and decides to let herself in.

Tess tells Caleb that she arranged this special meal to make him happy. Caleb assures her that she doesn't have to do anything to achieve that. Until now, it had been a long time since anyone did anything special for him for absolutely no reason. Tess argues that there is a reason. It's her turn to sweep him off his feet. Although Caleb tells her that he's definitely swept, she says that this is just the beginning. She has candles, wine, and coq au vin. She's glad to hear that the latter is one of his favorites, because she was a little worried about that. She shows him the magazine where she got the idea. It contains an article about how to make a man happy. Caleb assures her that she doesn't need to go to all this trouble to make him happy, because she already does that naturally. Tess explains that this is what people who care about each other do. Caleb thinks she's amazing. He tells her that she doesn't need a magazine or book to tell her what happiness is. In her heart and soul, she holds all that is pure, honest, and real. Everyone is born with that, but it's been missing from him--and everyone else--for a very long time. Somehow, she found a way to hold onto it. At her insistence, he takes a bite of oysters. Tess thinks he looks sad, and she asks why. Caleb explains that he wants her to be able to see the world and everything it has to offer. He would like to be there to share it with her, but he has a long history of tarnishing everything he touches. Tess isn't afraid.

Just as Joshua is about to bite Elizabeth's neck, they hear a crash. A very shaken Alison tries to clean up the shattered casserole dish. Elizabeth tries to explain that it isn't what it looks like, but it's perfectly clear to Alison that her mother was going to let that nasty pervert feed on her. This is the same man who tried to kill her, and he probably killed her father. She demands to know what's the matter with her mother. Joshua tells her that it's their business, not hers. Alison orders him not to speak to her. She calls him a nasty little pig and says that if he ever touches her mother again, she'll make sure that Rafe gets rid of him forever. Elizabeth tells her that she'll do nothing of the kind. Alison is angry that her mother is siding with Joshua over her. Elizabeth appreciates her concern but states that she and Joshua have developed an understanding. Alison thinks she must enjoy rolling around in the gutter. Elizabeth tries using the excuse that she's a vampire, but Alison doesn't accept that. She knows other people who have been bitten, and they fight it every day with every fiber of their being. The problem is that her mother has no morals, decency, or scruples. She's a professional victim. Joshua defends his lover, but Alison has had enough. After insulting him, she storms out. Elizabeth wants to go after her, but Joshua advises her not to subject herself to more insults. Elizabeth argues that Alison is all she has, but Joshua sees himself as all she has. He points out that both her husband and her daughter have abandoned her. He's tired of taking two steps forward and three steps back. He asks whether she still wants to bring Caleb down, and she does, because this is all his fault. Joshua tells her to stay focused on that.

Jack apologizes for hurting Reese's feelings, but she's not even close to feeling hurt. She knows that he's on the rebound, and she doesn't turn just anyone into a vampire. Jack thinks his request should have been a good enough reason, but Reese disagrees. She asks whether he's ready for what being a vampire is all about. Everyone wants the power but no one wants to pay the price. She knows he didn't want this before. Jack says that he's different now. He used to be nothing but trouble. Then when he came to Port Charles, he made friends and fell in love. Reese has never been in love or even wanted to be. When asked about her life before being turned, she says that she was an average blue-collar English girl. Her mother spent most of her nights crying in her whiskey. Her father had been one of her mother's many one-night stands. Reese never met him and never wanted to. One night, she was playing at a club in Bristol and got Caleb's attention. He showed her that she could have the world if she wanted it. She likes who she is now, just as Jack likes being mortal. Suddenly, Alison storms up to them. She grabs Reese by the shoulder, turns her around, and punches her in the stomach.

After making love, Tess tells Caleb that people should always do things for each other because they want to. Caleb admits that she's the first person he's been with who gave back more than she took. Tess says that's the difference between her and the women he only thought he loved. When she slips out of bed, he gets his guitar. He strums and says some of the words to "Newborn Heart." Tess returns with some food. Caleb cuts his finger, and she tries to heal it. It doesn't work. She becomes very upset, but Caleb tells her not to worry.

Reese threatens to tear Alison's head off, and Jack has to hold her back. He asks Alison what she's doing, but she asks him the same question. She wants to know why he's hanging out with that trash. Jack doesn't think that's any of her business. Alison thinks he's an idiot. She's not impressed with his behavior. She can't believe he would hang around with a vampire. "She's a cockroach! They're all cockroaches! You try and destroy her, and all she's going to do is get stronger. They live in filth. So what do you want to do? You want to go roll around in garbage? You want to stink it up? Go ahead, but don't come looking for me when you can't find the exit," Alison warns, then takes a parting shot at Reese. "Dye your roots." She walks away, and Jack has to stop Reese from going after her. He invites the vamp out for coffee, but she doesn't touch the stuff. She reminds him that she's not into dating. Jack decides to leave. Reese has plans for Alison. "I never forget a sucker punch, Alison, and neither will you."

Tess realizes that now that her gift has fulfilled its purpose, she no longer needs it. She used it to save his life. It's why he created her; she's sure of that now. When she healed his heart, it wasn't just to bring him back to life. She also did it to show him where his goodness was. "I don't need it anymore. We don't need it, because we've found each other and discovered our purpose together. Because we're soul mates." Smiling, Caleb mouths the words, "I love you," and they kiss.

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